All Waiting List Times For Patek Philippe Watches - Nautilus, Aquanaut, Calatrava
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All Waiting List Times For Patek Philippe Watches - Nautilus, Aquanaut, Calatrava

All Waiting List Times For Patek Philippe Watches - Nautilus, Aquanaut, Calatrava


Let’s put it straight. Deciding to buy a Patek Philippe is a monumental decision. Not only is it very expensive, but they are a major luxury brand that boasts a high level of craftsmanship and expert precision. In case you didn’t know already, Patek Philippe have an incredible degree of history behind them, including;

  • A horological brand spanning 175 years
  • One of the last family owned horological manufacturers
  • Known as one of the key technical innovators due to releasing the most complicated timepiece in 1933 with 24 complications, The Henry Graves Supercomplication and 33 complications in 1989, the Calibre 89. 

Of course, some of you may already be bowled over by the incredible collections that are currently in the brands portfolio, including The Calatrava, The Nautilus and The Aquanaut. These lineups respectively have revolutionised the horological world, from the dress world with the Calatrava, the sporting world via the Nautilus and the dive world with the legendary Aquanaut. 

Patek Philippe keeps their cards close to their timekeeping chest…and their timepieces closer, as noted by their extremely limited 60,000 yearly production. Considering their impressive level of demand, the low supply level only means good things for us horophiles. 

Sure, it’s a tough point to chew on and it may have taken you years to afford one, but if you do end up in possession of a Patek Philippe, you can create your own fairytale of living happily ever after knowing that your timepiece will constantly be in constant demand. However, actually reaching this stage is a lot harder than you may have originally thought. 

Although we wish we could, walking into a Patek Philippe store and requesting any of the three collections, Nautilus, Calatrava and Aquanaut, will invariably result in you getting puzzled looks and maybe even a stifled giggle from the authorised dealer. These babies are not like penny sweets. Oh no. They are hunted down by collectors and enthusiasts like well-oiled truffle pigs.

So, Chrono Hunter has done you the great service of identifying the wait times of each of these great collections while indulging you in a little historical back story, together with prices and the watches that you may be having to wait quite a long time for. 

Take a second, relax and let’s get into the key waitlist times for all Patek Philippe watches. 




Brief Background Behind The Collection

Sports pieces have never been the same since the Nautilus was first introduced in 1976, during events like Jimmy Carter becoming US President and Apple Computer and Microsoft joining forces.  


Source - PP

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The origins of the collection are just as iconic as the line itself! Originally coming from an inspired thought by none other than legendary designer, Gerald Genta, the basic outline of the pieces were originally sketched on a napkin while he sat in a restaurant opposite the Basel Watch Fair. How’s that for quick thinking!

The Nautilus is very similar to other great works by Gerald Genta, including his sports-chic Royal Oak creation for Audemars Piguet, four years earlier in 1972. Need we point you in the direction of the octagonal bezel that’s become popularised by both watches?

Taking inspiration from ships' portholes, the collection is defined by two ears on either side of the case which are fondly referred to as “ears”. Are you into English Literature? If so, you may have stumbled across the reference behind the title.

Nicknamed “The Nautilus”, the collections title actually follows on from The Jules Verne novel “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, where the Nautilus title relates to the fictional submarine that belongs to Captain Nemo. Sorry to disappoint, it’s not the same Walt Disney Nemo from “Finding Nemo''!

The Nautilus would encounter some stormy seas in 1996 when it had to face up against a brand new competitor. The Neptune was freshly released from Patek Philippe, and designed to take over the Nautilus. 

Coincidentally, the highly successful Aquanaut collection (which will we get to later on) was released one year later. Unfortunately, like the spin off to Friends, entitled Joey, The Neptune line couldn't live up to the same great expectations, and was subsequently traded for a new-and-improved Nautilus in 1997. This timepiece though hulked up and gained some millimetres with a case diameter of 43mm. 

Now, Patek Philippe aren't ones to drop the horological ball, nor rest on their laurels. In 2006, the collection received an entirely new overhaul, including the resignation of all previous Nautilus lines for a brand new hinged case design and updated complication design. 

In the modern era, The Nautilus continues to amaze and surprise. Evolving from the steely predecessor, the watches now come in rose gold, white gold and two-tone variations. Living an active lifestyle has never looked so beautiful!


What Is The Average Waitlist Time For A Nautilus?

We don’t want to alarm you, Timelords. After all, we are the coolest cats in the horological marketplace who pride ourselves on easy transactions, smooth buying and selling, the best possible prices and a healthy dose of excellent customer service. 

It’s estimated that for a Patek Philippe Nautilus, you could be on a wait time for around (drumroll please) 5 to 8 years. In some instances, you may be even watch-gazing for up to a decade. This is down to a number of different factors including;

  • Brand exclusivity.
  • Rarity
  • Supply and demand
  • Usage of expensive materials
  • Position in the market 


Top Three Key Watches

If you are prepared to stick out the waitlist like a Trojan horse heading into Patek Philippe stores, below are a few watches that we think could make you reassured to hang out on that wait time more than the most toughened of Moonswatch addicts.  


Ref. 5726/1A

The Nautilus reference 5726/1A is a sublime timepiece for every type of avid horophile with a few coins to spare. 

Source - PP

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Setting the barometer for luxury sports watches, it combines a brand new blue dial with a stunning black periphery for the steel timepiece. Meanwhile, the classic design codes of an octagonal bezel, horizontally embossed dial face and “ears” on each side of the case are maintained. 

The blue dial is actually inspired by the same shading from the original Nautilus dating from 1976. The horizontal embossment promotes the gold applied hour markers and hands, all of which are given a good dose of luminescence. The watches are powered by the 324 S QA LU 24H/303, offering 45 hours of power reserve and 28,800VpH, as supported by a Spiromax and Gyromax balance spring and balance. 

At 40.5mm, the timepiece is nothing to sniff at if you are buying some luxury items with your friends in a nice brown suede jacket, or clinking glasses for your wedding anniversary in your freshest navy suit. 

- You can buy a Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5726/1A at retail for around £45,240 as of January 2024. 


Ref. 5712R

If classic steel design simply isn’t doing it for you or want to purchase something a bit more epic, may we point you in the direction of the gorgeous Nautilus reference 5712R. 


Source - PP

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Following the same octagonal casing with the signature ears on either side, this 40mm timepiece is crafted out of rose gold. Offering 60 metres water resistance, we are not bowled over by the water resistance but heck you want to be showing this bad boy off at the office, on your wedding day or for that super swanky soiree. The precious metal compliments the glory of a chocolate brown alligator leather strap, and matching teak board inspired brown dial. It’s a far cry from the sweet like chocolate Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Perpetual Calendar Openworked "Cactus Jack" which concluded 2023 with an astonishing retail price of $201,000.

The dial is similarly horizontally embossed, but it’s dolled up with a few more complications. These include a moonphase indicator between 6 and 7 o’clock, a power reserve indicator at 10 o’clock and small seconds located at 4 o’clock. 

Powered by the 240 PS IRM C LU calibre, the watches offer a 48 hour power reserve and a 21,600 VpH, complimented by a Gyromax balance and a Spiromax balance spring. Look the part by wearing this with a black suit or a grey bomber jacket. 

- You can buy a Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5712R at retail for £44,760 as of January 2024. 


Ref. 5990/1R

We said the Nautilus evolves more than a Beatles catalogue, right? Well, may we introduce the Nautilus 5990/1R Self-Winding Travel Time Chronograph. 


Source - PP

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Crafted out of rose gold, the precious metal strongly contrasts with the gorgeous sunburst blue dial. Horizontally embossed and fitted with applied baton hour markers, they are made out of rose gold which keeps the piece seamless. Of course, they are given a generous dose of luminescence!

Alongside the classic “Ear” design, the watches are fitted with two pushers on either side of the crown ear on the right hand side of the case. This isn’t a tasteful design feature. In fact, this is constructed for a sole purpose of navigating the complications. 

The timepiece is bolstered by a triple whammy of highly regarded complications, including a self-winding flyback chronograph, a Travel Time function and a date display complimented with local time functionality.  Powered by the CH 28-520 C FUS, they provide a weekend proof 55 hour power reserve and beats away at 28,800VpH. The movement totals 370 components and is given a Patek Philippe Seal hallmark. 

Fitted with a rose gold bracelet, we can imagine you pulling this off with a beautiful cream suit or a more reserved camel overcoat. 

- You can buy a Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5990/1R at retail for £95,240 as of January 2024.




Brief Background Behind The Collection

We assume you enjoyed the Nautilus as much as we did. However, if you are looking to invest in a line that is perhaps dressier and worn exclusively for those important special occasions, we can only recommend many connoisseurs' possible grail line, The Calatrava collection. 


Source - PP

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Interestingly, the collection is very much a product of its time. Released in 1932, following the misery of the Great Depression and the subsequent financial hardships, the Calatrava was released to add understated luxury, without the ostentatious flash of a jewelled up timepiece. 

As such, it came in a circular case design, built to be very slender, and follows classic design principles normalised by Bauhaus, wherein geometric shapes and functionality were prioritised over excessive design.

Just like the Nautilus, the Calatrava similarly has its name influenced outside of the horological world. Inspired by the cross worn by 12th Century Calatrava Knights of Spain and Portugal, this theme, alongside the Bauhaus principle, was utilised by English Watchmaker David Penny who presented it in the first ever form, the Ref 96. 

Slender, beautiful and as on trend as the latest collections by Alexander McQueen, what a thrilling background to an inspirational collection, still adored by aficionados to this very day!


What Is The Average Waitlist Time For A Calatrava?

While not as brutal as the Nautilus waitlist, the Caltrava still requires a length of time for you to be without your beloved timepiece. You can anticipate a waitlist that can run from 9 months up to a year. 


Top Three Key Watches

Ref. 5227J

Prioritising elegance over anything else, The 5227J is crafted into a yellow gold case and fitted with a chocolate brown alligator strap. If you can tear your eyes from the stunning lustre of the yellow gold architecture, we recommend you turn to the dial. 

Source - PP


Given an ivory dial that is fitted with gold applied hour markers, the timepiece is incredibly minimalist that is befitting of those black tie affairs, cocktails after midnight or Christmas parties. Unlike the Grandmaster Chime 6300G flexed by Jay-Z with more than 20 complications, this watch is stripped down to its essentials. And it works. Especially since the only complication is a small date aperture at 3 o’clock. 

Sized at 39mm, this timepiece is perfect to slide out from under your cream shirt cuffs to impress a few colleagues around that maple cherry wood boardroom table. Powered by the Calibre 26-330 S C, the watches offer a 45 hour power reserve and pulsate at 28,800VpH or 4Hz frequency. Fitted with a Spiromax balance spring and Gyromax balance, you can be assured that like Chumbawamba this may get knocked down, but it’ll darn certainly get back up again…and never keep you down.

-You can buy a Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227J at retail for £32,380 as of January 2024. 


Ref. 6007G

This specific collection is noted for being very sophisticated, but it has since evolved into a very different beast, all while retaining its dress watch charm. Released during Watches and Wonders 2023, it brought a range of colours, including red and turquoise. Perhaps none look as vibrant as the yellow!

Source - PP

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It has grown to include a new 40mm white gold casing alongside a gorgeous dial face. The ebony black dial replaces minimalism for a stunning visual spectacle. Made up of various geometric shapes, the embossed carbon design closely resembles a blackened checkerboard. This might well be for us the King of Calatravas at the time of writing.

It’s not all moody. There are jolts of colour in the form of small yellow hues on the counters, second hand and on the stitching of the black calfskin strap, which similarly has the carbon aesthetic.

It is powered by the 26-330 S C calibre, offering a 45 hour power reserve, a 28,800VpH and excellent accuracy not to mention robustness as guaranteed by the Spiromax, Gyromax and Patek Philippe Seal hallmark. And with a stronger celeb wearer base behind it such as Argentinean miniscule maestro Lionel Messi who has rocked the $48000 Calatrava 6007G “Turquoise”, you are certain of scoring every time.

- You can buy a Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007G at retail for £30,480 as of January 2024. 


Ref. 6119R

It remains emblematic, even if it undergoes new design themes. And this is certainly the case with the beautiful and impactful reference. 6119R. 


Source - PP

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Given a rose gold case, the 39mm watch would seemingly fit into the earlier years of the collection. However, things get interesting when we cast our eyes over the silvery grained dial with gold applied hour markers which are slightly tapered. 

The bezel features a guilloche hobnail pattern, known as the Clous de Paris, which offers a contemporary look to this classic collection. The hands are Dauphine styled which similarly narrows down like the hour markers. 

Fitted with a brown alligator leather strap, the watches are fashionable and incredibly stylish for the debonair gent or the showoff who is into his bling, especially since they compliment the rose gold case so well. Powered by the 30-255 PS calibre the Calatrava 6119R has a 65 hour power reserve, a 28,800VpH and the famed Seal hallmark, certifying its impeccable quality. 

- You can buy a Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119R at retail for £25,720 as of January 2024. 




Brief Background Behind The Collection

We’ve covered the sports-chic, we’ve seen the dress style, and now we’ve moved on to the out and out dive watch designs in the form of the Aquanaut collection. 


Source - Patek

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As one of the brand's more modern collections, the Aquanaut was launched in 1997 with the express intention of offering a more affordable alternative to the Nautilus. This dive watch came shooting out of the gate with a great 120 metre water resistance, confirmed by a screw down crown and highly durable three part casing. 

What’s most impressive is that the caseback is sapphire, opposing the usual dive watch design of it needing a solid caseback to properly resist water. When they released the collection, they aimed their attention towards a younger audience. They did this by offering a smarter, trendier dial design with grenade embossment, alongside the instantly recognisable octagonal casing. 

The collection was released onto a tropical strap that utilises a composite material to combat UV rays and salt water. Beachside anyone?

The Aquanaut collection remains a sturdy part of their lineup, totalling over 160 designs and a solid portfolio of fantastic in-house movements like the mechanical Calibre 26-330 S QA LU and the quartz E 23-250 S C calibre. 

Sporty and stylish, those are two terms we can unequivocally support.


What Is The Average Waitlist Time For An Aquanaut?

The Aquanaut collection runs a longer waitlist compared to the Calatrava. With an expected waiting list of around 3-5 years, it’s certainly the more affordable, and more accessible alternative to the Nautilus. 


Top Three Key Watches


Ref. 5168G-001

The Aquanaut collection was a resounding success for Patek Philippe. This explains why they deemed it fit to celebrate 20 years of the collection in 2017 with a stunning Aquanaut “Jumbo” in a sizable 42.2mm case. 


Source - PP

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Most Aquanaut watches are sized from around 38.8mm to 40.8mm, so this bold decision to level up to 42.2mm, offered a fresh view on the collection. And we think this is prime for a gentleman who likes his timepiece to be the centre of attention. 

Built into a white gold case, the watches are given a sapphire caseback and a water resistance of 120 metres. This masculine timepiece features an embossed dial that grows from a black periphery to a navy blue centre. 

The satin-brushed bezel keeps in tandem with the equally beautiful white gold applied Arabic numerals and baton hands which are coated in luminescence. The watches are powered by the 26-330 S C calibre which has a 45 hour power reserve and a 28,800VpH. Fitted onto a navy blue tropical strap, we can see you wearing this with a pair of trunks on your private Bali beach, or with a navy suit for that power dressed businessman allure. 

- You can buy a Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G-001 at retail for £39,530 as of January 2024.


Ref. 5968A  

The Aquanaut is noted for being a minimalist dive model with solid water resistance and great design. However, they went one step further by adding a fresh chronograph complication. 


Source - PP

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Sized at 42.2mm, the “Jumbo” design is still maintained. Crafted out of steel, it doesn't have the precious metal luxury, but it is a great sporty material and an excellent alternative for those looking to buy something that will stand up to light water based activities.

Offering 120 metres of water resistance, the octagonal piece keeps things simple with a dial face that graduates from a soft grey centre to a black periphery. The black embossed dial is fitted with gold applied numerals that are coated with luminescence. The watches are given a spark of colour in the form of an orange seconds hand and orange accents throughout the chronograph complication at 6 o’clock. 

The self-winding flyback chronograph movement is powered by the CH 28-520 C calibre which offers a 55 hour power reserve alongside a 28,800VpH. Fitted with a black tropical strap, the watches are perfect for the active gentlemen. 

- You can buy a Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5968A at retail for £44,290 as of January 2024. 


Ref. 5261R-001

If you are looking for a Nautilus which could easily pass for an out and out dress watch, we recommend you take a look at the sleek and enticing Aquanaut 5261R-001. 


Source - PP

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Crafted in a rose gold case that totals 40.8mm, the Patek Philippe 5261R-001 watches retain their 120 metre water resistance. Crafted into the classical octagonal shape, the lugs are tight and allow the chocolate brown tropical strap to become almost integrated with the timepiece. 

Fitted with a chocolate brown dial with a grenade style embossment and a date aperture at 3 o’clock, the rose gold applied Arabic hour markers and hands keep with the case, and are promoted by the chunky white minute track around the dials periphery. 

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5261R-001 watches are powered by the 26-330 S C, a self winding movement that entitles you to 45 hours of power reserve and a 28,800VpH. Confirmed by a Patek Philippe Seal Hallmark and supported by a Gyromax and Spiromax, it  is both frighteningly quick and highly reliable. We can see you adorning this under a burgundy suit or when you are chilling out on your superyacht with a white polo shirt. 

- You can buy a Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5261R-001 at retail for £36,670 as of January 2024. 

If the top three complications are making you weak at the knees when you stare down their wait times, don’t worry… It gets even longer! We’ve collated the collections that you may not instantly think of, but are just as in demand. 


Patek Philippe Grand Complications


Patek’s Grand Complications history is quite elusive as there’s only assumptions made about its originations. 


6300GR - Source - PP

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It’s argued that it started with the iconic Graves Supercomplication pocket piece from 1933. Financed by Henry Graves Jr, it has 24 complications that feature a celestial sky chart and calendar functions.  

Totalling all of their technical skill, the watches range from pieces fitted with minute repeaters to perpetual calendars and even complex chiming alarm functions. 

Below are a few innovations that we simply could not ignore!

  • Astronomical - These feature incredible configurations including visual nocturnal skies in the northern hemisphere, sidereal time and an Ellipse which shows a part of the sky visible from Geneva, Patek Philippe’s base of operations. 
  • Minute Repeater Ultra-Complication - Combines a minute repeater with a mono pusher chronograph and a perpetual calendar. 
  • Chiming Alarm Function - Features dual time zones alongside a chiming mechanism that rings out the alarm. 

There are a range of models that take our fancy. Of course, it all depends on what interests you! For example,  You may feel like a complicated gent who deserves a timepiece that matches his mystery. We recommend the Grand Complications 6300GR. 

As a redesign of their most complicated watch, this 20 complication timepiece comes in rose gold and features five acoustic functions alongside two new patents, an pre-programmed alarm and a date repeater that strikes the date on demand. You can buy a Patek Philippe Grand Complication 6300GR at retail when you request a price. 


What Is The Average Wait Time For A Patek Philippe Grand Complications?

The average wait time for the collection is around 5 to 8 years depending on your model. 


Patek Philippe Gondolo


Named after the famous Brazilian retailer, Gondolo & Labouriau, Patek and the retailer first joined forces in 1872 and stopped in 1927. This resulted in a number of timepieces made exclusively for the retailer, named the Chronometro Gondolo. 


7041R - Source - PP

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Gondolo & Labouriau were so significant that they totalled around 1 ⁄ 3 of all production from Patek during WWII. In the modern era, the collection is a stunning display of dressy fashion, complemented by the iconic curved/squared cases from the 1920s which were influenced by the “Jazz Age”. 

If you want a classic model, you cannot get much better than the 7041R. Following the same tonneau shaping of the classic Gondolo models, the collection is based on strong lines and elegance. This one is made from rose gold and features a silvery grained dial with brown Roman numerals. It’s fitted with a flange set with 108 diamonds and is powered by the 215PS calibre. Offering 28,800VpH and a 44 hour power reserve. This is a brilliant piece!

You can buy a Patek Philippe Gondolo 7041R at retail for £29,050 as of January 2024.


What Is The Average Wait Time For A Patek Philippe Gondolo? 

It’s estimated that you could be waiting around 48 months to 6 years depending on your model. Best start checking to see if that clock can speed up!


Patek Philippe Complications


The Patek Complications line doesn’t quite have the grandeur of the Grand Complications line, but they are still mighty in the face of horology!


5905R - Source - PP

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Taking away from the complexity of chimes and sideral calendars, this line focuses more on the classics, including annual calendar, dual time zones and world time displays. The influence they have on the complicated world is incredible. 

Utilising perpetual calendars alongside chronographs, they eventually confirmed that all their watches from 2009 onwards would feature the famed, branded Seal which guarantees a stunning -3/+2 seconds per day. Remember, this is the first brand to produce a women’s wristwatch in 1916 with a complication, a five-minute repeater!

In the modern era, they continue to maintain their brilliant complications inside gorgeous cases. One of our favourite examples is the 5905R. Sized at 42mm, the rose gold watches feature a self-winding flyback chronograph alongside a patented annual calendar which can read 30 and 31 day months. 

Given a beautiful sunburst blue dial and the Caliber CH 28-520 QA 24H, the watches offer a 28,800VpH and a 55 hour power reserve. 

You can buy a Patek Philippe Complications 5905R at retail for £60,480 as of January 2024. 


What Is The Average Wait Time For A Patek Philippe Complications?

The Complications collection is another solid line which also has a shiver inducing wait time. Offering a waiting list of around 36 to 60 months, we know we’ve got more important things to be waiting for!


Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse 


First presented in 1968, The Golden Ellipse is a huge step away from conventional horology and represents their innovative and forward thinking approach. 


5738R - Source - PP

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So, why is this line deemed to be “Golden”? Essentially, the line is based on a funky theory named “The Golden Section”. This principle was decided by Greek mathematicians who found that a “Divine” proportion, a ratio of 1 / 1.6181, was the background to some of the greatest artworks and architectures like the Parthenon in Athens and Notre Dame. 

A great example of a stunning Golden Ellipse is the 5738R. Following the beautiful rounded case design that has served the collection so well, it is crafted out of rose gold. Given a minuscule height of 5.9mm, the pieces feature an ebony black sunburst dial with applied gold hour markers. 

Secured with a 240 calibre that has a 21,600VpH alongside a 48 hour power reserve, the watches are beautiful and certainly worth a check over! You can buy a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse at retail for £29,530 as of January 2024. 


What Is The Average Wait Time For A Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse?

For a Golden Ellipse model, the wait times can stretch from 12 months to an incredible 36 months. 


What Is A Patek Philippe Waiting List?


We say the term “Waiting List” and wait time an awful lot. Yet some of you may not know what it is already. If you don’t, hang on a tick and we will fill you in. 


Patek Store - Source - PP

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Essentially, the waiting list refers to a ranking system that keeps a list of customers who are “next in line” for a specific model. Typically, the waiting list is made up of a few factors, including the customers purchase history, their status (are they a celebrity, best friends with King Charles III or have the spending power of John Mayer) while financially making the grade to purchase one or a handful of Patek Philippe watches. 

These factors are usually to the detriment of first time purchasers who have discovered the glory of the big collections. You can only make it onto the waiting list if you meet these particular standards. Although there’s now no wait time… You’ll never get a Patek at retail!

However, it’s not just the Geneva brand either. How about Rolex’s 5 year waitlist for the Daytona or Audemars Piguet’s 48 to 96 months waitlist for the Royal Oak? All the big hitters have waitlists as long as the authorised dealers arm…and longer. In short, they simply cannot produce enough watches to keep with us avid horophiles. 

As Metallica once sang, It’s Sad But True!


Why Is There A Patek Philippe Waitlist?


Great question with a simple answer.

The key reason as to why there is a waitlist is due to the incredible level of demand that vastly surpasses the level of supply. 

The brand has an incredibly high level of demand due to the exclusivity, the high level of craftsmanship and precision of the timepieces. Capped at 60,000 pieces per year, the level of demand vastly exceeds this figure, resulting in a long waitlist as they try to prioritise customers. 

It’s incredibly difficult to increase supply, especially for watches as high quality as Patek Philippe’s. For example, models which require a stunning minute repeater function could total around 500 hours of work to complete the watch. Crikey!

Interestingly, due to the incredible level of demand, and Patek Philippe maxing out their supply at around 60,000 watches per year, there have even been claims that the waitlist is a great big myth. Let’s debunk it!


Is The Patek Philippe Waitlist A Myth?


We can answer this question with a strong proviso that while the waitlist isn’t a myth, it actually proves very difficult to get onto it. Myths may be in mythology like Jason and The Argonaut or the fable of Daedalus and Icarus. But I am afraid the waitlist is no Greek tragedy. 

For example, if you make the brave decision to walk into one of the brand's dealers for the first time with absolutely no purchase history or previous connections to the staff, the chances of you making it onto the waitlist and reaching the wait time stage is let’s just say, slim to none.

The waiting list is reserved solely for those who have a strong purchase history and are active participants at the dealers. If you have such a history, you can make it onto the waiting list for some of the bigger collections.

For those who are still uncertain about venturing in to try and get on the waiting list, allow us to give you five key tips that will make you move from a newbie to a seasoned professional. 


5 Key Tips To Getting Onto The Waiting List - Chrono Hunter


Below are the 5 key tips to help you onto the Patek Philippe waitlist;


  1. Do your research into your desired collection - There are very few occasions where you can flaunt your knowledge and not look like a snob. To get onto the waitlist, show that you are interested in the collection and not the ins and outs of the line. 
  2. Make your face memorable - We don’t necessarily mean to emboss your face with a large tattoo saying “Get Me On The Waitlist” onto your forehead. Keep showing up to demonstrate that you are willing to return for your desired piece and make it onto the waiting list. 
  3. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize - Keep your interest solely on one model as opposed to persistently changing your mind and direction like the wind. To make it onto the waiting list, you need to prove that your heart is captivated with one model and are willing to be focused just on that.
  4. Develop your purchase history with the dealer - The best chance of swooning the staff at a dealer is by showing you have the horological passion to lay down a little green for a few lesser known watches. This proves you aren’t just looking to find the big watches, and have an active interest in the brand which may shrink the wait time, especially if you are buying other watches with the Swiss brand.
  5. Expand Your Search History - Locking into one authorised retailer unfortunately will not yield the best results for making it onto the waitlist. You need to expand your viewing radar in order to include many dealers. Who knows, one may suddenly come back and say it’s your time to make it onto the waiting list!


Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Is The Wait Time For A Patek Philippe Watch?

That depends on which model you decide to go for. In some instances, you may be locked into a wait time that runs up to 8 years for the Nautilus, or you may have a lesser waiting list of around 12 months for the Calatrava collection. 


How Long Does It Take To Get A Patek Philippe?

If you decide to go down the authorised retailer route, you may be placed onto a waiting list that runs as long as 8 years. However, if you choose the secondary market, you can buy a Patek Philippe quickly. But you may be paying a premium for skipping the waitlist and because the brand has the potential to rise in value on the secondary market.


How Hard Is It To Get A New Patek?

Getting a new model at retail is like predicting the Grand National winner. You could put in the hard yards and do your research but it is unpredictable and lengthy. You have to build up a giant purchasing history and continually show your face and interest before even making it onto the waitlist. Once you make it onto the waitlist, you then have a wait time that runs for at least 1 year before you are close to receiving your timepiece. 


Are Patek Philippe Hard To Buy?

The answer is yes. Buying a Patek Philippe at retail is very hard as it requires a significant portion of your time to build up a purchase history and do your research in order to make it onto the waiting list. Then you have to see out a long wait time to see the waiting list and eventually receive your model. 

However, you can choose to buy a Patek Philippe on the secondary market. Be it pre-owned or second-hand, this skips the waiting list and puts you in prime position to swiftly owning your desired piece. 

From retail, the watches are most likely to lose value a lot quicker when compared with the secondary market. Just like those fresh wheels you’ve bought from the car showroom, it immediately depreciates in value when it comes under your possession. On the secondary market, you may find the prices to not only hold the same retail figure, but actually increase past it! 


What Kind Of Person Wears Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe is a top horological brand that is worn by a range of Hollywood A-Listers and renowned celebs.

However, the most common wearers tend to be those that appreciate high quality craftsmanship alongside an incredible level of accuracy. Worn by celebs like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Angelina Jolie, the hottest people in the music and film industries take note. 

Their watches will comfortably last a lifetime and make great heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. Made with the finest materials and effortlessly stylish from the diving orientated Aquanaut to the dressy Calatrava, the gent in the boardroom to the man kicking back by the pool can wear these watches… and remain looking like he's bagged a true model of prestige.

Worn by connoisseurs of the finer things in life, the brand is a statement of wealth and luxury, without the overzealous flash of a jewelled up chain or a high speed sports car


Do Patek Philippe Watches Lose Value?

Generally, Patek Philippe watches do not lose value. This is because Patek Philippe is highly in demand and surpasses the level of supply. It’s typically the older or vintage watches that have the potential to greatly increase in value as their discontinuation means that supply is shut off completely, naturally raising the level of thirst for their watches. 

Utilising the best craftsmanship around combined with an impeccable level of technical skill, the timepieces have lasted the test of time since their inception in 1839. Incredibly, they actually have under 1 million watches made in total since their initial inception in 1839. Rolex makes that in one year, showing the exclusivity of the brand. 




Timelords, we’ve run through the wait times behind the top Patek Philippe collections. So, are you prepared to bite the bullet and sit through the waitlist? If you don’t feel like suffering in horological purgatory, we recommend you consider venturing to the pre-owned market to buy a Patek Philippe.

How much better is the secondary market in comparison with retail? Let’s take a look!

  • Pre-owned Patek Philippe watches have a much smaller chance of losing value when put into comparison with watches that have been sourced from retail. It is very much similar to that new luxury car in the showroom which diminishes in value the minute you roll off the forecourt. 
  • You will be able to find older watches that have the potential to increase in value as opposed to freshly released watches at retail. 
  • There are only so many physical retailers you can visit before either running out of gas or giving up. Innovating and pioneering online platforms like Chrono Hunter allow you the option to enjoy multiple offers from a plethora of excellent luxury retailers, meaning you can choose the offer that makes you smile and buy your PP quickly. And with dealers vying for your business, the best price will be guaranteed on your purchase. 
  • As we’ve discussed, finding a Patek Philippe is almost as imposing as climbing Mount Everest…if not more. It dwarfs other well known top luxury brands like  Cartier and Breitling. The pre-owned market allows you access to the brand, without having to be charming and be Mr Knowledgeable at a retailer. 
  • You have the opportunity to source watches which are either rare or discontinued. These vintage pieces are usually unobtainable via retail, so the opportunity to buy them straight away on the secondary market is a huge bonus. 


When it comes down to the facts, Patek Philippe performs very well at resale. But, let’s not jump ahead and make instant assumptions. We recommend that you chat to Chrono Hunter if you are interested in buying or selling and we can discuss your specific needs.  

It’s not all negative. Pre-owned options tend to yield a better value figure when compared with those straight from retail which will lose more instantly when compared with pre-owned. A timepiece sold straight from retail has the chance to decrease in value much quicker. If you’re holding onto a pre-owned model, these watches are generally more scarce and exclusive, allowing the timepiece to be driven up in value on the secondary market. This is dictated by current market conditions as watches should be worn for pleasure, not for investment purposes.

What if we were to say that you too could join the ranks of being a pre-owned Patek Philippe owner? Connect with Chrono Hunter to source a pre-owned model, while avoiding the agonising pains of the waitlist and find a model via our dedicated app.

Available on both Apple and Android devices, our range of offers allows you to choose from the best deals possible, coupled with speedy turnaround and the most secure platform possible to conduct your buying or selling transaction.

Just how valued and respected is Patek? In essence, the chances of your pre-owned Patek Philippe timepiece dropping in value is not very likely given they are part of the Holy Trinity of luxury watches. Keep your eyes peeled for a coveted or a vintage piece as these are the ones that are most likely to increase in value.

How frustrating would it be to sit around on a waiting list from 12 months to 8 years, even when you can simply turn on your laptop and get your Patek Philippe quickly through Chrono Hunter. If you are feeling dive watch ready with the Aquanaut or want to be the most stylish man in the room with the Calatrava, Patek Philippe is the top luxury brand for you.

The days of crying into an endless waiting list are over. The Chrono Hunter express is ready to take you on board and show you that owning a Patek Phillipe doesn't have to be a journey of woe or tidings of misery. Are you wanting to buy a Patek Philippe on the secondary market without the hassle of an extensive waiting list?

Chrono Hunter, it’s time to show us your stuff...



Looking to buy a Patek Philippe without the overwhelming waiting list? Want to source a brand that is persistently valued and a great gift for every manner of important event? Timelords, take a second and chat to us here. Receive multiple offers from our rich selection of highly qualified and carefully curated luxury retailers. Whether purchase or sale, accept the offer that’s right for you and conclude the transaction directly with one of our vetted retailers. 

Our expert team can offer a clear insight into the value of your desired model, and get you in contact with the best luxury retailers around via our live portal. If Patek Philippe isn’t what you are looking for, buy or sell a range of other illustrious brands using Chrono Hunter like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Omega, IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre

Revolutionising the industry as we know it, we can offer you an unparalleled buying and selling experience, as noted by our outstanding Trustpilot reputation. 


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