Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Tudor Watch - Chrono Hunter
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Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Tudor Watch - Chrono Hunter

Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Tudor Watch - Chrono Hunter 


So, you’ve decided now's the time to sell your Tudor watch or watches. You’ve thought long and hard, weighed up the pros and cons and had multiple cups of coffee to keep you alert. As I’m sure you have realised, this is certainly no easy thing to let go of…but we got your back. Founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, owner of Rolex, the brand was created to be a more affordable alternative to its bigger brother. They would create competitive models in the 60s and 70s like the Submariner and then more recently, highly successful collections including the Pelagos and Black Bay. 

They are therefore a brand which shouldn't be dismissed as a weaker Rolex, instead, it should be embraced like a warm hug and revered for its influence on the timepiece world. Therefore, we think it's only fair if we offer you a few tips and tricks on things you should consider before you sell your Tudor watch. It would be a shame if you didn't do your due diligence, right?


Check The Serial Number


This is a very important step into giving you the info when it’s time to sell your Tudor

Due to the relationship between Tudor and Rolex, we can expect to see similarities in the location of serial numbers and other important pieces of information. For example, the serial number is found engraved between the lugs at 6 o’clock which can only be seen by removing the bracelet. 


Black Bay 58 - Source - Tudor

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In terms of information that can be gleaned from the serial number, you can find out the date when the watch was manufactured. For example, a watch with the serial number B330000 was released in 1990 or H300000 represents released in 2002. Below is a table to show a few examples of these numbers and their corresponding dates:












For those with modern models, it's important to note that the serial numbers after 2002 are randomised, meaning the chances of you figuring out the date are extremely low due to there being no consistency or patterns, making it a little harder to sell a watch. If you want to find out more details or are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact Chrono Hunter here


Am I Up-To-Date With My Papers?


Although not as thrilling as finding a vintage Vacheron Constantin in a car boot sale, papers and certificates are extremely important in the selling process and key if you want to sell your Tudor.  

The papers represent the authenticity of a model so if you don't have them, it looks like the model is not genuine. Furthermore, the paper work effectively exposes whether you’ve conducted any professional cleaning or services on the timepiece. 


Ranger - Source - Tudor

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These papers usually include a certificate, guaranteeing the validity and quality of the model and a warranty card which links to the amount of warranty given to models in the event of damage. If you don't have these things, it could impact you getting the best value out of your timepiece. While it's certainly not ideal, the next best bet may be to utilise a proof of purchase or a sales receipt given upon you purchasing the model, as at least if it offers some guarantee of legitimacy.


Check The Authenticity Of Your Tudor Watch


Get your timepieces at the ready and have a glance over the following top tips when you decide to sell your Tudor;

  • The crown should have a rose on its side which is precision engraved. If it feels like it's been glued on or looks a tad rushed, you have a fake on your hands.
  • The dial should feature legible writing usually stating the brand's name with no spelling errors. Everything should be clean and precise which is not attainable for counterfeit timepieces. 
  • The case should be neat and tidy and not feature any unintentionally rough edges. If the finish looks more scraped than polished, the model is fake. 
  • The caseback usually presents writing which is highly engraved or the older models reference ‘Rolex’ due to the casebacks being created by them. 
  • The movement should be smooth. Therefore, if it seems to jolt around or tick when it's automatic, you know it's counterfeit as the movement should stutter. We advise that you don't open the caseback without a professional present as you could end up doing more harm than good. 
  • The clasp on the bracelet should have the brand's emblem engraved into it. If it looks rushed and not smooth, again it's a fake.
  • While we all love a cheap deal, a ridiculously low price usually hints towards a scam which means you’ll be saddled with disingenuous models. 


How To Determine The Market Value Of Your Tudor Model


One of the key things to consider before you are this…will your watch hold its value?



Black Bay - Source - Wrist Advisor

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This is important as some buyers are more focused on gleaning a profit from your model than its aesthetics of it. I know, Timelords. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch lovers! It’s also imperative to check if your model has held its value since when you last bought it because you may have turned a profit on your model if it has increased past retail price on the secondary market. There are a number of reasons as to why your timepieces may have increased in value, but no more so than landing on rare or vintage models, production being cut short and the general laws of supply and demand. In order to determine the market value of your model, check the price on;

  • Ebay
  • The brands website
  • Watchcharts
  • Chrono 24
  • Online forums or collector chatrooms


The Basic Principles Of Supply and Demand


The general consensus is that if the model is a special edition or rare, it is more likely to have increased in value in comparison to its standard counterparts. There are exceptions however for big brands such as Audemars Piguet with its standard Royal Oak collection.


Style Collection - Source - Tudor 

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This will still turn a profit even though it's a standard model or we can look to Patek Philippe’s Nautilus collection which is unbelievably sought after due to its rich heritage and Patek Philippe’s limited production of around 60,000 timepieces annually. As a comparison, it's estimated that the brand releases around 200,000 models per year which is much more than Patek Philippe’s 60,000 a year output. It's only fair to say that due to the strong demand of Patek Philippe models, their low supply rate would vastly boost their value at resale while the brands model's higher supply rate and lower demand in comparison to Patek Philippe would mean their resale isn't as high. 

The brand isn't as sought after per se when compared to the bigger Swiss brands such as Rolex or Patek Philippe which do impact the price when you sell your Tudor. This would explain why even though Rolex produces 1 million timepieces a year, you are almost guaranteed to never lose money. Sometimes it's just down to the phenomenal reputation and clever marketing behind the bigger brands that make them sell a watch so successfully. 


Most Popular Tudor Models


Rare models tend to glean a fair bit of money back when you sell your Tudor. For example, the Black Bay Bronze One sold at an ‘Only Watch’ charity auction in 2017 for around £330,000 - 75 times more than its estimate of around £4,000!



Black Bay 79220N - Source - Time+Tide

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Another example is the Heritage Black Bay 79220N which was released in 2015 and based off the original design of the Heritage collection with its black bezel, unlike its predecessors which had a red bezel or blue bezel. The 79220N was discontinued 5 months later meaning the timepiece was only in production for an extremely short amount of time. This means the model is extremely coveted due to its inevitably short supply and link to the original heritage models. Vintage models also do extraordinary well, pulling back incredible sums of money from their original retail. For example, a Big Crown Submariner 7924 sold for around £130,000 at auction due to it being the very first Big Crown Submariner from 1954. 


Do Tudor Watches Hold Value?


In most scenarios, no. If you sell your Tudor, you may lose the value of what you paid for it. 


Pelagos 39 - Source - Worn and Wound

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They are a big brand but simply cannot compete with the supply and demand figures of other brands like Vacheron Constantin. Simply put, the brand lacks the popularity aspect that other big brands like Rolex have. Due to more people wanting the famed crown logo adorned on their wrist, they are more likely to buy a Rolex for a value matching or over the original retail price. While the models are popular, they're not desired enough to warrant people paying over or even matching the retail price provided by the brand. 

Take for example The 1926 M91350-0002. They retail this model at £1,620 and is an ideal entry point into luxury watches. It is very slim at 28mm and made of steel with a black embossed dial protected with a sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, you can now buy a Tudor 1926 M91350-0002 for retail at less than £1000. This goes to show that their models will lose value over time. If we look at their biggest collection, the Black Bay, timepieces like the Black Bay Pro M79470-0003 retails for £3,200 but on the secondary market can be found for under £3000 - at the time of writing.

It’s a case of finding the models which will lose value the slowest or keeping your eyes out for rare and limited edition models. Models like the Pelagos 39 are very innovative and represent the new dawn of dive timepieces. Using this information, we can see that the brand has the capability of releasing models which won't instantly depreciate in value due to their status in the horological world. 

Retailing for £3,850, the Pelagos 39 is not extortionately priced meaning it's more accessible to most collectors and it's valued at upwards of £4000 on the secondary market at the time of writing. A win-win if you ask us!


Get An Instant Offer From Chrono Hunter


There are many routes you could take when you want to sell your Tudor


Black Bay - Source - Crown and Calibre

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For example, you could opt in to an auction house and roll the dice to see whether you get your desired value. Be wary, however, once it's sold, it's sold. Even if you’ve lost a lot of money. You could try online platforms such as eBay which is a well known and reputable source. It does also have its flaws such as dodgy deals with sharks. Don’t get us wrong, you can always receive money back but is it really worth the excess hassle and time?

You’ve tried the rest, why not go with the best! Chrono Hunter is your go-to online platform, allowing you to sell a watch smartly. Removing the physical labour of travelling to auction houses and the mental dexterity of fishy deals online, we put you in contact with our established network of reputable suppliers to obtain for you the best deal. Of course, the power firmly remains in your hands whether to accept an offer from our rich portfolio of retailers. Receive proposals in less than 24 hours via our dedicated app where you can track everything. Feel free to contact us here and we can dispel any of your concerns. With our peerless service and 800-plus five star reviews on Trustpilot,  what are you waiting for?




Selling your model can sometimes be more hassle than it's worth so hopefully our carefully curated guide will have given you what to consider and expect when you sell a watch. Making sure you have all the important information and documents is essential to enjoying the best possible price from Chrono Hunter. Wouldn't it be a shame if you were pipped at the post just by getting the model wrong or your watches being labelled as illegitimate? 

Feeling the urge to sell your Tudor? Is your Black Bay burning a hole in your drawer at home? Cut out the noise and get to the real stuff with Chrono Hunter on your side! Our long standing relationships with our luxury retailers make us efficient and fair when it comes to giving you the best price possible. With the ability to follow all deals through to completion and with expert customer service on hand, there is total transparency, first rate security and complete honesty throughout the entire process until completion. 


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