Swatch & Omega Drop New “Snoopy Moonswatch” In Time For Easter
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Swatch & Omega Drop New “Snoopy Moonswatch” In Time For Easter

Swatch & Omega Drop New “Snoopy Moonswatch” In Time For Easter


At A Glance

  • 2 years since the original Moonswatch debuted, Omega and Swatch have taken an interesting horological route thanks to the new Snoopy Moonswatch.
  • A far cry from the previous 11 editions of the Moonswatch and Moonshine Gold iterations from 2023, this new white dial wonder is another timekeeping masterstroke.
  • Teased more over the last few months than a Dita Von Teese burlesque act, this pawesome release is a playful take on the relationship between Omega and Snoopy.
  • A sure-fire hit for NASA nerds and enthusiasts, Snoopy’s relationship with Omega stretches back to 1968 where the cartoon pooch was featured on Apollo 10.
  • Known as reference SO33W700A, this non-limited piece is certain to captivate enthusiasts and collectors, bearing resemblance to the Speedmaster Apollo 13, 45th Anniversary (311.
  • Featuring an all white construction including bezel insert, white velcro strap and moonphase between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock, the Snoopy Moonswatch is due to land in Swatch boutique stores on Tuesday March 26th, 2024.


One Moment In Time

So here we are again. 

But we are not here to drown you with our best Whitney Houston impressions. That’s saved for our Christmas party. No, there is something far more important on the timekeeping agenda. The brand spanking new Snoopy Moonswatch of course!

As sure as night follows day, Omega and Swatch treat us to yet another horological feast for the senses. And you can bet your bottom dollar this will have many a tongue wagging (and flopping out) surrounding this latest hot Moonswatch collab.

Moonswatch Madness The Beginning - Source: PA


But where did it come to pass? Having been all over this craze like a rash, where have you been? There’s no time like the present to fill you in on what you have missed out on over the last 24 months.

It turns out that The Swatch Group are a dab hand at what they call in the business…PR spiel. 

The greatest thing since sliced bread? Quite possibly. Never has a brand drummed up so much interest in a product since those space aliens fronted that legendary instant mash advertisement during the 1970s.

Smash I think they call it. With nearly a dirty dozen of watches (11 to be exact) released in 2022 based around the planetary system, the Moonswatch incorporated the following models;

  1. Mission To The Moon (the one that was the original OG)
  2. Mission To Mars
  3. Mission To Saturn
  4. Mission To Uranus
  5. Mission To Jupiter
  6. Mission To Neptune (The one rocked by Ed Sheeran) 
  7. Mission On Earth
  8. Mission To The Sun
  9. Mission To Mercury
  10. Mission To Venus
  11. Mission To Pluto

Heck, these watches are so in demand that the Swiss outfit teamed up with Sotheby’s last month to auction off 11 complete sets.

The first ever occurrence that all Moonswatches have been sold as a complete set, all proceeds went to Orbis, a charity that Omega has had a close alliance with for over a decade, since 2011.

From pink gold tipped and flowery second hands to fruity little numbers, if you have been under a rock all this time, check out some of our most popular Moonswatch articles;

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Swatch Sales Are Certainly Not Peanuts!

You know that feeling when the cream rises to the top? 

Well, it turns out that Nick Hayek Jr, CEO of the Swatch Group is the horological Cheshire cat with the biggest grin to rival the Joker. Hang on a tick Batman, we may need you.

According to the most recent Morgan Stanley report of the top Swiss watch brands, 2023 was an oh so sweet year for the conglomerate.

Employing 30,000 plus and housed within their umbrella some major luxury brands like Breguet, Calvin Klein, Blancpain and Longines, raindrops were definitely not falling on their head.

With overall sales of the Moonswatch topping the two million mark, they were not barking mad when they decided to launch the much anticipated Snoopy Moonswatch.

In fact it was not just a good year for Swatch…it was a great twelve months thanks to a 60% year on year increase in sales. This was the biggest increase among any watch brand in the Morgan Stanley report, in conjunction with LuxeConsult.

With their first appearance in the top 20 since 2017, their collection of watches has also taken in the hyped up but effective release of the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms, launched on September the 9th, 2023. 

A tip of the hat to the original Fifty Fathoms from 1953 which set the benchmark for dive watches alongside the Submariner in 1954, this all encompassing plastic filled timepiece contributed to the uptake sales…to the bain of Blancpain.

As the proverb from John Lyly's Euphues once proclaimed, all’s fair in love and war.

Or should that be watches?


Snoopy & Omega: All You Need To Know

In the world of horology, Omega watches stand as icons of precision, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Renowned for their exquisite design and cutting-edge technology, Omega timepieces have adorned the wrists of astronauts, explorers, and discerning enthusiasts for generations. 

Among Omega's illustrious collection, one collaboration stands out as both playful and prestigious—the partnership with the beloved Peanuts character, Snoopy.

The connection between Snoopy and Omega dates back to the 1960s when NASA awarded Omega the "Snoopy Award" for its crucial role in the Apollo 13 mission. 

This prestigious honour recognized Omega's contributions to the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew, highlighting the brand's commitment to excellence under pressure.

FUN FACT: NASA actually selected Snoopy as the ultimate “watchdog” to monitor its variety of missions.

Source: Christies


And in the same year, they took another giant leap by utilising a Snoopy lapel pin drawn (free of charge) by Apollo supporter and Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz.

Signifying a mark of respect to those working for NASA, it was crafted from sterling silver and has been on board numerous NASA missions. Meanwhile, Schulz also agreed to allowing them to use the

It’s All In The Reference

Decades later, Omega commemorated this achievement with a series of limited-edition timepieces featuring Snoopy, paying homage to the beloved beagle's role in space exploration history.

These Snoopy-themed watches capture the enduring spirit of adventure and innovation, blending Omega's technical expertise with the charm of Charles M. Schulz's iconic character.

One notable example is the Omega Speedmaster "Snoopy Award" Limited Edition (ref. 3578.51), released in 2003 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission.

With a limited edition run of 5,441 watches, the original Speedmaster design features a whimsical dial design with Snoopy floating in space, surrounded by stars and the words "Eyes on the Stars" inscribed above. 

Source: Youtube

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This is a nod to Omega's commitment to pushing the boundaries of exploration.

The award logo is actually positioned on the sub-dial at 9 o’clock. Fast forward to 2015 and the Swiss outfit introduced the limited run 45th anniversary Speedmaster Snoopy Award watch (311.

Capped at 1,970 pieces and selling out instantly, this was launched in order to mark both the original Apollo 13 mission as well as the Snoopy award.

Highly coveted still to this day, these watches fetch many times over retail with a Snoopy lapel pin on the case back, not to mention the notorious dog on the face.

Located inside the sub-dial residing at 9, there are a handful of odes to the renowned Apollo 13 lunar mission including “failure is not an option”

How can you really go wrong with this on your wrist?


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In 2020, Omega introduced the Speedmaster "Silver Snoopy Award" 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, (ref. 310.

Marking half a century since the original Snoopy Award this watch features a white dial adorned with Snoopy in his signature space suit, along with a vibrant blue ceramic bezel adorned with silver stars—an homage to the vastness of space exploration.

On the sapphire crystal caseback, one press of the button to start the chronograph and the beagle soars through the night sky in his Comand and Service Module (CSM) via a clear hand, while the Earth spins once every sixty seconds as it is connected in sync to the running seconds hand.

However limited edition Omega Snoopy Speedmaster watches have ceased. Nevertheless, demand is still as high as Hillary and Norgay’s ascent to Mount Everest, equipped with the Rolex Explorer. It might be a year or more before you can bag one.

Beyond their mere aesthetic appeal, Snoopy-themed Omega watches serve as reminders of humanity's quest for exploration and discovery.

They symbolise the triumph of ingenuity over adversity, inspiring wearers to reach for the stars and embrace the spirit of adventure.

For fans of both Omega watches and the Peanuts comic strip, these watches represent a convergence of two timeless icons—a celebration of craftsmanship, storytelling, and the enduring legacy of Snoopy's journey beyond the doghouse. 

As Snoopy himself might say, "To infinity and beyond, with Omega by our side!


Personality Of The New Moonswatch Mission To The Moonphase

Snoopy Doggy Dogg decked out for the teaser, Source: Instagram

In celebration of another Full Moon, the Snoopy Moonswatch Mission To The Moonphase is a delectable delight for nerds, enthusiasts and everyone in between who have jumped on board this particular timekeeping gravy train.

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Akin to reference 311., there is much to admire…aside from the moonphase complication located at 2 o’clock to the wrist ready astronaut inspired velcro strap.

Nonetheless, similar to Paul Newman’s Daytona, this is a groundbreaking watch as we witness the first occasion a chronograph has been rocked alongside a moonphase on this piece.

With the cartoon canine resting his weary head on the moon housed within the sub-dial, it is highlighted to show the duration of one complete phase

QUESTION TIME: How long does a full lunar cycle take? 

ANSWER: Approximately 29 and a half days.

But wait a second…there’s more. The brand is renowned for hiding words on watches as seen on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M “Ultra Deep” as part of the model’s 75th anniversary festivities last summer. 

In this case, when flashing a UV light on the dial, you will encounter a graphic of “Omega Was Here” representing their world record dive to 10,935 metres.The dial pattern itself symbolises the deepest point found within the legendary Mariana Trench.

Want to plunge new depths in flex appeal? Check out our guide to the best dive watches.

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Back to the Snoopy Moonswatch and the same concept is delivered here when it comes to that good old concealed writing.

Again, when exposed to UV light and it’s blacker than the H.Moser & Cie Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack, they have added a citation from the infamous comic strip based among the moons and stars, entitled  "I can't sleep without a night light!" 

With a nod to the 2015 Speedmaster model which states ”failure is not an option,” we like the signature “dot over 90”, alluding to the Speedy and the playful route it has taken to excite all connoisseurs, new and old.

Measuring 42mm x 13.75mm thick, the all-white layout and same tone bezel insert is slightly different from the 2015 iteration, but nonetheless impactful. 

Every single one of the half dozen hands on the Mission To The Moonphase is black which works well in contrast to the white dial, while the main hands have a generous dose of lume for optimal clarity. 

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On top of this, we could not conclude without flipping it over to look at what's going on the back of this Moonswatch. This is no ordinary battery cover timelords.

The playfulness continues with a drawing of a cartoon style moon featuring Snoopy’s paw indentation among the lunar surface.

Now that’s one way to stamp your authority. 


The Worm Moon

Signalling the beginning of Spring, a reawakening if you will, the Snoopy Moonswatch, due to be released on March 26th coincides with the so-called Worm Moon. Hang on a tick and we will enlighten you.

Source: Getty Images


In the ever-changing tapestry of the night sky, celestial events offer moments of wonder and reflection.

Among these cosmic occurrences, the Worm Moon holds a special place—a harbinger of spring, a symbol of renewal, and a testament to the timeless dance between Earth and sky.

The Worm Moon, known as the Sap Moon, Lenten Moon, or Crow Moon, is a phenomenon deeply rooted in both astronomical cycles and ancient traditions.

Its name originates from the Algonquin tribes of North America, who observed that the thawing of winter snows often coincided with the emergence of earthworms from the ground—a sign of the earth awakening from its winter slumber and preparing for the rebirth of spring.

This majestic lunar spectacle occurs in March, typically marking the first full moon of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere.

As the Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon waxes to its fullest phase, the Worm Moon graces the night sky with its luminous presence, casting a gentle glow upon the awakening landscape below.

In addition to its symbolic significance, the Worm Moon plays a practical role in the rhythms of nature. Its arrival signals the onset of warmer temperatures, longer days, and the gradual return of life to the natural world.

For farmers, gardeners, and wildlife enthusiasts, it marks a time of planting, nesting, and the bustling activity of springtime renewal.

Beyond its earthly connections, the Worm Moon serves as a reminder of our place in the universe—a small but integral part of a vast cosmic symphony.

It prompts us to contemplate the cycles of life, the interconnectedness of all living things, and the eternal dance of light and shadow that shapes our world.

As you gaze upon the luminous glow of the Worm Moon illuminating the night sky, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of nature's rhythms, the promise of new beginnings, and the timeless wonder of the universe unfolding before our eyes. 

For in the dance of the stars and the whisper of the wind, we find echoes of our own journey through the cycles of time.


Official Specs Of The New Moonswatch Mission To The Moonphase



Case Material 

Bioceramic (White)

Case Thickness


Case Diameter




Dial Colour


Strap Material


Strap Colour


Lug to Lug Distance


Water Resistance

30 metres


Hours, minutes, small seconds, moonphase, chronograph

Limited Edition

No, but only one watch purchase per customer


How Much Does The New Snoopy Moonswatch Cost?

Available at Swatch stores worldwide as well as in London and Edinburgh, you can buy an Omega x Swatch Mission To The Moonphase for £270. 

SPOILER ALERT: Whether or not to stagnate flippers, this is limited to only one timepiece per customer. 

If you are still determined to purchase one, or have already bought stools and coffee flasks for this special occasion, here are a few stores where they can be purchased. Beware though, you may miss out if you don’t reside in the capital as 6 of the 9 stores are based in Old London Town.


Swatch Store Address

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station, 251 Circus Rd S, Nine Elms, London SW11 8BZ

Covent Garden

​​31 James St, London WC2E 8PA

Westfield Shopping Centre

Ariel Way Westfield, London W12 7GF


99A Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 3AA


What’s Our View?

So, what’s not to like about the new Snoopy Moonswatch? It really was only a matter of time! 

Homage, history call it what you will, we have a penchant for both. And there’s no better way of launching another iteration of this popular series with a nod to arguably the world’s most instantly recognisable pooch.

The all white DNA, added moonphase with a whimsical angle makes this chronograph novelty yet another one for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Let’s face it, if anyone knows how to build things up more than the end of 24, it’s Swatch.

Teasing an ad over the course of several months, their marketing machine has once again gone into overdrive. Perfect timing you might think as previous models were able to be purchased in store without the never ending queues.

Sure, it’s not quite like the Rolex Daytona waitlist, but we predict a return to former horological glories with this new release. 

Throw in you cannot buy the Snoopy Moonswatch online and you should be prepared (perhaps) for Madame Tussauds like queues for this one.

After all, many have been flying across different time zones to snaffle one up like a well oiled truffle pig. Will you be bringing home the bacon in time for Easter? 

Failing that, make sure you have some coffee granules at the ready, maybe taken from the Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin or suitable apparatus in case of extensive lines.

SPOILER ALERT: This is definitely not a prediction as we welcome the latest iteration. The new mean and moody, black-dialled Mission To The Moonphase New Moon is now available, starting April 8th.

With an RRP of £270 it is already going for two times that on secondary platforms. 

Don’t waste time staring into space. This crafty chronograph is back with another bang and prepped for the pink moon this month.

The publicity wagon keeps on churning but this latest edition still has all the specs we have become accustomed to. 42mm case diameter? Check. 30 metre water resistance?

You got it. Moonphase function residing at 2 o’clock? Absolutely.

Rounded off with green lume on both hands and markers, with the moon and stars emanating a neon blue hue, the concealed message “I can’t sleep without a nightlight” is ever present. And that key velcro strap. 

So will we be buying our tents and camp stoves in readiness? We think not. But there will be as many waiting for the Mission To The Moonphase New Moon than those folks standing outside Palexpo for Watches and Wonders 2024



Prepare yourselves for more Moonswatch madness timelords.

With more spin than Tony Blair’s former spokesperson Alistair Campbell, the Snoopy Moonswatch has landed with gusto. It appears it’s all white on the night as once again, we must doth our cap to Swatch who really know how to milk this timekeeping machine. 

On the other hand, we like that they have revitalised this collection, not with flower power or a random fruit stuck on the chronograph second hand, but with an ingenious moonphase…and a significant tribute to NASA’s official hounddog. The ideal execution.

But unlike Elvis, we won’t be crying all the time if we don’t land one yet. Flippers and secondary market sites will no doubt be hot with models fetching up to 4 or 5 times the RRP, as per previous Moonswatch iterations.

Together with the double whammy of the new 2024 white dial Speedmaster, previously flexed by James Bond impresario Daniel Craig back at the end of last year, they have achieved more box office hits than Jake Paul v Mike Tyson will ever receive when they meet in the ring.

Keep your paws to the ground for now. Worse case scenario is you can always see if the puppy dog eyes approach works in store!

Mind you, if your luck’s out, we know the perfect place to buy an Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary Edition or beloved Speedy at the best possible price.

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Image credit unless stated otherwise: Omega and Swatch


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