MatchTime: IWC vs Jaeger-LeCoultre. Which Is The Best Watch Brand?
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MatchTime: IWC vs Jaeger-LeCoultre. Which Is The Best Watch Brand?

MatchTime: IWC vs Jaeger-LeCoultre. Which Is The Best Watch Brand?


It’s time, my horological friends. We have ourselves another unprecedented horological duel between two classic brands. My Spidey senses are simply tingling with anticipation. In the red corner resides IWC, established in 1868. Featuring the classic Ingenieur collection, we predict great things for this challenger. In the blue corner is Jaeger-LeCoultre, the monstrous brand with knockout pieces like the Memovox and the timeless Reverso. 

For such an intense duel, it may just be a win by the most miniscule of margins. Which one of the Swiss brands will take home the trophy of the best brand? It’s time for the bell.

Seconds out.


History And Brand Reputation 


The IWC brand has been ticking over since 1868, dodging bankruptcy and joining in mergers every step of the way. Founded in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the brand has been a part of the Swiss Richemont Group since 2000. In case you didn’t know, this conglomerate holds brands like A. Lange & Söhne and even our competitor, Jaeger-LeCoultre

Like all good brands, it always seems that a gentleman named Gerald Genta would get involved…

Gerald Genta touched up the Ingenieur collection, offering visible screws on the bezel, an integrated bracelet and a rounded case. We therefore can’t really be surprised when the Ingenieur “Jumbo” 1832 (the first nickname for it like the Royal Oak) sells on the secondary market for around £25,000 at the time of writing. Heck, he can do amazing things with a napkin, like design one of the most iconic watches of all time, the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The Nautilus was introduced in 1976 through a collaboration with Gerald Genta. By combining the timeless sportiness of steel with a highly luxurious design such as an integrated bracelet and porthole dial face, the collection was made up by Genta while he was sitting inside a restaurant, literally one road across from the Baselworld fair. He demanded a napkin and pencil and drew up the outline of the iconic piece. The rest as they is timekeeping history.

Jaeger-LeCoultre are within the Richemont Group family, meaning there’s no gigantic difference in terms of creative output as none are family owned or individuals. Blasting out the horological juice since 1833, the Swiss based brand from Le Sentier is most notable for producing some of the most legendary watches since the dawn of time…pretty much.

While they didn’t get the glory of working with Gerald Genta, they have been consistently doling out reams of technical ingenuity. As a brand with over a thousand movements under its belt, JLC were responsible for the world's smallest one, the LeCoultre Calibre 145 at 1.38mm thick in 1907. 

In fact they can claim more firsts than Carl Lewis on the podium. JLC have bestowed watches onto enthusiasts like the Millionmetre in 1844, revolutionising the manufacturing process of small parts and complicated watches like the Reverso grande complication à triptyque in 2006. 

The latter was actually the first ever model to have three dials running on a single movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre certainly pulls no punches in this round.

Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque - Source: Sotheby's 

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Don’t get us wrong, time peeps. We still think IWC provides their fair share of innovations. Around 60 years ago, Albert Pellaton released the pawl-winding system for the brand's automatic novelties. This revolutionised the industry as it meant a power reserve of up to seven days could be achieved, a stat which was all but a dream between the 1940s to 1960s. 

JLC had been noticed only 18 years after its inception. In 1851, they received international recognition during a world exhibition in London where Antoine LeCoultre was granted a gold award for his calibre and inventions. 

Who needs awards when you can prioritise design excellence! During the Quartz Crisis, IWC decided to go all out on flexing the importance of mechanical watches by creating the world's first wrist worn model with built in compass in 1978 for F.A Porsche. That’s right, they know how to be the driving force when they want to be as seen in their epic pilot watches such as the iconic Mark XX.

Source: Twitter

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JLC is worn by only the elites of the social world. From the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Hometime being on the wrist of acclaimed actor Pierce Brosnan while flaunting at the Venice Film Festival, Leonardo Di Caprio’s Master Minute Repeater at the Oscars and Jamie Foxx’s gold Reverso in the movie “Annie”, the celebrity clientele is unbelievably rich in showmanship.

These watches do tend to vary from gold Reverso’s to the JLC Reverso Squadra Hometime. Of course, it’s not all about the Reverso, as Nicholas Cage wears a very tidy Master Grand Reveil in a stunning rose gold case. 

On the flip side, IWC watches are adorned just as majestically by the good and the great. Take for example brand ambassador Lewis Hamilton who is in such favour with the brand that he sported an unreleased Lake Tahoe timepiece during the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami. Hollywood glitterati like Bradley Cooper, Quentin Tarantino and Ozark star Jason Bateman love to get suited and booted with the brand's watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre do seem to fare a little better in this round. They have a very captivating history which spans technical advancement and being on the wrists of a much wider social clientele. Their watches have more brand reputation due to collections like the Reverso which is highly lauded ever since its release in 1931. 

IWC shouldn’t be laughed off stage however. Their arm candy has been worn by plenty of celebs and cultural icons. They have been great innovators with the automatic timepiece, but Jaeger-LeCoultre just seems to have a little more reach over the horological universe. 

We award the history and brand reputation round to Jaeger-LeCoultre. 


Design And Craftsmanship 


IWC are very gifted technically, but excel in the material arena too. They have released Ceratanium which blends both properties of titanium and ceramic, allowing them to create a timepiece which is entirely black without needing a coating. Take a look at the Pilot’s Chronograph 41mm Top Gun Ceratanium with delightful fabric straps as a prime example. 

Top Gun Ceratanium- Source: Reddit 

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Not enough for you? They were the first to release a titanium model, entitled the Porsche Design Titanchronograph 3700 in 1980. As you very well know, titanium is hugely popular at the moment due to its inherent properties of lightness yet more durable than steel. 

They have crafted 18kt Armour Gold which is as resistant as it sounds. At 75% gold, or 18kt, the timepiece works off the specific variety of 5N gold and is combined with other alloys, resulting in a highly durable and increasingly more water resistant version. See The Big Pilot’s Constant Force Tourbillon Edition “Le Petit Prince” Ref. 590303 as another example of this gold being enhanced

JLC has seen their fair share of groundbreaking design. Released in 1950, the Memovox incorporates an alarm system into the models. It quickly became very popular from the beginning and expanded among the businessmen who needed reminders when to go to meetings. Good reason for the motto of “Memovox rewinds, warns, awakens”. It was even worn by Charlie Chaplin in 1953 when he arrived in Switzerland!

Releasing the Duoplan in 1925, it was updated in 1929 and became one of the first watches to use a sapphire crystal while paving the way as one of the first gem set steel timepieces. On the other hand, The Reverso, with its variety of leather or steely straps, by its own accord is a piece of unrivalled historical status. 

The ability to turn over the case during sports like polo to protect the dial is a concept that has maintained its design since 1931. And more than 80 years later, enthusiasts and collectors are still lapping this model up like hungry horological puppies. You could even consider this as the first ever sports model!

Reverso Duoface, Source: Reddit

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Overall, while JLC does have a highly influential collection under its timekeeping belt and brought in the use of sapphire crystals and gems on steel watches, we simply have to give this round to the chaps from Schaffenhausen. 

Their absolute fearlessness in using platinum, bronze and creating the world's first ceramic model, the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar 3755 in 1986, means they are far more advanced in the design field than JLC. 

We therefore award the design and craftsmanship round to IWC. 


Top Watches of IWC vs. Jaeger-LeCoultre


IWC are famed for their aviation inspired timepieces which are adored by all of us for their adherence to vintage stylings. When we say pilot, you will undoubtedly conjure up images of this brand which has navigated its way to the top of many best pilot watches charts. 

Due to the sheer amount of aviation timepieces they’ve released, there is one collection in particular that could take the baton as the biggest one. The highly praised Mark series (and with every good reason) was introduced that followed the designs of a cockpit instrument. 

For example, the first Pilots watch was released in the mid-1930s specifically for civil aviation. Its anti-magnetic properties and robust construction meant it was the perfect timepiece. Fast forward to 2023 and the circular case shape remains, the Arabic numeral dial style continues with a modern twist to the watch.

Source: IWC

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Now seeing cases crafted out of Ceratanium or standard ceramic, the collection is immensely more durable and bolstered with added protection. Just look at the Big Pilots Shock Absorber XPL from 2021 which features one of the world's most advanced anti-shock systems money can buy. 

Taking longer than the entire run of “Cheers” it took a whopping eight years to perfect. The large, conical crown remains but the entire piece is sleeker and sexier on the wrist. 

As we know by now, JLC is not to be underestimated, evoking a luxury refinery at its best. If you are looking to buy a watch oozing with utter elegance while dipping into the past, look no further than the Reverso Tribute Duoface Fagliano Limited Burgundy. Released in 2020, the rich burgundy dial with a sunburst finish offers a rich, modern feeling to one of the most iconic collections of all time. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface at retail for £21,900 at the time of writing.

Reverso Tribute Duoface Source: JLC

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The Reverso collection does showcase the brand's innovation, especially in terms of iconic dial design. The Reverso Tribute collection pays homage to the original but adds a healthy dose of modern touches. Look at the pink gold Reverso Tribute Duoface Tourbillon which features a skeletonised tourbillon feature at 6 o’clock, not to mention a partially skeletonised alternative face.

Overall, this is a tough round. Both brands are market leaders for their respective designs and concepts. Aviation wouldn’t be the same without IWC and Haute Horologie certainly wouldn't be as pertinent without the innovation behind JLC. Sorry, Timelords. This is closer than a photo finish. The excitement is palpable.

We therefore award the top model round jointly to both brands. 


Prices of IWC vs. Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches


Both brands toe the middle line between unattainable and delivering excellent value. 

Both brands offer at least one potential entry-level timepiece to add to your existing collection or burgeoning portfolio. The cheapest IWC timepiece is the Pilot Automatic 36mm which you can buy at retail for £4,300 at the time of writing. 

The cheapest JLC timepiece is the Reverso Classic Monoface Q2618540. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Monoface for £6,700 at the time of writing at retail. If we compare this with Audemars Piguet for example where the cheapest timepiece is the Royal Oak Quartz which you can buy at retail for £14,900, there’s a big disparity between the upper echelons and entry-level luxury timepieces.

Make sure you aren’t put off by this stat however as both brands' watches are nothing to be sniffed at. While this may pose difficult questions in terms of resale value, there are some models which do exceptionally well. 

For a standard IWC timepiece like the Big Pilot IW329301, you are paying £7,500 at retail. On the secondary market, this watch will sell for around £6,500 at the time of writing. This is quite expensive and its decrease in value on the secondary market means it may be worth looking at a resale platform to nail one.

Source: Big Pilot IW329301

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However, there are some Schaffenhausen pieces that sell for vast sums of money due to their rarity and exclusivity. Supply and demand dear boy, supply and demand. Take for example the Portugieser Split Seconds Chronograph 3712 from 1995. As a unique prototype in stainless steel, this split seconds chronograph was sold by the man who developed the split seconds movement for the brand, Richard Habring. Sold in May 2021 at a Philip’s auction for around £105,000, this goes to show that their rare pieces are ones to factor in.

Gyrotourbillon 1 Source: Christie’s

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Meanwhile, JLC follows this price point. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Monoface Small Seconds at retail for £10,100 or sell it on the secondary market for £7,935. As we can see, there is a very similar price pattern between both brands in terms of loss of value at resale. 

For rarer models, you can yield some excellent results. Again this boils down to several aspects including supply and demand, exclusivity as well as how in-demand the model is. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre for a hefty figure if you take a look at these models:


  • Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon Q3946420 - Limited edition at 75 pieces and featuring black leather straps. It is crafted out of platinum and has a multi-axis tourbillon dual time with reversible skeletonised dial. This was sold at a Philipps auction for around £130,000. 


  • Black PVD Gyrotourbillon 1 - Made from platinum and coated with Black PVD with red hands and capped at just 5 pieces, it expands on the highly influential Gyrotourbillon collection. This was sold at a Christie's auction for £105,000. 
  • Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication Model 187.3.46.S - Set with 118 diamonds, it is fitted with the calibre 945 which has an incredible 527 parts, blending a sky chart indicator and engine turned dial with a flying tourbillon. This was sold at a Christie's auction for £320,000. 


Overall, it would appear that both brands have the capability of yielding excellent results upon resale, pending vintage or rarity. For standard models, they will lose value which is to be expected as although they are exceptional brands, they are not quite at the same level as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin or Rolex. IWC will lose around 10% value from retail, while Jaeger-LeCoultre loses around 20%. 

Sorry to say that we have yet another tie, folks... 


Accuracy of IWC vs Jaeger-LeCoultre


Both brands have a strong heritage in the wonderful world of movements. 

IWC’s real influence on the movement world started in 1950 upon the highly successful release of the Cal 81 which utilised the Pellaton winding system. This movement essentially operated with levers instead of oscillating gears, allowing more torque and therefore increased accuracy to power the timepiece effortlessly. 

The Pellaton system was reintroduced by Kurt Klaus as he brought in his perpetual calendar system as noted in the 1985 Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar model. This was instrumental in stabilising the mechanical watch industry after the disastrous Quartz crisis event. 

They originally relied on outside sources for movements such as ETA ebauche movements or classic Valjoux calibres from Swatch. In 2000, IWC turned to in-house movements such as the Cal 5000 which enjoyed a mightily impressive 7 day power reserve with a modernised Pellaton winding system. 

Expanding to the calibre  80000, calibre 94000 and the calibre 52000, the horological world is blessed with their turn to in-house movements.

Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 Quadriptyque Source: Forbes 

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JLC are not only keen in-house innovators, but are quite the connoisseur for other brands. It’s best to start with the Calibre 920. As the only calibre ever used by all three of Holy Trinity members, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe

Powering the Royal Oak’s 5548 which saved Audemars Piguet from the Quartz Crisis due to its minute frame and power, it’s an extremely influential movement. 

The Calibre 101 became the smallest movement of all time and was used to power Queen Elizabeth II’s timepiece for her Coronation. The Gyrotourbillon 2 was released in 2008 and won the “Complicated Watch Prize at Grand Prix d' Horlogerie de Genève due to its immense complications such as a twin-axis tourbillon with cylindrical balance spring. 

Need we mention the Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 Quadriptyque? Released in 2021, this timepiece took 6 years to make with 11 complications and a total of 12 patents made for this specific piece. 

Here’s a handy stat to boast JLC’s accuracy and technical excellence. They’ve made more than 1240 mechanical calibres since 1833 and have over 400 patents filed.

While it’s nice to see IWC’s venture into in-house movements and their important role in automatic movements and power reserves, JLC have been far too influential, both for themselves, and other big name brands. 

We awarded the accuracy round to Jaeger-LeCoultre. 


Best IWC vs. Jaeger-LeCoultre For Investment


Both brands' novelties may not all be extremely rare, but for the ones that are, they yield exceptional figures at retail. The one’s to look out for are either scarce or vintage. Many times, these two terms walk hand in hand!

For IWC, they have a few models which are incredibly valuable. For example, the highly reputed Siderale Scafusia represents the extremities of their exclusiveness. 

Housing an astronomical display and perpetual calendar, this watch is truly cosmic with an ecliptic and celestial equator alongside a customised celestial chart. IWC have stated that they would be happy selling only ten per year, showing how coveted the model is. 

You can buy an IWC Siderale Scafusia on the secondary market for upwards of £500,000 at the time of writing. 

Siderale Scafusia, Source: IWC

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That’s not all either. The IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Squelette boasts 76 jewels and has an 18K yellow gold buckle. Capped at 25 pieces, celebrating 125 years of the brand, even NFL star Tom Brady is a proud flexer of this model. 

While you could buy an IWC Portuguese Tourbillon at around £90,000 at retail, the markets don’t even show this timepiece at the moment due to its unbelievable scale of scarcity. JLC watches are as hot as the Sahara due to their unique market of Haute Horologie. Take a look at the 101 Snowdrop Q2882201. 

Following on from the serious appraisal of The Joaillerie 101 Manchette, the Snowdrop has a pink gold bracelet and boasts 904 diamonds and 205 stones, totalling 20.9 carats. Be prepared to drop around £350,000 when you buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre Snowdrop. 

Can you find an IWC that’s still performing that well at retail? You sure can. The Portugieser Grande Complication features a platinum case and a myriad of complications like a Perpetual calendar with displays for the date, day, month, year in four digits and a perpetual moon phase. 

Limited to 250 pieces, this is a solid watch to invest in due to its rarity and precious metal build. You can buy an IWC Portugieser Grande Complication at retail for £212,000 at the time of writing. 

Hybris Mechanica - Source: Worldsbest 

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Speaking of complexity, may we point you towards the Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie? Made with 1472 components, this timepiece is touted as one of the most complex pieces of its era. You can buy a Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Sonnerie on the secondary market for around £2 million at the time of writing. 

While the standard models may not perform so well, the rarer and scarcer models are great when it comes to resale value. It’s typically understood that the standard IWC models will lose around 10% while Jaeger-LeCoultre pieces may lose around 20%. 

It’s a tough one, but we think that JLC may be the best bet if you are looking to potentially make an investment.

We give the best investment round to Jaeger-LeCoultre. 


Which IWC vs. Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches Don’t Hold Their Value?


It’s a tough thing to say, but it’s unlikely that either will hold their value after retail. 

On a positive note, in comparison with other luxury timekeeping brands that are on the same level as the two aforementioned, they both do rather well. Most of IWC’s models depreciate in value by around 10% over a few years which is not bad in comparison to other standard luxury brands which depreciate over 40-50% like Breitling.

A closer look would find that some models like the Big Pilot have the chance to increase by 10%. However, if we analyse their yearly output, IWC releases around 75,000 watches per year which is peanuts compared to Rolex which manufactures 1 million. 

This shows IWC watches are low in supply and therefore have the potential to vastly increase in demand if a model starts to trend or is coveted and is trading above retail on the secondary market such as the IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar Orange 502618. Originally retailing at £19,000, this sells on the secondary market for around £21,000 at the time of writing.

The same applies for JLC. Releasing around 100,000 watches annually, they keep their release figures short so that on trend models can perform exceptionally well at retail. They put their all into their timepieces, as seen through the 1000 hours control methods which represents the most rigorous of testing procedures that each model undertakes. 

The concepts remain the same for both brands. As such, it’s only fair that we deem which brand doesn’t hold value a well fought out tie. 

It’s just too close to call.


Net Worth: IWC vs. JLC


Both IWC and Jaeger Le-Coultre are part of the Richemont conglomerate which has a total net worth of around £13 billion. Individually, however, IWC runs a net worth of around 779 million CHF while JLC is around 673 million CHF. 

IWC resides at number eight for the most valuable Swiss enterprise, while Jaeger-LeCoultre sits at number eleven. Taking this into account, it could be argued that IWC are therefore the far better manufacturer, purely due to their net worth 

We have to give the net worth round to IWC!


Brand Ambassador Street Cred: IWC vs. JLC


IWC has a very rich ambassador network. From Formula 1 impresario Lewis Hamilton, NFL star Tom Brady and the immensely talented Chinese Fashion Entrepreneur, Lu Yan, they keep their ambassadors lean and mean with old pros and fresh new icons. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre has a similarly extensive ambassador circle. From music legend and 2023 brand ambassador Lenny Kravitz to actor Anna Taylor-Joy and rising musician stars Jackson Yee and Ni Ni. Jaeger-LeCoultre are bursting at the seams (or should that be straps) with their extensive list of talent. 

We think that JLC takes this one as although IWC do have some really well known icons, Jaeger-LeCoultre are really gearing towards the younger generation with the stunning on-screen talents of Jackson Yee and Ni Ni. 


People Also Ask


We uncover the lowdown on what other people are talking and saying about both brands;


What Kind Of Person Wears An IWC?


IWC wearers are not wilting flowers. Oh no. Its legendary pilot watches put them on a timekeeping pedestal without even getting started. Its loud and proud use of ceramics, case sizing’s regularly surpassing 40mm and highly prominent dials mean a man who definitely means business.

Emanating class and bold style for wearing such a timepiece, their watches are adorned by the good and the great of Hollywood such as Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Bradley Cooper, 

Success follows the brand and so should you!


Are JLC A Good Investment?


JLC watches are, on the whole, good investments. They regularly indulge in precious metals, have an excellent heritage in changing the course of horology and are associated with a rich clientele including Batman actor Christian Bale and Matt Damon.


Is IWC Worth Investing?


IWC is certainly worth looking at as a potential investment. Their watches are extremely innovative with their use of materials such as ceramic and titanium and have progressed horology significantly with their Pawl movements. 

You will be wearing timepieces worn by social greats like comedy legends Ben Stiller and Sacha Baron Cohen, plus you’ll be in the same flex camp as popstar Ed Sheeran. The latter has previously worn the Pilot's Watch Mark XVIII Edition.

The most popular IWC watches for investment tend to be those that are either rare or vintage. It may be worth looking at the Pilot Mark XI which was their first venture into pilot’s watches from the late 1940’s and are therefore exceptionally in demand.


Is IWC Still Popular?


Yes, IWC is still extremely popular with enthusiasts and collectors. As they are worn by a vast number of social elites and still progressing with new designs and materials, IWC are primed and ready for the modern world. Thanks to their epic aviation heritage via the iconic Mark series, these remain popular watches to this day.


How Many Watches Does JLC Produce Per Year?


Jaeger-LeCoultre produces around 100,000 watches per year. To put this into perspective, Rolex releases around 1 million models per year. This means that JLC actively put a significant amount of time and thought into each timepiece. Need we reiterate the 1000 hour control test again? Some of the hand painted enamel watches they do, take 100 hours just to paint!


Why Is JLC Watch So Expensive?


JLC watches are expensive because they manufacture everything in house. This includes the materials and the actual construction of the timepieces, which requires man-power and use of high end machinery to attain optimum results. They have a storied history which spans over 430 registered patents and 1,300 calibres. It isn’t just about bundling movements into cases. All these things take precious time, detail and resources to research and properly develop.


5 Reasons To Buy An IWC 


  • They have a host of achievements such as the first timepiece to reach 2000m water resistance (Aquatimer) and the first to incorporate accuracy of 500 years (Da Vinci). 
  • They utilise numerous materials such as ceramic, platinum and bronze.
  • They have a number of rare models which do very well at resale including The Big Pilot “Bühler” Edition from 2008 which is limited at 12 pieces or the Big Pilot “Safari” Tribute to 500s, capped at 100 pieces.
  • Excellent brand reputation, spanning well over 150 years
  • The designs tend to follow vintage stylings, ensuring you get delightful old school designs with modernised calibres and movements. 


5 Reasons To Buy A Jaeger-LeCoultre 


  • They are technically great and have served the greatest brands of all time, thus why they are named the “Watchmaker's Watchmaker’”
  • Collections like the Reverso have revolutionised the sports watch world.
  • Their designs are timeless such as the Reverso or circular memovox.
  • The watches undergo 1000 hours of quality control, showcasing the utmost precision and longevity of the pieces. 
  • They have served Queens and stars globally from old school stars like Charlie Chaplin to modern staples like Benedict Cumberbatch and Jay-Z.




Deciphering the best brand between two stunning watchmakers is a feat that requires an horological encyclopaedia on the history of the two…and plenty of time. While IWC is a quality brand, we simply have to say that Jaeger-LeCoultre takes this trophy home.

Do not be put off by Schaffenhausen however. They are highly skilled in a few industries, but none more so than aviation. Following design codes of the past and developing them with the latest mod con movements and calibres, we thoroughly enjoy the brand and everything they provide to us horological fiends, especially the Big Pilot, Portofino and legendary Portugieser. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre are technical gods, inspiring not only us but a whole host of the largest names out there. The Reverso design has been a staple of their collection and something that has influenced the sporting world since it graced the horological atmosphere.

Without gloating about the two brands for too long, let’s say that there’s a reason why royals, celebs and everyone in between rushes to get their hands on JLC’s timepieces. 

Stay on the lookout for our next timekeeping battle. 


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