The Top 5 Tips For Buying The Gift Of A Luxury Watch This Christmas
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The Top 5 Tips For Buying The Gift Of A Luxury Watch This Christmas

With Christmas 2018 very nearly upon us, Chrono Hunter have taken time away from busy schedules (writing their own lists to Santa for ‘Batman’s’, ‘Hulk’s’, and ‘Nautilus’s’)… to compile their collaborative top #5 tips for buying the perfect watch this Christmas - Ho! Ho! Ho!

In just under a fortnight, the world's most famous red suited gentleman will be filling out his risk assessment form to clamber down your chimney (‘elf and safety’ of course), in order to sneak those freshly wrapped presents underneath your tinselled tree, and here at Chrono Hunter, we want to share with you our festive thoughts for buying your friends and loved ones the perfect luxury watch this Christmas.

By now you’ll have heard “All I want for Christmas is you..” enough times to feel like you wrote the omnipotent and infectiously catchy crimbo number, and you’ll have lost count the amount of mince pie boxes that are stockpiled in your cupboard for the rapidly approaching Christmas dinner (it’s 42 and rising).


There is no escaping it, Christmas really is just around the corner.


Don’t panic if you are struggling to find that perfect watch for someone special this year, as from our years of experience through buying and selling luxury watches, the experts at Chrono Hunter have the definitive list of what to consider when buying the perfect watch.

Like us, we’re sure you want your gift to be perfectly remembered for years to come for all the right reasons, so without further delay…


#1 - Take time to listen to what they want, and the rest is easy -


We all love the warm feeling we get inside when we’re presented with a gift that so perfectly shows just how well the other person knows us, that we should always endeavour that the reverse be exactly true when our turn comes to bestow a gift to a friend or loved one.  


I bet they’ve already talked non-stop about it for months now, that their dream watch is a ‘Rolex Datejust’ with a black diamond dial and yellow gold two tone bracelet?


They’ve pictured themselves wearing it Christmas evening, or at an upcoming wedding, at a birthday party, and even told you repeatedly in exact terms just how well it is going to pair with their chosen outfit.




So don’t go off and buy them an ‘Omega DeVille’ on a leather strap!  


As elegant and effortlessly timeless as the Omega is, it isn’t what they desire, and so sadly it will never be thought of as the perfect gift.

#2 - Take the time to get it right, research what they want -


So, you’ve followed the tip given in #1 - excellent, now to make sure you choose exactly what it is that they’re after, you should conduct your own research about the watch you intend to gift to the lucky recipient.


If we take the example above, we already know in no uncertain terms the desired case and bracelet material of the Rolex is yellow gold two-tone, and that the colour and specification of the dial is black with diamonds...but do we know which variant of case size they would prefer, or does he/she want the fluted bezel or the smooth?


By researching for yourself some of the different variants and examples in the model line up, you will be able to make an informed and honest decision about what you feel he/she would most sincerely appreciate.


#3 - Should I buy new, or pre-owned? -


By now you feel ready to fire up your internet browser and start your quest for their perfect watch.  


You’re prepared thanks to tips #1 & #2.


You know the case size.  You know the bracelet materials. by this point you even know the jewel count in the calibre of the self winding perpetual movement powering the watch you’ve researched it so thoroughly!


But should you buy it new, or buy it pre-owned?

Both options will have their benefits depending on your individual situation, buying new guarantees that your gift will be unworn, will be sold with a manufacturer warranty, and it will be exactly as advertised from what you have already researched on the retailers own website and countless other sources you have examined.


But buying pre-owned has its advantages too.  


You’ll be able to more easily find that really desirable and hungered after model that has been out of stock with the authorised dealers since last year or even before, and they’ll be no waiting list to scupper your plans for the exciting Christmas day reveal.


You may be looking for an out of production model that is an unavailable configuration within the brands current line up, or you may be keeping to a more realistic budget than the R.R.P. price would suggest.


Whatever your reasoning with reference to tip #3, always ensure that you make your purchase, new or pre-owned, through a reputable and trusted retailer, such as those that Chrono Hunter have personally chosen to work with for your own peace of mind.

#4 - Wait, what’s this about ‘Box and Papers’?? -


Just when you thought you’d had it all figured out, you’re sideswiped by these three words in the product description, ‘Box and Papers’.


Don’t worry, this is an easy one, and it mainly comes down to the price you should be paying initially for the watch, and it further takes into account the predicted future resale value of the watch.


Put simply, you should always pay less for something that is directly comparable to another product available to buy, if it is sold without original pieces, parts or accessories, such as the original warranty card, the box, the instruction booklet, or even the little screwdriver for changing the bracelet to a rubber strap as some brands like include in their luxurious presentation boxes for certain desirable pieces.


Here at Chrono Hunter, we would always urge you to spend a little bit more during the initial purchase on a ‘complete set’ for a luxury watch, gift or otherwise.


You never know what the future value of the watch will be like in 5, 10, or even 30 years, not that they would ever consider selling such a thoughtful gift of course..

#5 - ‘and a one, and a two, and a three and a four..’ -


And so we arrive at top tip #5 - If you have taken on board all that was said in previous tips #1 to #4, you will recognise that there is a lot to consider when choosing that perfect watch for your friend or loved one this Christmas, and if by now you still don’t know your Seamasters from your Sea-Dwellers, your Cartier from your Corum, and you have no idea who this bloke ‘Patrick Philip’  is that they have brought up several times a day for the better part of six months ... do not worry as the team at Chrono Hunter are here to help.


Simply register for free or sign in to your members page, and submit a new ‘Buy’ request through us, and as long as you can upload at least one image of the watch required, our network of the most trusted luxury watch retailers in the industry will respond to you with an offer of that perfect watch at their best price upfront, so you can buy with confidence at a great price a gift that will bring a smile to their face for years and years to come whenever they read the time.  

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We hope you find the watch you’re looking for and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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