MatchTime: Patek Philippe vs Rolex - Which Is The Best Watch Brand?
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MatchTime: Patek Philippe vs Rolex - Which Is The Best Watch Brand?

MatchTime: Patek Philippe vs Rolex - Which Is The Best Watch Brand?


It’s Matchtime again for your devoted horophiles as Chrono Hunter presents another unmissable bout between two of the watchmaking giants, Rolex and Patek Philippe. In the blue shorts, Rolex has been ticking along since 1905, beginning its incredible journey in and finishing in the heart of watchmaking, Geneva.

In the red shorts, dating back to 1839, Patek Philippe, resides just like our competitor Rolex within Geneva. Two titans sitting within such close proximity… a fight was bound to break out! Now, who will win this storied battle? It’s time to find out.

Rolex has swiftly exploded into being one of the biggest watch brands of all time, after becoming the biggest brand in the horological world with a yearly sales revenue of around £7.7 billion and reaching the number one spot in terms of luxury brands. 

Their collections have revolutionised the horological world, including:

  • The dive inspired Submariner being the first collection able to reach 100m of water resistance in 1952,
  • The Datejust launched in 1945 and becoming the first self-winding chronometer wrist worn model to indicate the date on the dial  
  • The Oyster-Perpetual in 1931 which had the world's first self-winding mechanism
  • The Explorer in 1953 which was released to celebrate the ascension of Mount Everest by Tenzing and Hilary that same year, both of which wore a Bubbleback.  

Patek Philippe are known for horological excellence, creating a number of classical pieces that have remained extremely desirable since their initial releases. In fact, they are so respected that they yield an 8 year waitlist for some pieces or in-demand collections. Boasting complicated pieces like the Grandmaster Chime, the Gerald Genta inspired Nautilus and chic models like the Aquanaut Luce, they could all be considered grail models!

Bump fists. Seconds out…


Background And Current Status Of Rolex and Patek Philippe


The Geneva giant dates back to 1905 when they were originally founded by Hans Wilsdorf in London and named Wilsdorf & Davis. They received their trademark “Rolex” name in 1908. They eventually made a move to Geneva, Switzerland in 1915 following the high import taxes in England. 

Hans Wilsdorf - Source - Rolex



They first caught the eye of the horological world by achieving the first ever official certificate in the world for their chronometers. They continued to progress by achieving the first ever Class A chronometer certification award. 

Patek Philippe was founded even earlier in 1839 by Antoni Patek, when the first photo of the moon was taken by French photographer Louis Daguerre and Ireland was struck by the most powerful cyclone since 300 years ago.

To date they have achieved an incredible total of over 100 patents, creating over 20 calibres thus far. Just like their competitor, they have a wealth of successes early on in their careers, including creating the first ever Swiss wrist timepiece in 1868, as well as receiving a bronze medal at the 1844 Industrial Exposition in Paris for patenting a keyless winding and hand-setting system.

Antoni Patek - Source - Instytut De Republica 



Think Rolex’s early glories stop at a few precision certificates? In 1926, they released the Oyster case which swiftly became the first reliable and waterproof wristwatch which is secured with a screw-down crown. Furthermore, it was worn by Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman who swam across the channel in 1927. What a test and an even bigger triumph! 

This was the perfect interlude for the Deepsea in 2008 that was attached to the side of the Trieste submarine and broke the record of reaching 11,000 metre depth in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the sea. Furthermore, they released a winding mechanism that turns 360 degrees and automatically powers them, just through the movement of the arm. 

Sure, they were critical in terms of expanding horology, but Patek Philippe were the ultimate brands for complexity and expert craftsmanship. Take note of the mind boggling but wondrous Henry Graves Supercomplication from 1933. This became the most complicated mechanical model in the world with 24 complications

They then beat this record again in 1989 with the release of the Calibre 89, the most complicated mechanical timepiece with an astounding 33 complications. It makes A. Lange & Sohne legendary and respected Zeitwork seem like a toy.

In terms of the types of complications within the 1,300 part Calibre 89, this included elements such as:

  • Grand Sonnerie 
  • Trip Minute Repeater
  • Moon Phase Display
  • Time Of Sunset
  • Equation of Time
  • Date Of Easter
  • Star Chart

Not enough? They patented a number of highly influential features such as a patented double chronograph in 1902, not to mention the Gyromax balance in 1949, Spiromax in 2006, Pulsomax escapement in 2008 and finally in 2011, the Oscillomax which combined the Spiromax, Pulsomax and GyromaxSi balance. 

Think Hans Wilsdorf would stop there? They created the first ever Chronometer wrist worn ticker with an automatically changing date as noted within the Datejust in 1945. Even before that, The Oyster was worn by Sir Malcolm Campbell when he broke a land speed record, worn during a flight over Everest in 1933 and sported by Sir Edmund Hilary when they conquered Mount Everest in 1953. How’s that for durability and brand status!

Patek Philippe may have a number of fantastic patents and exceptional designs, but Rolex has a stronger history of great achievement and public accomplishments thanks to the creation of the Oyster while swimming across the Channel, climbing Mount Everest and breaking countless speed records. 

Our condolences Patek Philippe. We give this round to Rolex.


Key Collections From Rolex And Patek Philippe


Imposing, iconic and timeless. Rolex is flexed by a vast clientele of celebrities, Presidents and legends. For example, Ex-President Barack Obama wears the now discontinued Cellini, legendary businessman Warren Buffet owns a Day-Date and acting legends like Paul Newman and Ed Sheeran wear a chronograph powered Daytona and a Daytona Rainbow respectively. Even acclaimed sportsmen like Tiger Woods and Roger Federer wear a Sea-Dweller and a Sky-Dweller 336934!

Daytona 126508 - Source - Rolex

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Patek Philippe similarly have a deep association with celebs with a list as long as some queues for the Omega Moonswatch. From the biggest artists like Drake and Ed Sheeran who wear a Nautilus 5726 and Grand Complication to Jason Statham, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Even footballers like ex Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard and UFC legend Connor McGregor, who wears a 25 limited edition Weir & Sons Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P, adore the brand

It could be argued that the most popular collection from the Genevan giant is their illustrious Daytona lineup. Originally released in 1963, they feature chronographs and a tachymetric scale and are closely tied to actor Paul Newman, including references like the 6241, 6263 and 6265. Just like the 6265, the 6239 features the iconic Big Red emblem which relates to the large “DAYTONA’ text in red above the chronograph sub-dial at 6 o’clock and worn by none other than Ryan Seacrest. 

We would be remiss if we failed to mention the other beautiful collections under their belt like the King of dive pieces, the Submariner, the dressy Day-Date and the aviation inspired GMT-Master. The Datejust was similarly brilliant upon its release in 1945 as it featured the first ever automatically changing date window. The Yacht-Master when released in 1992 and offered a luxurious alternative to the yacht dwelling gents due to their precious metal builds and minimalist dial faces. 

While the legendary crown emblem brand covers a lot of bases for the modern metropolitan man, vintage fiend or avid collector, Patek Philippe is similarly coveted for their high quality collections, exquisite materials and impeccable engineering. Take for example the Patek Philippe Nautilus which boasts a horizontally embossed face within an octagonal, porthole inspired case design. We wouldn’t blame you if you opted for the Calatrava collection either with their beautifully clean lines or the modernity of a grenade aesthetic and UV resistant tropical strap. 

Aquanaut 5968R - Source - Patek Philippe

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The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is considered one of the ultimate luxury sports watches of the past, but is stylish enough to be pulled off as a dress piece. We are big fans of the Aquanaut 5968R. Sized at 42.2mm of rose gold, they are inherently luxurious and receive a 120 metre water resistance and Arabic numerals, plus the iconic grenade dial finish and octagonal case shape. 

They are powered by the CH 28-520, offering a 55 hour power reserve and a 28,800VpH frequency. Supported by a Gyromax and Spiromax balance spring, they are given a Patek Philippe Hallmark Seal. 

Furthermore, we must give a nod to the Grand Complications 5316/50P. Sized at 40.2mm, these platinum beauties are enhanced by a beautiful embossed calfskin strap, and have a number of complications including a minute repeater, tourbillon and a perpetual calendar with a retrograde date display and moon-phase indication. 

Don’t miss the blue metallized sapphire crystal face with a black gradient rim that gives you a clear view into the Hallmark Seal certified, R TO 27 PS QR movement. 

The Genevan brand released some handy collections which are highly revered. Take for example the legendary Submariner. Released in 1953, they achieved 300 metres of water resistance and boast a Cerachrom bezel alongside a highly luminescent Chromalight display. Featuring a Trip-lock crown, they have become huge driving forces in the dive world and set the blueprint for this specific type of category. Negating the obstructive helium escape valve, the movements are Superlative Chronometer Certified. 

If you're not too fussed about hitting the depths of the sea, we recommend you opt for the GMT-Master II. In particular, we recommend you choose the GMT-Master II 126718GRNR. Released in 2023, they are crafted out of 18K yellow gold across the bracelet and the case. 

The face is kept extremely simplistic, but allows for the perfect readability of the GMT functionality, made up of an extra hour hand and a 24 hour bezel, allowing for AM and PM times to be easily read. Oh yes, need we say that they too are Superlative Chronometer Certified and enjoy a 70 hour power reserve? 

While Patek Philippe has a brilliant Hallmark Seal alongside iconic lines like the Nautilus collection, The Coronet king Superlative Chronometer certification, rich diversity of timepieces and in-house materials like Everose and Rolesor gold are simply as overwhelming as Paul Newman’s influence on the chronograph riddled Daytona. 

We give this round to Rolex!


Average Figures Of Rolex Vs Patek Philippe Watches


Rolex and Patek Philippe are both highly regarded luxury brands that tend to be valued at rather expensive prices. They don’t do accessible prices for many modern consumers, instead opting for ultra luxurious designs that boast the best craftsmanship, engineering and materials around. 

All of the crown emblazoned collections have a storied history behind them. From the first modern dive piece in the Submariner to exuding aviation heritage with the Sky-Dweller. Even the newer 1908 collection which was released at Watches and Wonders 2023 is already rated as one of the best dress watches for gents!

The values for their watches tend to move from around £4,500 to £37,000 at the time of writing. The cheapest model you can buy at retail is the Oyster Perpetual 28mm which sells for £4,650 as of December 2023. The most expensive watch at retail is the Daytona 126505 which sells for £37,500 as of December 2023, while there are many other watches which sell for six figures. This includes rarer models like the Rainbow 116598RBOW in yellow gold which sells on the secondary market for upwards of £242,000 as of December 2023. 

Paul Newman Daytona - Source - Forbes

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Let’s not be fooled into thinking they don't have any ridiculously priced variants either! Take for example the iconic Daytona reference 6239. Owned by Paul Newman, the great actor and man who popularised the collection, it was a gift from his wife Joanna Woodward. Inscribed on the back are the words “Drive Safely Me” as a message of precaution for his current racing role in the 1969 film “Winning”. 

Eventually given to an ex-boyfriend of his daughters, it was put up at Philipps auction in 2017 where it sold for around an astonishing £14.2 million. ($17.8 million). Patek Philippe similarly have a variety of expensive watches on their horological conveyor belt. The difference between them is that they reside in the Holy Trinity alongside stalwarts like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin, bolstering their rarity and desirability further. 

Patek has a range of excellent editions which run from the Art-Deco inspired Gondolo to the classical beauty of the Calatrava. Their new releases like the Grand Complications 5178G-012 continue to exude the technical ingenuity of the collection, all with a fresh lick of turquoise colouring

Prices for Patek range from £12,000 (12,860) to upwards of £200,000. There are some off catalogue pieces that go much higher such as The Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar 5207R that sells on the secondary market from upwards of £774,000 as of December 2023. 

One of their editions at the lower end of luxury but still is priced at five figures plus is the Twenty~4 Quartz 4910/1200A which is valued at £12,860. One of their most expensive watches is the Grand Complications 5520P which sells at retail for £226,660. 

Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 - Source - Artnet News

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Just like the guys in Geneva, Patek rocks some pieces which are valued at extortionate figures. Take for example the brilliant Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010. Sold at the Only Watch auction in 2019, this is the only member of the Grandmaster Chime collection to be crafted out of steel. 

Boasting 20 complications including five acoustic functions, there is even an alarm setting that sounds on a pre-programmed timing. It sold at the Only Watch auction for around £25 million. Oh, and then there is the Grandmaster Chime 6300G flexed on the wrist of Jay-Z at the 2023 Grammys. We feel you Jigga Man. Priced at a whopping $2.2 million, it was launched in 2016 and are the most complicated creations ever made by the brand. 

Ultimately, both luxury brands have the ability to yield great resale figures. While other brands have to wait on their models to age or be discontinued to earn a solid resale figure, these two blow all of that out of the water!

Both brands are expensive, yet they are both worth the jump… if you have the funds or have struck oil. As Simply Red put it, Money’s Too Tight To Mention. It’s really too close to call.

We deem this round to be a draw. 


Precision of Rolex Vs Patek Philippe Watches


Both brands are famed for having nothing but the highest levels of precision within them. Suffice to say if Robin Hood was still around, he would have a field day with the accuracy of these beauties!

Rolex have perhaps one of the most well documented histories behind their accuracy. From receiving first prize and receiving the first ever certificate for bracelet chronometers in 1910, they again evolved 4 years later to gain the first ever Class A certificate for bracelet chronometers. 

Source - Rolex Newsroom

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In the modern era, accuracy is still maintained. With every movement made in-house, each one undergoes a stringent set of tests in order to ensure their maximum precision. Reinforced in 2015, the certification finds that they, after assembly, have a phenomenal precision of around -2/+2 seconds per day. 

This means that they attain the Chromoeter status as issued by COSC, or Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. However, they tend to reside at -4/+6 seconds per day accuracy. So, they opted to go one step further and conduct their own precision tests and allow them to be at least 200% more accurate than your standard COSC certification. COSC and their own certification after casing may just be the best tester around. 

Patek Philippe similarly aims to hit the dizzying heights of superlative accuracy. They have their own standard of quality just like their challenger, which is named The Patek Philippe Seal. The seal is a quality standard that applies to all of their mechanical editions, no matter how complicated they may be. 

Source - Patek Philippe

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The seal relates to the finished piece in its entirety, including the movement, case and other exterior parts such as the faces and bracelet. In particular for the movements, the Seal relates to an incredible degree of accuracy with a range of no more than -3/+2 seconds per day. Furthemore, the movements must be finished in order to keep with Genevan traditions. 

While we respect the ancient traditions that guide Patek Philippe and ensure an excellent level of accuracy, Rolex have beaten today’s competitor hands down by approximately +2/-4 seconds. And in this game, time is our enemy and every second counts!

We give the crown Superlative Chronometer Certification the round. 


Best Rolex Vs Patek Philippe Watches For Resale


There are a range of models from both retail and the secondary market that could easily be considered as fantastic investment pieces for both brands. Due to both staunch foes being in such high demand, they both have the potential to boom in value. You don't need your models to be discontinued or display vintage vibes to yield a solid result.

Rolex is a great example of a brand that has value coming out of every single collection. This is down to a host of factors which we have outlined below;

  • Exclusivity - They release around 1 million pieces a year, yet they have demand that vastly surpasses the supply. 
  • Brand desirability - The brand has become a cultural symbol of wealth and prestige, garnering an incredible level of desirability. 
  • Exquisite materials - They only use in-house materials, including their own products such as Everose gold and Rolesor. 
  • Market value - They have the potential to boom in value upon resale as they are so in demand and can not only match their retail figure, but increase past it too. 

For example, their GMT-Master II 126719BLRO is given a brilliant meteorite aesthetic within a white gold case. Furthermore, there is an iconic Pepsi bezel, similar to the iconic Batman, (blue and black bezel) that's blue and red along the AM and PM graduations. While it sells at retail for £36,150, you can buy it on the secondary market for upwards of £45,000 as of December 2023. 

That’s not all. Even down the newer lines like the 1908, they perform very well upon resale. Released in 2023, the collection comes in the form of white gold and yellow gold. The yellow gold versions come in a modern 39mm case size and feature a highly minimalist face above a brown alligator strap. While it sells at retail for £18,500, you can buy it on the secondary market for upwards of £24,800 as of December 2023. 

Marlon Brando GMT-Master - Source - The Hollywood Reporter

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However, it’s on the secondary market where they shine. You may land yourself on a GMT-Master 1675 that has been worn by none other than Marlo Brando. Created in 1972, he wore it during the filming of Apocalypse Now in 1979. However, it's customised with a missing bezel and hand engraved with “M.Brando” on the caseback. It sold at a Christie’s auction for around £4.1 million in 2023. 

Even those that aren't worn by celebs are highly respected. An Oyster Perpetual Stelline 6062 was owned by George Bethune, a former CEO of Continental Airlines and avid watch collector. The reference 6062 is incredibly rare as it is built in pink gold and features the iconic star face (made up of stars along the hour markers) with a subtle grainé finish. It sold at a Christie’s auction in 2023 for around £2 million. 

Patek similarly performs very well upon resale. The beautifully presented Nautilus 5811/1G is crafted out of white gold and is built into the iconic porthole case design. Featuring a horizontally embossed navy blue face with a date aperture located at 3 o’clock, you can buy a Nautilus 5811/1G at retail for £56,190. Meanwhile, it sells on the secondary market for upwards of £119,000 as of December 2023. 

Newer editions perform just as well. The Calatrava 6007G represents an expansion of The Calatrava collection. Featuring an ebony black dial with gorgeous geometry and an embossed carbon pattern, the white gold construction is sublime. You can buy a Calatrava 6007G at retail for £30,480 but sells on the secondary market for upwards of £31,000. 

World Time - Source - Christie’s

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The vintage pieces are where Patek shines. Take for example The World Time “L’Heure Bleue” 2523. Crafted out of 18K pink gold, this is double signed by both Patek and reputable Milan retailer Gobbi. We are huge fans of the blue enamel face with two crowns and features the revolutionary Heures Universelles world time movement in the 1930s, designed by Louis Cottier. This 1953 timepiece sold at a Christie’s auction in 2019 for upwards of £7 million. 

Another example is the Grand Complications Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G-001.With a double face complication made from hand made loisonné and a champlevé enamel face, this was launched in 2013 to replace the first ever Sky Moon variation, the 6002G. Taking over 100 hours to create, this watch sold at a Christie’s auction in 2023 for around £4.5 million. 

Both brands have the potential to have an incredible level of resale value, either straight from retail, or via the secondary market. Again, we are caught between a rock and a horological hard place. 

This round is certainly another tie.


Net Worth  - Patek vs Rolex


Rolex has a much bigger net worth than Patek Philippe. They have an estimated net worth of around £8.5 billion while Patek Philippe has an estimated net value of around £1.1 billion as of 2023. 


Do Rolex Or Patek Philippe Watches Have The Potential To Lose Value?


Rolex and Patek Philippe are equally notorious for holding their value across all of their models and watches. 

Take for example Rolex. Be it comparing the new models to older models, they both tend to yield solid results upon resale. One of their new models is the Yacht-Master 42mm 226627. Crafted out of the in-house made RLX titanium, they feature the classical 60-minute graduated bezel and highly legible dial. It is priced at retail for around £11,800, but sells on the secondary market for upwards of £34,000 as of December 2023. 

Yacht-Master - Source - Rolex

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This carries over to models which have remained in their portfolio for a number of years demonstrating enduring reputation, timelessness and exclusivity. The Explorer II 226570 is one of their mainstays and throughout its creation since 1971, the design has remained steadfast. This includes the orange GMT hand and highly legible dials, alongside the 24 hour bezel. You can buy it at retail for £8,100 and purchase it on the secondary market for upwards of £8,700 as of December 2023.

This is the same principle that follows over to Patek. Fresh models like the Aquanaut 5261R released at Watches and Wonders in 2023 continue on the great legacy of the collection by keeping the tropical strap and grenade style dial, but they evolve with an exciting blue colour, rose gold case and hour markers, as well as a new Annual calendar complication. You can buy it at retail for £49,530, but it sells on the secondary market for upwards of £129,000 as of December 2023. More than a 50% increase! 

Calatrava 5226G - Source - Patek Philippe

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For other models, The Calatrava 5226G was released in 2022, and features the classical, pure lines of the Calatrava collection. Given a textured charcoal grey dial and calfskin  you can buy it at retail for £32,380, but it sells on the secondary market for upwards of £35,000 as of December 2023. 

Once again, both are absolutely neck and neck in terms of value. 

It’s another tie for this round. 


5 Reasons to Buy A Rolex Watch


  • Superlative Certification across the board, ensuring excellent precision, day in and day out. 
  • Outstanding array of luxury sports watches and sought after models from the Daytona and Submariner Hulk to the dressy 1908 and Sky-Dweller
  • They retain their value upon resale and are a worthwhile investment serving you for decades to come due to their reliability which lasts for a very long time. 
  • They are made with high quality materials including in-house materials like Everose gold and Rolesor
  • The materials and movements are made in-house, ensuring only the finest quality possible. 


5 Reasons to Buy A Patek Philippe Watch


  • They boast the reputation as one of the last family-owned manufacturers in the timekeeping world.
  • They have an extensive list of achievements and being responsible for making the world's most complicated pieces
  • They are part of the revered Holy Trinity triumvirate with Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet
  • They have their quality ensured via their own Hallmark Seal. 
  • They have a brilliant degree of expertise, extending from the iconic entrance into the sports world with the Nautilus, and the complexity of the complications collection. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is A Patek Worth More Than A Rolex?

As a brand, Rolex is worth more. For individual models, it’s Patek Philippe that holds the crown. Rolex is a bigger brand as they yield a sales revenue of around £7.7 billion in comparison with Patek Philippe which commands a £1.5 billion yearly revenue in 2021. 

Their watches have the ability to vastly increase in value due to the brand's brilliant reputation. This is a concept that also applies to those who have expensive watches which are also very expensive on the secondary market. 

Patek Philippe releases around 60,000 watches per year which is nothing in comparison with Rolex’s 1 million production. This insinuates that Patek would automatically have more demand as they have less supply. Patek’s models tend to be valued at retail at a generally higher price, yet on the secondary market they augment further!

Overall, if we look at the individual models that you Timelords may possess, Patek Philippe watches are worth more. 


What Watch Is Better Than A Rolex?

This is a very tough question, Timelords!


It could be argued that the only brands that are better than Rolex are, as we have already mentioned above and that may belong to Holy Trinity members, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. They all command fantastic figures upon resale which are either comparable or beat Rolex’s collections. 

If you are wanting a watch for brand reputation… You cannot get much bigger than Rolex due to its status and reputation with celebrities and wealthy people. 


Who Wears Rolex Watches?

Rolex is a huge brand that’s worn by a vast number of celebrities. This includes current icons like Robert Downey Jr, Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, past legends like Elvis Presley who wears a Rolex Submariner 6538 and Marlon Brando who adorns a Moonphase 6062. 


Is Rolex The Most Expensive Watch Brand?

Rolex as a brand overall is the most expensive brand. For example, while The Swatch Group, Richemont, LVMH and Rolex hold around 75% of the market share, they command around 30% of the total market share which dwarfs Swatch and Richemonts 20% figure. 

They sit highest in terms of turnover and numbers of watches sold, beating second place Cartier who yields only a turnover of £2.1 billion in comparison with Rolex’s £7.7 billion and 620,000 watches released compared with Rolex’s 1 million.

Relating to the prices of models, Rolex is not the most expensive watch brand. This article showed how Patek Philippe are generally worth more across the board, as well as brands like Audemars Piguet which has an entry value of around £15,500 as shown by the Royal Oak Quartz that has a retail price of £15,500. This is a difference of around 107% compared with Oyster Perpetual that's valued at £4,650. 

This is the same for Vacheron Constantin which has a starting price of upwards from £12,200 as shown by the Fiftysix collection that’s priced at £12,200, an 89% increase from the Oyster Perpetual model. 


What Kind Of Person Wears Patek Philippe?

Only the most charming and suave gentleman can competently pull off a Patek Philippe. 

For dressy collections like the Calatrava and the Grand Complications, we recommend a burgundy suit like Conor McGregor with his Calatrava 5180/1R. Even the sportier collections like the Nautilus can be worn with a suave outfit. Take for example a grey suit like Zlatan Ibrahimovic who adorns a Nautilus Chronograph 5980/1R. For such a high-powered gent that jets all over the world with AC Milan, you can see why he’d need a chronograph. 

Patek Philippe is even worn by royalty and acting greats, as they are worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Kevin Hart, Robert Lewandoski and Tom Holland. 

If you are in doubt, we always recommend a sports-chic style! Wearing a Patek Philippe is a symbol of wealth and prestige so wear it with pride. Ensure your shirt sleeves don’t hide its gleam. 

It’s gentlemen who understand the complexity of the brand that will benefit most from owning one. They understand that reliability and style are not mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to owning an understated piece of horology. 




Another bloody battle has reached its final conclusion… Chrono Hunter has taken apart each brand hairspring by hairspring to reveal exactly what makes them literally tick. We’ve thoroughly examined a number of factors that make these brands so revered, including precision, resale and the best collections.  

Chrono Hunter is pink in the face from all this exertion as we’ve painstakingly gone through each feature and the top models to determine exactly why we should celebrate each of the brands. Enough of the preambles and the behind-hand discussions. And the winner is… Rolex!

Rolex have continued to push the realms of Haute Horlogerie by releasing a sea of collections that are filled to the brim with the latest technology, and materials crafted in their very own foundries. There’s a reason why some variations like The Daytona have waitlists of up to 5 years! There’s only so long you can lust after the chronograph complication and the phenomenal oyster casing…

We would not be worth our horological salt if we didn’t celebrate Patek Philippe. They have resided in the Holy Trinity for their incredible degree of precision, endless style and associations with luxury. Plus they have a mammoth 8 year waitlist for some watches which is why many are choosing to go to reputable online platforms such as Chrono Hunter to find those must have timepieces without joining a never ending queue.

While we can sing our praises about the timeless Calatrava collection or the game changing Nautilus in the face of the Quartz Crisis, Rolex has simply too much to offer us hungry horophiles in terms of versatility. 

Wanting to dive deep? The Submariner is perfect for you. Fancy jetting high into the sky? The GMT-Master is the best watch for you? Got an all important conference that you need to look sharp for? Collections like the Sky-Dweller, Datejust, Day-Date or the new 1908 are all fit for that purpose. 

Furthermore, they are associated with a wider audience than Patek Philippe. Sponsoring all manner of events, here is just a brief grid to show how much background work they do to keep their presence high:






The Masters


The PGA Championships


U.S Open


The Open


The Ryder Cup


Paris Masters


Australian Open




US Open


Formula 1


24 At Daytona


24 Hours Of Le Mans


Sydney Hobart Yacht Race




Middle Sea Race


Maxi Yacht Cup


CHI Geneva


IJRC Top 10 Final 


The Dutch Masters


Winter Equestrian Festival 

If you’ve got a sudden urge to get your hands on such a diverse luxury brand, we can only recommend you find the safest site to ensure you get your watch quickly, at the best possible prices and with as little hassle as possible. How about you take time out to discover just how Chrono Hunter can assist in your next purchasing or selling journey?

So it’s gloves off for now. Stay tuned for our next face off that is sure to set tongues…and wrists wagging.

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