King Charles III Coronation: Interview With Chrono Hunter Founder Max Nordigian and Top Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward on BBC Radio London
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King Charles III Coronation: Interview With Chrono Hunter Founder Max Nordigian and Top Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward on BBC Radio London

King Charles III Coronation: Interview With Chrono Hunter Founder Max Nordigian and Top Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward on BBC Radio London


  • As we always have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to watches, don’t miss Chrono Hunter’s founder Max Nordigian who will be appearing on BBC Radio London, Sunday, May the 7th at 10:30am. 
  • Time is ticking until a new King is crowned and Max will be discussing the luxury watch market, the significance of prized family heirlooms and why watches are passed down the generations.
  • Alongside Chrono Hunter’s founder will be top Royal Commentator, speaker and biographer Ingrid Seward. She is renowned for her countless appearances and contributions across all major channels and broadcasters including BBC, ITN, Sky News, CBS, Radio 4 and Radio 5 among others.


The Day After The Night Before


Source: The Mirror


As millions of people will be waking up to the news that the Coronation of King Charles III is over, time doesn’t stand still…well not for Chrono Hunter anyway. As the bunting is packed away, tables are folded and that last slice of Coronation Colin The Caterpillar cake is polished off, we are bringing you something hot off the horological press. 

Max Nordigian - Founder, Chrono Hunter


On Sunday 7th of May at 10:30am we’ll be having our own exclusive one off event…an interview on BBC Radio London with our very own Founder of Chrono Hunter Max Nordigian! It’s wireless radios (or DAB if that’s your thing) at the ready as he will be appearing on the Robert Elms show in a joint interview with someone you may well recognise if you are familiar with the Royal Family.


Ingrid Seward - Royal Commentator


Source: Daily Mirror


Doth your timekeeping cap as the doyenne of Royal Commentators Ingrid Seward will be joining Max Nordigian to peruse over the symbolism of The Royal Family, the regal connection with luxury watches through the yearsand the magnitude of the Coronation of King Charles III. Public speaker, author of several books such as Prince Phillip Revealed A Man Of His Century and The Inside Story Of 70 Years Of The Royal Marriage not to mention numerous media appearances to her name, there could be no better individual in the realms of Royal Commentators. 

Oh, and she has also contributed to a staggering collection of Royal events over the years. From co-hosting the weddings of Prince William and Katherine Middleton to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for CBS, she is also a highly respected contributor to all major ITN Royal documentaries and commentator across all major TV networks including ITV, BBC and Sky News. 




We are sadly out of time (for now) watch peeps. But if we hadn’t mentioned it yet, break out the scones and pour yourself a nice cup of fine English breakfast tea on Sunday the 7th of May at 10:30am as Max Nordigian, Founder of Chrono Hunter and Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward will be in conversation with Robert Elms on BBC Radio London. 

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