A Horological Collection Of The Best Luxury Watches For Father's Day
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A Horological Collection Of The Best Luxury Watches For Father's Day

A Horological Collection Of The Best Luxury Watches For Father's Day



Ah yes. Father’s Day is upon us and with it comes the slew of random gifts with no thought or effort. So how do you turn your Dad into Daddy Cool? Ties, socks and books will all be given to the despair of fathers around the world. But what if we told you that there is a gift to make your father, or yourself if you’re a dad, very happy this Father’s Day? 

Fathers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are enigmatic individuals who love nothing more than dive bombing into icy water. There are the cool ones who are styled to the nines and love nothing more than being totally devoted to their little ones, playing taxi driver, chef, cleaner and more.

Others are more reserved, taking a strong interest in the intricacies of technology or their latest pet project. Whomever or whatever your dad may be, make sure he gets one (or more) of the best damn watches he’s ever seen this Father’s Day. We got your back on this one.

Other platforms like The Hour Markers have also noted a few pieces that may turn your father from Darth Vader to Paul Newman.

In their “A Father’s Day Watch Gifting Guide to Pick the Best Timepieces for Every Kind of A Dad", they’ve noted a few pieces like the Jacob & Co Palatial Five Time Zone Black PVD Coating and the minimalist Frederique Constant Highlife Heartbeat Automatic for the suave gent. 

Join Chrono Hunter on a Dad discovery of all things horology as we drop the best luxury watches as a gift for Father’s Day. Remember to seal it with a kiss.


3 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Luxury Watch For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a pretty sizable event in the parental calendar. It’s one of the very few occasions where your Dad gets recognition for his hard work in raising you. Awww. Well, who else is going to go nuts on the sidelines at your football match…or at that ballet lesson? There are a few key things you should consider before gifting watches in time for Father’s Day. 

  • Budget - Unfortunately, not all luxury watches are as cheap as chips so assess your budget before you decide to buy a watch for your dad.
  • What's his favourite watch brand? It’s important to inquire into what your pops is into. Is he ravenous for Rolex? Is he particular about Audemars Piguet? What features does he like on his watches? Is he a chronograph fan or is he looking for an everyday watch? So many questions and not enough time, so you best get to it.
  • What does he regularly do? Why buy him a tool watch if he never swings a hammer? Equally, why would he need a pilot's watch if he only steps in a plane once a year? In the same vein, don't buy him luxury dress watches, a military watch, or a tourbillon watch if he’s not into those functions or styles.

What kind of fella is your old man? Using this handy guide, we cover every dad from the musical man, sports psycho and everything in between. Let’s get into finding your dad’s characteristics and the best horological gift for him this Father’s Day. 


The Film Buff - Omega Seamaster Diver 300m James Bond

God help you if this is your dad. Constant quips from films accompanied by raucous laughter is a burden many sons and daughters have to bear. Yet, we still love them all the same though…right?

​​Omega Seamaster James Bond - Source - 007 Museum 

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

Why not express your love and buy a gift like an Omega Seamaster Diver 300m James Bond for Father’s Day this year? If your dad loves James Bond (as pretty much every single one of them does), have a gander at the brand that's joined the spy since 1995 in “Goldeneye” with actor Pierce Brosnan as the man himself. 

These watches pay homage to the incredible 50 year legacy between Omega and the silver screen. Don’t worry, Omega makes this fact extremely noticeable on the timepiece. The dial is deep matte black, with 007 emblems etched in diagonal patterns across the face. Not enough for you, Mr Bond?

Spin this bad boy over and take a look at the awesome caseback which is crafted to look like a gun barrel with a bullet decoration in the place of the rotor. Now we are both shaken and stirred!

Outside of the film's references, it follows on from the stunning Omega Seamaster collection. The case and bracelet is crafted out of 316L stainless steel, allowing the timepiece to be tougher than any tool in your father’s shed.

Featuring a black ceramic bezel, pertaining to the diving style of the Seamaster,  the helium escape valve and screw in crown have a deep link to the collections heritage. This serves as a reminder that even though the model is dedicated to Bond, it’s a tough old timekeeping nut like its predecessors. 

The calibre Omega 2507 is a self winding chronometer with a few modifications to keep it as sharp as your pop’s wit and charm. But we ain't here to tell the best Dad jokes, we are here to talk about the best luxury watches for Father’s Day. Kitted up with a Co-Axial escapement and given a rhodium plate finish, this timepiece is capable of withstanding most abrasions.

With a 48 hour power reserve and 3.5Hz frequency, the model should stand the test of time. 

Wear this beauty with your favourite fanboy Bond T-shirt or dress it up with a tux like the man himself. Either way, your Dad will be the envy of every James Bond fan with this gift strapped on this Father’s Day! The timepiece is capped at 11,007 pieces (I wonder why…), is a certified chronometer and has 007 references galore, allowing it to have the potential to be a solid luxury model to invest in. 

- You can no longer buy an Omega Seamaster Diver 300m James Bond at retail due to its discontinuation but can buy it on the secondary market for upwards of £3,300 as of May 2024.


The Tech Geek - Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 01 

Accompanied by spectacles and a pointed index finger, the Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 01 is one of the hottest watches of 2023 (so far). Now, the tech geek Dad is a man that knows every component and feature of all conceivable items in the house.

You’ll usually hear him talking about technology in ‘his day’ and all its glories. Connecting and synching various gadgets on the move. We have the best watch for Father’s Day!


Casquette Saint Laurent - Source - Saint Laurent

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The Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 01 may have you horological fiends wondering, ‘What’s going on? Didn't they release an updated edition literally last year?’. You’d be absolutely right in your assessment, however, there are a few minor alterations.

With almost a Terminatoresque vibe going on especially when examining the display, you’ll no doubt be back for more timepiece fans.

Last year's model followed on from the 1970s watches and was aptly named ‘2.0’ as an ode to a new chapter of the timepiece. Crafted out of grade 5 titanium and ceramic, the model is tough while being incredibly feather light due to the inherent properties of both titanium and ceramic.

The model is more ergonomic than your father’s office chair due to its super light construction and boxy design. 

Of course, there are a few alterations to the latest collaboration with Saint Laurent. The model is now significantly darker due to PVD treatment on the titanium elements, including the bracelet, Girard-Perregaux logo on the case and the case back. The caseback also has references to collaboration by naming both “Saint Laurent” and “Girard-Perregaux”.

Powered by the GP3980-1474 quartz movement, the timepiece runs all the same features as the previous edition such as the usual timing functions, chronograph, second time zone and elusive secret date.

For those who read our previous article on The Cult Of Unicorn Watches: Why Are They So Revered?, you’ll know the secret date reminds you of wedding anniversaries or birthdays which you can pre-program to remind you on the day. 

It’s darker construction means it can blend in with almost any outfit. We recommend the Steve Jobs turtleneck look or kick back with your favourite blue jeans and tee. Capped at 100 pieces, the “Back To The Future” style watch with its unorthodox design has every chance of being a solid investment piece and the best gift for Father’s Day.

- You can buy a Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 01 at retail for around £4,270 as of May 2024. Be aware though, it's only accessible through Saint Laurent’s site or boutique stores.


The Football Fanatic - Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5968G

‘He’s football crazy, he’s football mad, and the football has robbed him of the wee bit of sense he had’. If your father is an avid football fan, make sure you tune out when the game’s on. Who knew a man could get so upset over 11 men kicking a bit of leather around. But wait, they think it’s all over. Well, not quite just yet.

5968G - Source - Mingwatch HK

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For the Dad who adores his football, get the guy a gift for Father’s Day that’s worn by a hero with 55 goals for England. The man himself, Tottenham striker and England record goalscorer Harry Kane. He wears the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5968G and it’s a model which even the non football fans can admire. 

Originally released in 1997, the collection was a solution for the chic new generation of watch fans. It certainly hit the horological spot as it instantly rocketed in popularity and represented a new dawn for Patek Philippe watches. Reference 5968G follows on from the youthful aesthetic the collection holds.

As the first white gold edition, the watch is satin polished, ensuring a beautiful glean when the sun hits the terraces at the big game.

The dial and strap are both rich khaki green matching some of the manicured Premier League pitches, resulting in a unique yet increasingly popular style. It isn't overly ostentatious either, allowing the watch to fit in with your casual attire at the big match.

The numerals are gold applied and given a strong dosage of luminescence as well as the 60 minute counter and date aperture located at 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively. 

The watch follows the trailblazing path of the modern Aquanaut collection. Your Dad could wear this with denim jeans and tee or with some chinos and a smarter shirt when at more formal occasions like a big business meet or a fantasy football gathering over a shot or two…of tequila that is.

Crafted out of the precious metal, white gold and very unique and on-trend green dial, the watch has every chance of a potentially sound investment 

- You can buy a Patek Phillipe Aquanaut 5968G at retail for £65,000 as of May 2024 


The Grill God - Panerai Radiomir California

There are levels and then there are levels. There’s something spiritual about a man standing at the grill. Hot flames burst out and oil may spit tongues of burning liquid but there he stands like a statue at Mount Olympus. His hands may be scorched but the fire yet burns in the pursuit of meaty perfection.

Of course, it’s mandatory to nod appreciatively and gift him a stunning timepiece for Father’s Day.


California - Source - Panerai

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What gift does such a paternal figurehead need on his wrist when conquering the heady heights of cooking meat? Why, nothing less than a Panerai Radiomir California, of course!

The Panerai Radiomir California is a big Dad’s watch. Sizing up at 45mm, the watch is layered with a PVD layer and given a brushed finish in order to ensure the watch has a vintage allure. The brushed effect isn't something that’s done via a machine as it's done via hand, resulting in a completely unique effect for each watch. 

The dial of the timepiece features a rip roaring British Racing Green and is very rich in its complexion. Combine this with the gold minute track and cream indices and you have a face which looks as weathered yet welcoming as your pop’s.

Well, it depends on how long he has been in the sun. Know your dials? You’ll know that the California name actually relates to the shapes of the indices. As such, they are Roman numeral hour markers from 10 till 2 o’clock, baton indices at 3 and 9 o’clock and the rest in Arabic numerals. 

A great Dad knows the importance of the environment with all its meats and sides. As such, the Panerai Radiomir California is crafted out of Brunito eSteel which is a combination of recycled steel, resulting in a very durable build. But no-one is talking about Brunito here, more the epic racing green dial that offers as much endurance as a racing car driver. 

The timepiece is given a brown calf-leather strap which is named the Ponte Vecchio and finished in a vintage style, leaning on the rest of the watches rustic aesthetic. Powered by the P.5000 movement, the watch lasts for a mightily impressive 8 days and runs at 3Hz. This watch can competently keep your dad abreast of when his meats are properly cooked. 

Just in time for Father’s Day, this watch can be worn with all manner of outfits from smart polos to linen shirts and cashmere jumpers. However, we think it looks best on a man with his comfiest jeans and shirt, slaving away over a hot outdoor stove.

- You can buy a Panerai Radiomir California at retail for £10,600 as of May 2024.


The DIY Guru - Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Titanium

‘Quick, where’s the Stork Beak Pliers?’. Every Dad has some inherent ability to repair things and they always come equipped with a variety of odd tools which only the military should have. So where do they source these things? No one really knows what’s lurking in that shed.


Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet - Source - Blancpain

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It only makes perfect sense that you buy a watch which has as much knowledge as your dad . Gentlemen, may we present the best gift to you for Father’s Day, The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Titanium.

Crafted from grade 5 titanium, it is famed for its very strong anti corrosive and abrasion properties. Believe it or not, this same titanium is very prevalent in the medical industry. 

Measuring 43mm, it’s fairly bulky on the wrist, but the titanium construction allows it to be a timekeeping featherweight. Its size is necessary for the amount of information possessed by the watch, thanks to its date and time function at 12 o’clock, a pointer date which circles the centre of the dial and moon phase, situated at 6 o’clock.

While it would appear unnecessarily complex, the complications are evenly spaced and the pointer date is only a thin hand, aiming directly at the numbers which revolve around the indices. After all, Timelords, information is power!

The grey sunbrushed dial with accompanied ceramic insert bezel and rhodium plated indices fit the steely aesthetic of the timepiece and will no doubt match your old man’s tools…or steely determination no doubt.

This watch from Blancpain can be worn when meeting up with a few work colleagues after office hours in Kensington to your comfies on the plush leather sofa at home. Crafted out of high grade titanium and following on from the rich history of the iconic Fifty Fathoms collection, this watch has every opportunity of increasing in value. 

- You can buy a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Titanium at retail for £18,400 as of May 2024


The Fashionable Father - Cartier Santos

If your Pa likes to doll himself up in a polo shirt when parading around the house or intricately combing his hair back with hairspray for hours on end, he has a severe case of fashion fever. And we have the ideal gift for the debonair Dad for Father’s Day. There’s only one known cure, my horological friends…A Cartier Santos.


Cartier Santos - Source - DwatchLuxury

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Dating back to 1904, the Cartier Santos was crafted out of a partnership between Louis Cartier and his good friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian pilot who needed a timepiece which was based on the wrist for easy access. How time flies.

Well, it's now 2023 and the Cartier Santos is just as in demand now as it was back then. Why is it so popular I hear you ask? It represents the epitome of class, elegance and luxury refinery.

It doesn't have any complications, instead relying on the concept of minimalism to appeal to the stylish among us.  After all, greatness doesn't need any other upgrades! Don’t worry, Timelords. Your pops won't be alone in wearing this beauty. Worn by actors Rami Malek, Jake Gyllenhall and Tom Cruise, the star power is as bright as the case!

The prominent screw design on the case and bracelet is a very unique concept which has been popularised by a few brands like the legendary Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and new Bell & Ross Cyber Skull Bronze. The case and bracelet then both receive lustrous and matte finishes, resulting in a sublime shine from all angles. And we do love a sheen!

Given an opaline dial, the blued steel hands run over the black Roman numerals, relating to the old school design codes. Cleaner than your Dad’s hair-do during Father’s Day, this watch is crafted out of both steel and yellow gold.

First and foremost, this is a dress watch, so he can look the part with this timepiece alongside a tapered navy suit, or keep it smart-casual with khaki chinos and brown brogues. Crafted from yellow gold metal and with a heritage as long as the history of Rolex, this watch has every chance of increasing in value. 

- You can buy a Cartier Santos at retail for around £9,700 as of May 2024.


The Sports Enthusiast - Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Sports and dad’s tend to go hand in hand. From acting like he’s riding a horse when watching the Epsom Derby to pacing up and down beside the TV during the cricket, make sure the man has a gift which relates perfectly to his first love this Father’s Day. 

Daytona - Source - Uhrenkosmos

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There’s no better timepiece for this very reason than the legendary Rolex Daytona. The Rolex Daytona was launched in 1963 and carried its legacy on the back of a very famous race track. Oh and its underlying association with the Hollywood actor Paul Newman, especially the sought after reference 6263. It’s now 2023 though and The Rolex Daytona shows no signs of slowing down. 

Crafted out of the classic Oyster Steel, the watch is secure in its 904L steel frame, normally associated with the aerospace industry. Measuring 40mm, this watch is given a stunning white dial with a highly concentrated black Cerachrom bezel. Cerachrom is extraordinarily scratch resistant and even offers protection against UV rays, allowing the lustre of the bezel to remain for longer. 

The cream dial face is fitted with a triumvirate of chronograph counters, allowing the user to measure elapsed time in hours and minutes while giving an accurate reading of the time up to 1/8th of a second.

The Chromalight display is extraordinarily luminescent, ensuring instant readability as does the 18K applique hour markers which jump out faster than your Dad off the sofa during the big Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fearing all the excitement may throw the beloved timepiece off the wrist? The Oyster bracelet is both robust and highly functional, featuring an Oysterlock safety clasp and an Easylink 5mm comfort extension link. 

Its immense durability and style mean you can wear this watch with a trilby and sports jacket when watching the horses during the Royal Ascot or in your jeans and polo shirt when hanging out with friends. 

Following on from the rich legacy of the Daytona, the excellent materials and craftsmanship of the timepiece has the potential to make this an excellent investment. 

Rolex have kitted up the Daytona recently, after releasing a Le Mans inspired model as a celebration of 100 years of the event. Featuring a funky black ceramic tachymeter scale with ‘100’ painted in red and a reverse panda dial, the watch is a stunning rendition of the Daytona’s capabilities. You can buy a Rolex Daytona Le Mans when you request a price. 

- You can buy a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona at retail for £13,200 as of May 2024


The Creative Father - Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze 

This is a man that loves to stand out. He simply cannot do with the mundanity of your average clothes, food or lifestyle. As such, his timepiece should be one that is a little aloof and as wacky as the Franck Muller Crazy Hours. We have the best gift for you…


Cyber Skull Bronze - Source - Bell & Ross

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The Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze is ridiculously avant-garde in appearance and shows the direction that the brand is turning towards. The watch follows the squared case design of its Bell & Ross predecessors but instead of being ‘boxy’ in its shape, the corners are bevelled, drawing the eyes into the madness that lies within. 

Crafted out of bronze, the material is slowly being noticed for its highly innovative properties. Its ability to patina over time and change colour allows the timepiece to be unique to the user and his lifestyle. One cannot forget to mention the skull which makes up the dial. A what? That’s right, Timelords.

The skull similarly has bevelled features and sharp edges, pertaining to the rough and ready nature of the watch. With such large gaps between the skull and the edge of the case, it seems like it is just hanging on by a thread. In fact, it is held sturdy by a sapphire crystal. 

Powered by the BR-CAL.210 movement, the jaw of the skull moves when you hand wind the movement, resulting in the watch literally coming alive. How beautifully horrifying!

If you don’t want to take your Dad to see The Rocky Horror Show this Father’s Day, he can wear this beauty with something unorthodox like a Saul Goodman style mustard suit to match the bronze or black cotton twill jumper if you are feeling a little more reserved. 

Limited to 500 pieces, the unusual bronze and moveable skull instead of a dial makes this watch a potential investment watch. 

- You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze for the retail price of £10,300 - at the time of writing. 


The Music Maestro - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition

If this is your old man, you’ll know all about the various posters and signed memorabilia he has plastered in his man cave. You’ll know about the regular factoid updates on when a song was released or who the lead singer was. It’s only fair that you get him a gift that reflects such a dedicated musical passion this Father’s Day 


Royal Oak Offshore Music Edition - Source - Audemars Piguet

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Audemars Piguet have their fingers in a few creative pies. For example, their collab with Marvel has been a stunning show of creativity, especially when relating to the new Royal Oak Spiderman Tourbillon watches

Composed of titanium and measuring 43mm, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition is crafted in the classic octagonal case shape with eight prominent hex screws which is so AP. This build is classic Royal Oak and defines the collection down to a tee. The dial is given a superb Tapisserie dial with a few modifications away from other Royal Oak watches like the Royal Oak 15400ST. So, what makes this timepiece so musical?

The dial is fitted with a variety of ‘Harmony’ cut stones which are displayed over a stunning blue aventurine dial. These stones form a shape, resembling a VU metre and an equaliser which is crafted out of many gemstones like rubies and sapphires. These same gemstones are present on the bezel, resulting in a seamless presentation of high quality craftsmanship throughout.

Shall we reference the crown guards which look like the fader sliders on a mixing console? How epic. Music is abundant in this timepiece and your Dad will no doubt be able to rock out this gift with style this Father’s Day.

Fitted with a blue rubber strap which houses an interchangeable strap system, the watch would suit a smart navy suit shirt or your favourite band tee if you're heading to a concert. Just don't get hypnotised by the watch along the way.

Capped at 500 pieces, a part of the expansive Royal Oak collection and featuring wonderful gemstones which relate to musical influences, this is a solid option for those looking for an investment piece for their pops on Father’s Day. 

You can buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition when you request a price as of May 2024


The Part-Time Astrologist - Omega Speedmaster White Dial

If you bring your partner to a Father’s Day function, try not to let your old man drivel on too much about the stars, their astrological sign or anything to do with compatibility.

”Leo and a Libra? That relationship will never last…”. If he is less interested in Leo, and more concerned with the Moon, don’t worry. Our suggested timepiece covers everything that’s past the stratosphere, and could be one of the best luxury watches for Father’s Day! That is if he is into achieving star status on his wrist.


Source - Omega

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The Omega Speedmaster White Dial hit the horological scene back in November 2023. Worn by brand ambassador, Daniel Craig, or James Bond to most horophiles, the former Layer Cake actor attended a Planet Omega event with the mysterious timepiece. Questions were posed, but no answers were given. What is this white dial beauty and why was he hiding it so discreetly?

Released in 2024, the Omega Speedmaster White Dial represented a gigantic shift from the moody black dials of the classic Speedmaster lines. Given dimensions totalling 42mm x 13.2mm, the steel timepieces generally follow the traditional Speedmaster characteristics. 

This includes the classic asymmetrical design, boasting a polished case alongside chamfered edges for maximum style points. On the top is a sapphire crystal that’s framed by a bezel with a black, aluminium insert, displaying a tachymetric scale. 

The dial is fitted with a fabulous cream colour that offers a solid backdrop for everything to be easily seen. As we know the cream always rises to the top. Its high contrast shade works well with showing the blackened baton hour markers and hands, alongside the triple chronograph subdials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. 

The white dial is a reference to the Alaska I prototype produced in 2008. It featured a large, red outer thermal shield and white dial in order to counteract fluctuating temperatures and reflect the heat of the sun. The more unusual red elements are spotted on the red Speedmaster text at 12 o’clock.

Inside beats away the Calibre 3861 which provides a 21,600VpH alongside a 50 hour power reserve with that all important Master Chronometer status. 

- You can buy an Omega Speedmaster White Dial at retail for £7,600 as of May 2024. 


The No-Stress Gentleman - H.Moser & Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds Matrix Green

We don’t need Keanu Reeves to flex this beauty on Father’s Day.

Your Dad is so relaxed that it’s almost as scary as Halloween. Kitchen on fire? No worries, I’ve got the extinguisher. Car broke down on the motorway? I’ll cruise down in no time to pick you up. Everything is done with the grace like beauty of a swan…but he is nobody's fool. Therefore, ensure you get this gent the H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds Matrix Green. 


Source - H.Moser

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For the cool-as-a-cucumber man, this H.Moser & Cie delivers a burst of green that’s so smooth you could simply lose yourself in its depth. Forget the Kermit Oris or a Submariner Hulk. This will make other Dad’s go literally green with envy this Father’s Day

The ergonomic cushion shaped case measures 40mm x 10.3mm. And in typical Streamliner fashion, everything is removed, including the lugs which means the steel strap is fully integrated. Strap yourself in for a good time, we say. 

Given a satin-brushed finish, the pieces are capable of potential dress watch status or even a luscious luxury sports watch

The dial uses a sunburst fumé finish which presents a fabulous green lacquer background to the forefront of the timepiece. Starting with a fairly dark green centre, the colour gets objectively darker to the periphery, allowing the alternate white minute track to step out. 

The baton hour markers stand out alongside the hands. They use Globolight which is a form of ceramic, infused with Super-Luminova for that legible glare. Aside from the above, the dial is left more sparse than the Sahara Desert in its content. But this is what Moser does so well in terms of its visual theatre.

This is a timeless finish for the Streamliner and shows the enduring quality of the line. 

Within the steel case lies the HMC 201. This automatic calibre utilises a bi-directional pawl winding system, entitling the timepieces to a 3-day power reserve and 21,600VpH. Paired with a silky dark shirt or pinstripe suit, it is fit for any boardroom or special occasion

- You can buy a H.Moser & Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds Matrix Green Haze for around £19,000 at retail as of May 2024. 


The Gold-Medal Father - Girard-Perregaux Laureato Pink Gold - Ultramarine Blue 

Spandau Ballet may have waxed lyrical on the material but if you want to buy one of the best luxury watches for Father’s Day, it has to be gold. 

After all, you have the power to know…you're indestructible! He’s the man who simply has to have more sparkle than a red carpet at the Emmys. If he has to do the Tough Mudder, he will invariably win. If he builds a table, it’s done so well that it gets featured in DIY Weekly. 

For a man who excels in everything he does, the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Pink Gold is the go-to watch for the devoted Dad.


Source - Girard-Perregaux

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Brimming with glitz, The Girard-Perregaux Laureato was released in 1975 and represented their stake in the sports-chic luxury watch world, alongside releases like the iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or Patek Philippe Nautilus. While these are excellent watches, they are given tough competition by this. 

Coming in at 42mm x 10.68mm and crafted out of 18K pink gold, it boasts a fabulous shade of red and yellow gold. For the shape, they retain the stylish design of a barrel, including brushed lugs and a polished, iconic octagonal bezel. 

Water resistant to 50 metres, the timepieces are not optimal for overarching water sports, but the overarching sapphire crystal still ensures the dial will not be harmed. For the Ultramarine blue shade, this colour is a beautiful, deep blue shade that captures the eyes instantly. 

Furthermore, they opt for a Clous de Paris finish that offers a unique motif to the overall design. Given a white minute track ring, in front of them are arrow tipped baton hour markers and hands, all of which are coated with a dose of Super-Luminova. 

At 3 o’clock, there is a date aperture that adds another level of functionality. The general timekeeping and the added bonus of the date aperture are powered by the Calibre GP01800, providing 28,800VpH (4Hz) and a 54 hour power reserve. A showstopper round the table, be it boardroom or dining, he won’t be disappointed with this as a gift this Father’s Day.

- You can buy a Girard-Perregaux Laureato Pink Gold - Ultramarine Blue Haze for £44,100 at retail as of May 2024. 


The Cycling Champ - Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Cycling Edition

What do you get the man who is the ultimate cycling nerd? Is there the Chris Boardman or Miguel Indurain of luxury watches to suit the paterfamilias?

Sure, he can reel off all the key-stats about that just-released carbon fibre bike, the best spokes to choose, and the exact weight of handlebars from a catalogue at 50 paces. 


Source - Tudor

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

However, for a man who lives and dies by the bicycle, what are the best luxury watches for Father’s Day?

Tudor is one of the top Swiss brands for those interested in the sporting world. Releasing their fabulous Alinghi Red Bull Racing in 2023, inspired by the yachting prowess of the Alinghi, they have even produced the Tudor Black Bay 58 Inter Milan, a timepiece celebrating their brand partner, Inter Milan and their 20th Scudetto title. 

Exclusively for cycling lovers, the Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Cycling Edition in carbon offers a fresh look on the sporting world. Built into a 43mm case, they are built to be extremely light and provide almost no presence on the wrist. 

Given a blackened finish, the timepieces are very moody, especially since they have the chunky lugs and sloped finishes that have made the Pelagos so infamous. Equipped with a 100 metre water resistance, they have first rate durability as is to be expected from Rolex’s smaller sibling, and can be worn while cycling through those summer showers. 

Fitted with a secured bezel, they feature a 60-minute scale, as per the dive heritage of the Pelagos. Given a high contrast black and red colour scheme, the jolts of red appear via a tachymetric scale, located on the flange. 

Interestingly, this has been altered away from the standard speeds of cars, and given lower figures to suit the average speed of cyclists. How thoughtful!

For timekeeping purposes, simply read the squared hour markers and Snowflake hands, all of which are coated in a bright white ceramic luminescence. For the chronograph functionality, take a look at the dual subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Powered by the Calibre MT5813, a top movement that provides COSC certification alongside a 70 hour power reserve and 4Hz, this is everything you should expect in a watch under £5000 

- You can buy a Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Cycling Edition at retail for £4,560 as of May 2024. 


The Multi-Lingual Man - Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT SBGJ277 “Sekkei”

This type of gentleman enjoys learning every possible word and secretive language that each country offers. Be it Pig Latin or Swardspeak, he has somehow developed an almost instantaneous ability to pick up a native tongue and speak it fluently. 


Source - Grand Seiko

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Our next best luxury watch for Father’s Day focuses on the man who spends more time liaising with people in different countries than his own friends down the road. In this way, you need to get him hooked up with the awesome Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT SBGJ277 “Sekkei”. 

As per the brand’s release of the Tentagraph, the Japanese watch brand utilises Hi-Beat as a reference to the 10 beat movements that run at a phenomenal 10 beats per second. We’ll cover just how accurate these are in a tick!

At 42.2mm x 14.4mm, you will enjoy a brilliant level of durability, as noted via the 200 metre water resistance. For a final finish, the watches utilise a Zaratsu polish that blurs the line between mirror and hairline finishes. 

Fitted with a 24 hour scale bezel, this bidirectional tool is essentially for fulfilling the GMT functionality of the timepieces. This is especially the case since it works in conjunction with the arrow tipped 24 hour hand and 24 hour scale flange. Designed in green and white, they split AM and PM time zones seamlessly. 

The dial takes its inspiration from the lush, green foliage that appears during the summer months around the legendary Shizukuishi Studio that all of Grand Seiko’s artists work in. Across these valleys, there is still some snow that remains that creates a spectacular effect when the sun reflects on it.

You still following us? GS does love painting pictures as much as Monet…in the timekeeping sense of course.

This aesthetic is present on the dial, wherein the white background is given a textured finish, resulting in a mesmerising snow-like effect. Made up of mirror polished hour markers and hands, it’s just the hands and the larger 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock hour markers that utilise a Lumibrite insert for optimal legibility. 

Pulsating within is strong 9S86 calibre that results in a 36,000VpH and weekend-proof 55 hour power reserve. The mechanical movement is imperious in its class and is what makes them so strong in the category of best men’s watches under £10,000.

- You can buy a Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT SBGJ277 “Sekkei” at retail for £6,500 as of May 2024. 


The Everyman - The Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Grey Steel & Gold

He’s here, he’s there, this Dad is everywhere! He can fraternise with every kind of person, be it talking about prose and poetry, or discussing global affairs or the state of the stock market over a single malt whisky. 


Source - Bell & Ross

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For the Father that does not opt for ostentatious fashion, but still knows his fashion beans about, we’ve located another best luxury watch for Fathers Day, combining both gold and steel. Introducing the Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Grey Steel & Gold. 

As part of the illustrious BR 05 series, the timepieces are from a relatively new collection that was founded in 2019. It would only take the addition of one more year before the watches developed chronograph functionality. Eventually, they became gold mines for most forms of complication. 

Luckily, this model retains some of those chronograph functions… but we’ll get to all of that stuff in a minute!

With a case diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14.25mm, the steel watches have a unification of satin and polished finishes, revealing a gorgeous combination that ensures sunlight always casts a delightful glint. On the right of the cases, expect two polished pushers on either side of the ridged crown.

For the rose gold features, they are present on the bezel and are firmly screwed in with four screws. This squared case with a circular dial is a timeless feature of Bell & Ross, and the bezel is a huge feature in defining its instantly recognisable shape. 

The rose gold elements continue on to the bracelet, wherein they make up the centre links of the steel strap. The dial is given a grey shade that utilises a sunray finish to allow light to be cast across the face.

The rose gold baton hour markers are given curved edges, just like the equally rose gold hands. All of them are given a strip of luminescence through their centre. At 12 and 6 o’clock, there are not one but two prominent rose gold Arabic hour markers, offering symmetry between the two sub-dials at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively.

The sub-dials relate to running seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. Given rose gold edging for the markers, just below the 3 o’clock sub counter is a date aperture that offers a clear reading through its circular design. 

Skipping away is the BR-CAL.326 which offers a 28,800VpH alongside a fabulous 60 hour power reserve. This gives you enough time to entertain clients onboard your private yacht and still make it back in the boardroom by Monday morning.

- You can buy a Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Grey Steel & Gold at retail for £12,300 as of May 2024. 



Father’s Day is a brilliant time to show your Dad how much you appreciate everything they do and the way they go the extra mile. But this, it is your turn to push the boat out by buying one of these fine luxury watches for your old man this Father’s Day. 

If they love to take things apart, are the undying supporters of a football team, a music buff or a DIY expert, we have the pick of the best luxury watches for Father’s Day. After all, where would we be without our old man for support and love. Show them exactly what they mean to you by giving them unbridled luxury in the form of one of these stunning watches. 

Make sure your choice of these watches correlates with your budget and that it suits your Dad’s lifestyle. Don’t buy him a timepiece he will rarely use. After all, if there’s anyone that knows a dad the best, it's definitely his children. So, make sure you make the hero of your life the happiest he’s ever been and spoil him rotten with one of our best luxury watches for Father’s Day. Time to get a move on chaps.


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