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Buy Your IWC Watch With Chrono Hunter

Buy Your IWC Watch With Chrono Hunter


Hello, watch addicts. Now, buying an IWC watch is a source of concern for many people because they either don't know what to buy or where to buy them from. It can be a minefield, especially with online sites, eBay and such. Fret not though as Chrono Hunter has your back.

This article should hopefully let you in on the best IWC watches to buy and ensure you choose Chrono Hunter for your next purchase. After all, we are the go to platform for those looking to buy a watch. But don’t take our word for it. Just look at our 700-plus 5 star reviews on Trustpilot applauding us for our ever so experienced team, personal service and best market offers.

Without going too much into what we are all about, suffice to say that we are the top choice for those looking to buy an IWC. But first, it’s time to discover a little about the brand from Schaffhausen.


IWC Watch Brand History


Established in the mid 1880s by Florentine Ariosto Jones, the International Watch Company (IWC) was operating from Schaffhausen, a German-speaking town located in Switzerland. 

During this period, Swiss watchmaking was a slow burning candle, with each step having to be conducted at different points and with the majority of work conducted in people's homes. Quite a far cry from the tremendous £35m IWC spent in 2018 on one manufacturing facility. 

IWC’s rise to horological fame started off when the presence of electricity came, making IWC’s headquarters one of the most prolific facilities in the world, taking on large military and commercial contracts during both World Wars.



Pilots Chronograph IW377709 - Source - Hodinkee 

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In 1899, the original design was actually tailored for women. From the first wristwatch that was released by IWC in 1899, there was a wristwatch boom during the 1900s.

This was down to their normalisation in wars and the soldiers wearing them back home as opposed to just women. Don't worry gentleman, you too can buy an IWC

Throughout both World Wars, IWC built more military specification watches than anyone else, particularly in the aviation sector. They have since jazzed up their line, creating dress watches including the ‘Portofino’ collection and some snazzy dive watches like the Aquatimer.

IWC have since begun forging their own movements, replacing third party Valjoux movements, present in models such as the IWC pilots Chronograph IW377709. They are proudly named as ‘IWC manufactured’ on its spec list. 

Nowadays, IWC are working with major teams and brands from Tottenham Hotspur and Mercedes AMG Petronas to Airspeeder and Laureus Sport For Good. 

The icing on the cake is that they are the only watch officially licensed to work on US Navy watches. Well, hello Sailor! You can take a watch out of the military but you certainly can't take the military out of the watch! 


Popular IWC Watch Models 


IWC are the proud designer of many fantastic collections. Every model holds worth and value but for obvious time reasons, we can't run through every single one. 

If you want to discuss your specific needs or discover the model you wish to purchase, do not hesitate to contact Chrono Hunter here. Our range of luxury watch retailers means you can enjoy the best possible price when you decide to buy an IWC.

As for the most popular IWC watches, these tend to be models which are rare, limited edition or have had a significant impact on the watch world. Oh yes and there’s the celebrity factor naturally.


IWC Big Pilot 5002


The IWC Big Pilot 5002 is definitely a watch to get our horological teeth into.


Released as part of the ‘Le Petit Prince’ collection, it is an ode to the famous French pilot and poet Antoine de Saint Exupery. Measuring 46mm, it has a stainless steel case, which houses the reliable calibre 51110. It also provides a 7 day power reserve which is situated at 3 o'clock.


IWC Big Pilot 5002 - Source - The Watch Club 

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The dial features a date aperture at 6 o'clock which is easily readable due to its white background. The hour and minute hands are luminous and protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. Fitted with a supple brown leather strap, this deep midnight blue or black model is worn by the greats. 

The blue model has been worn by legendary basketballer Michael Jordan, who was spotted wearing it when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Meanwhile, ‘Of Mice and Men’ star John Malkovich is known to wear the black version. At the time of writing, this model retails on the secondary market at around £10,000. Note that when you buy an IWC watch through Chrono Hunter, you will only receive the best offers from our established network of luxury retailers in hours or even in a matter of minutes! 


Buying a watch is just that simple. 


The IWC Portugieser IW371606


Another fine example of beautiful craftsmanship is The IWC Portugieser IW371606. 


The IWC Portugieser IW371606 - Source - Monochrome

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Sizing in at 41mm, it looks fantastic on any wrist and features the classic stainless steel case and a gorgeous blue sunray dial with the option of black leather or blue leather strap. From humble beginnings in 1939, it still carries features found today such as the large Arabic numerals, super slim bezel and at least one subdial. 

Worn by ‘The Office’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ star John Krasinski, it is ideal for setting a relaxed tone when out on the town and goes magnificently with a bold blue suit. You can buy an IWC like this for £7,600. 

The Portugieser collection is very sophisticated, including stunning models like the IWC Portugieser Chronograph IW371610. It has a wonderful slate coloured case which is adorned with the same gold hands and appliques as the case. 

Previously worn by Borat legend Sacha Baron Cohen, it epitomises the slicked back luxury of the red carpet and looks dapper with a black suit and bow tie. You can buy an IWC like this for the best price through Chrono Hunter via our dedicated app or enter the details of the watch here

We provide you with live updates in real time and multiple offers within 24 hours or less, meaning you can spend less time worrying and more time getting the IWC watch of your dreams! Pair that with our peerless and uncompromising service and you have the ultimate horological match.


What Makes IWC Watches Valuable?


IWC models are high quality with excellent craftsmanship. And if you land on a rare or vintage IWC watch, then you have really hit the jackpot. These tend to be the ones that are extremely valuable following their discontinuation, exclusivity or surge in popularity.


Aquatimer “50 Years Aquatimer” - Source - Oracle Time 

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Released in 2006, The IWC Big Pilot 5004 was an upgrade on the previous IWC 5002. The calibre was significantly improved to the 51111 and the model looked more dressier than its predecessor. This model is extremely rare as they were only released in limited edition figures over a period of a few years.

Starting in 2007, these models were released for specific retailers, watchmaking projects or exclusively for the markets in Japan as a tribute to the country. 

The size, the bulbous crown on the side and the dial design remained the same. “There’s Something About Mary” actor Ben Stiller and director Quentin Tarantino have all sported this legendary model. You can buy an IWC like this on the secondary market starting at around £7,000. 

Source your IWC through Chrono Hunter and let our expert team locate your desired model. Using our trusted extensive selection of the best luxury retailers, we can get you one step closer to purchasing the ultimate IWC watch for your collection - new or old.

The most influential Pilot model was the Mark XI, designed in response to specifications given to IWC and Jaeger LeCoultre from the British Ministry of Defence during the early 1940s. Released in 1948, it was designed to be the quintessential pilot's watch, with its purpose residing in both functionality and utility. It became the definition of a ‘tool watch’. 

Meeting the specifications, the watch had luminous dials and hands, hacking seconds and a soft iron cover below the screwed case to counteract magnetism. It also housed the renowned manual wound calibre 89.

It’s considered the most reliable manual wind, time only movement ever constructed, beating at 18,000Vph. All of its functions were highly military orientated as per the specifications, meaning this model has been drilled to perfection. 


Mark XI - Source - Worn & Wound

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As it was decommissioned in the 1980s, the model is very rare and since its history and calibre are so well renowned, it's a highly coveted model. 

But possibly the rarest of them all is the complicated IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Edition. Launched in 2017, it’s fondly known as the “50 Years Aquatimer” and is a monster of a watch. Made out of IWC’s own Ceratanium alloy, it combines titanium and ceramic together. Only 50 pieces were ever released, pushing prices up. 

It boasts a number of impressive functions such as a perpetual calendar, month and leap year, hour and minute counters as well as a flyback function. You’ll never walk alone without this watch as demonstrated by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp who has sported this particular model. 

Why not score on and off the pitch and buy an IWC through Chrono Hunter? We can give you the luxury of multiple offers, allowing you the chance of finding the right offer for you. Plus, you don’t have to accept any proposal meaning the power remains in your hands. To discuss your expectations and for expert guidance on IWC watches, contact us here.

As a past collection, you cannot buy a watch like this at retail but it can be picked up on the secondary market for around £30,000. Discontinued watches are hard to come by but fear not, timelords! Use Chrono Hunter and our reputable retailers to get your favourite IWC. 

Innovation and Design


Since their inception in 1868, IWC has been extremely influential on the rest of the luxury watch industry.

For example, upon the release of the Grand Complication Wristwatch, it was the most complicated timepiece of its kind which contained 659 parts. This can be found in the IWC Portugieser Grande Complication which boasts a perpetual calendar with displays for the days, months, years, decades and even centuries not to mention a highly complex minute repeater.


Portugieser Grande Complication - Source - Christies

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The IWC Aquatimer released the first watch to be water resistant up to 2000 metres and the Da-Vinci provides accuracy for 500 years. These are just two incredible feats which show how far IWC have taken their craftsmanship skills. Simple and uncomplicated, the watch's design have a distinct purpose suited to each collection. 


For example, the IWC Pilot's Chronograph Antoine St Exupery IW3878-08 has clear Arabic numerals, a single date window, in-house movement and anti-magnetic properties. Limited to 250 pieces, it summarises exactly what a pilot watch needs without the need for pretension. 

It isn't available at retail as it's a past collection but demonstrates its worth through its high level of durability with steel case and bezel alongside its beautifully contrasting tobacco-like dial and brown alligator strap. 

Keep that stuff for the Grand Complications like the Ingenieur Chronograph Edition ‘Rudolf Caracciola’ which is limited to 750 pieces and features complications like a date display and chronograph functions with hours, minutes and seconds. 


Do IWC Watches Hold Their Value?


IWC models have a good record of value retention with most models maintaining their current value. In particular, the vintage or limited edition models do rather well. 

For example, the IWC Grande Complication Platinum has the bracelet and case both made from platinum. Produced as a limited edition model with only 50 pieces released annually, this automatic chronograph watch showcases a minute repeater, calendar and moonphase. You can buy an IWC like this for a retail value of a whopping £212,000. 


IWC Siderale Scafusia - Source - Behance

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Furthermore, models such as The IWC Siderale Scafusia are one of the most complex watches created by IWC. Home to an astronomical display and perpetual calendar, the oversized tourbillon gives running seconds and the correct time for 48h. Other impressive features include an ecliptic and celestial equator and a customised celestial chart. Fancy.

Crafted in platinum, this watch is designed in an unorthodox way as the back of the watch shows the night sky as you see it from your own home. Simply put, the back of the watch is an astronomical instrument based on a geographical location of the owner’s choosing. 

At any given time, it displays the constellation of stars visible overhead. IWC have stated they will be happy to sell 10 of them per year showing how extremely rare a model is. You can only buy an IWC like this model on request. 


The Versatility of IWC Watches


The perfect watch is one that can suit a myriad of occasions and is a proven timeless winner. Furthermore, the perfect watch must be able to keep up with the pace of your life. You wouldn't want to be held back by your beloved luxury refinery, would you?

Be it the Friday night timepiece on the town or that all important business trip, when you buy a watch, you should be able to accentuate every outfit as per the occasion. If you have a budget in mind or you like the look of IWC watches then contact Chrono Hunter here. We will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements, and budget and offer our horological guidance.


Pilot's Watch Mercedes-AMG Formula One - Source - Monochrome Watches

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However, when you say IWC, we scream Portugieser - of course! For example, The IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Squelette is imbued with precious metals, such as the case having 76 jewels engraved in it and the case and buckle being made of 18k gold. Limited to 125 handcrafted pieces it was produced to mark the company's 125th anniversary celebrations. 

Worn by American Footballer Tom Brady, (now looking over his shoulder after the Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl), the fully skeletonised dial is ideal when you need to look your best. Although this model isn't available at retail, you can buy an IWC Squelette for around £50,000 on the secondary market. 

The IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph 41 Edition ‘Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team’ model is perfect for those changing outfits on the fly. Launched for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, the watch was crafted by experts at IWC and Mercedes-AMG Formula One. 

Crafted from Grade 5 titanium, normally used in aviation and automotive industries, it’s both light and extremely sturdy, perfect for protecting IWC’s own calibre 69385.

It also has an EasX-CHANGE system meaning you can instantly alter between a black calfskin-embossed strap with Petronas green stitching or a green rubber strap. The ability to quickly interchange straps means wearers can alter their outfits immediately and not look like they've over or underdressed. 

You can buy an IWC like this at retail for around £7000. Why not turn to Chrono Hunter to source your IWC watch, providing you with the best offers from our verified luxury retailers, putting you in the driver's seat for whichever offer you decide. 




Choosing to buy an IWC can be a tough decision, for watch lovers. Since 1868, IWC has been a highly sophisticated brand that carries itself with the horological greats. It cannot be doubted that the Schaffhausen brand manufactures some of the most sought after models that have influenced the watchmaking world. The key question is where should you go to buy an IWC watch?

Look no further than Chrono Hunter. Not only do we want you to enjoy the best possible price but we will ensure you're getting the best deal on that luxury watch. As an online platform that puts you in direct contact with luxury watch retailers, we don't conform to the extensive waiting times you may find with other places. 

Nor do we place your precious timepiece at the hands of anyone that might defraud you. All our verified retailers have years of experience in selling some of the most popular IWC watches. Our objective is to deliver the best service and offers to match so you can buy your watch from us in the quickest and most seamless way possible.

If you choose to buy an IWC watch, it's best to do so with a full guarantee that you will get your model promptly with no hidden ‘surprises’. IWC watches aren't cheap. In this way, the amount of pride and time you spend in researching the model you want should also transfer into finding the safest and most secure platform to buy it. Again, we take care of that.

So, is it time to buy an IWC watch? Then let Chrono Hunter do what we do best and get a model sorted for you. Receive offers in less than 24 hours from our sterling list of the most trusted luxury watch retailers. Download our app or contact ChronoHunter here today and buy an IWC the smart way.

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