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How to Sell An Omega Speedmaster Watch | Chrono Hunter

Question Time: How Do I Sell My Omega Speedmaster Watch?


Is your mind plagued with questions on “How do I sell my Omega Speedmaster?’ or “things to do before I sell my Omega Speedmaster”. If you happen to own a pre-owned or a second-hand Omega Speedmaster piece, you may find yourself holding a piece of great financial value. 

If you want to sell your Omega Speedmaster and enjoy the best prices paid, you have come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you have a pre-owned or used Speedmaster. Our essential guide will show you that you could make decent money when you sell your watch.

Forget those concerns and questions like “What is the value of my Speedmaster?” “How can I receive top prices paid for my Speedmaster, or “Where can I sell my Speedmaster quickly? Sure, you may not want to concern yourself and store it back in your wardrobe for another time. On the other hand, you might consider what if I decided to sell my Omega.

Of course, you’ll undoubtedly then find yourself probing whether or not your pre-owned Omega Speedmaster loses value and, for the unlucky ones, “can I sell my Omega Speedmaster with no documentation?” The quick answer is to turn to Chrono Hunter as the site to alleviate all those concerns when you want to sell your Omega Speedmaster. Plus, enjoy top prices paid thanks to multiple offers from our trusted network of retailers with a quick turnaround…all at the swipe of a finger! 

But before we delve into the Speedmaster, is Omega considered a top luxury brand when you come to sell your watch?


Brief History Of Omega


They are one of the key driving forces in the horological industry. This is a phrase that us at Chrono Hunter do not take lightly! The Swiss made brand prides itself on immense achievements and has been lauded for them over time. 

The Swiss outfit released the first ever minute repeating wrist worn timepiece with Audmears Piguet in 1892, released the Speedmaster which became the first piece on the moon in 1969 and cemented themselves through their introduction of Master Chronometer watches, blending both COSC and METAS certification in 2015.

The Speedmaster is ultimately one of the most important models in the lunar world and general horology. As the first collection on the moon as worn by Buzz Aldrin in 1969, the piece that saved The Apollo 11 and 13 and has been worn on six lunar missions since its release in 1957. 


Net Worth


Omega brings in around 2.470 million CHF a year and releases around 560,000 watches a year, showcasing their immense production rate while still adhering to high quality novelties.  

Sending away your second-hand Omega Speedmaster piece is therefore not something that you will feel comfortable doing straight away. The amount of salesmen and jewellery shops that are throwing offers at you may even become overwhelming.Or you may get a raw deal as they might not know like us the true value of a timepiece. 

Take a load off, Timelords… And put the load right on us!

Chrono Hunter is the ultimate platform for you to sell your Omega Speedmaster. With only the best prices paid for your model, we ensure that you can step away from an offer if it’s not quite right for you. 

Providing a no-obligation quote, we understand you and the market like no other. Through our established networks with trusted retailers, first rate customer service and our brand expertise, get an accurate valuation and an exceptionally smooth selling experience from start to finish. 

As one of the UK’s leading online marketplace specialists where one can sell an Omega Speedmaster, Chrono Hunter are always looking for ladies and men’s Speedmaster timepieces. Whether you are looking to sell your Constellation or Seamasters, we are confident that we can provide the best price for your model.

If you feel like we are the one’s for you, contact us here so we can give you only the best insights possible when you sell your Omega Speedmaster. Guaranteeing best prices paid, speedy turnaround and outstanding reviews, conclude your sale with the retailer directly in the safest and most secure environment. It’s really that seamless. 

Now it’s time to get into the precise details on what you need to do to ensure you sell your Omega Speedmaster with little buyer friction.


Things To Do Before Selling Your Omega Speedmaster


To sell your Omega Speedmaster fast and without a hassle may seem like a dream, but with Chrono Hunter, it’s quickly becoming a reality!


Source - Brand’s Site

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The most important thing you can do is just give a little bit of leg work to ensure your timepiece is sold swiftly. Not to worry, you won’t lose your mind as it’s only a few simple steps. Chrono Hunter understands the market like no other and can give you the best possible valuation on your Speedmaster.  

The key things to have to hand are your papers, sales receipts and necessary documentation. These things are critical as they allow for an ownership trail to be clearly followed and similarly showcase the authenticity of the piece. 

Certification is a key aspect when you sell your Omega Speedmaster. People like to know exactly what they are buying, especially when they are putting a sizable sum of money on the line. These papers also have a direct link to things like repair records, allowing the buyer to see if there have been any alterations to the models or watches. 

For your own benefit, the papers allow you to clearly see the model number and name. When you sell your Omega Speedmaster, you want the buyer to feel at ease and completely comfortable in your model, knowing the exact heritage and condition behind the timepiece. There’s no time to cut corners here if you want to put up for sale your Speedmaster.

Keep them happy by providing documentation that links to the legitimacy of your second-hand Omega Speedmaster. The next important aspect to trade your Speedmaster is to ensure that photos are clearly taken. The beautiful sunrise or your dog playing in the snow may look delightful, but snapping a photo of your Speedmaster is much simpler. 

Let’s use a handy example as a timekeeping demo…The Moonwatch Professional Master Chronometer Chronograph is crafted out of Canopus Gold which is the brand's variation of an 18K white gold alloy and nicknamed after Canopus, 71 times bigger and 10,000 times brighter than the sun. 

The beautiful white dial and exceptional precious metal case needs to be properly lit in order to boast the stunning shine. Ensure you catch a cheeky glint of the precious metal within your photos! After all, you want to get rid of your Speedmaster in the best possible light! Find a bright area and ensure the buyer can clearly see the watches in all their glory. You wouldn’t want your buyer having to squint or recoil would you?


Where Can I Sell My Omega Speedmaster?


There are various sites and places you can venture to in order to sell your Omega Speedmaster. 


Source - Brand’s Site

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Luxury brands such as Omega are in constant high demand with buyers, especially lunar based models like The Speedmaster. After all, this isn’t a trendy T-shirt that goes out of season the very next month! It’s important to appreciate just how important The Speedmaster is to horological collectors and why you should make sure your model goes fast to a reputable platform like Chrono Hunter in order to achieve the best prices paid. 


Auction House


Auction houses operate from a simple process across every facet of sale. This includes houses, cars and even rare works of art. With buyers collected in one room or via the telephone, the heart rate may increase as you see your luxury model increase in value. Certainly one for adrenaline junkies!

You can generally be assured that the auction houses you visit tend to be certified and regulated, ensuring your pricey, second-hand Speedmaster doesn't get shifted off to some dodgy individual at the back of the room. 

Don’t get too comfortable on this factoid however. You may find that your Speedmaster goes for under what you wanted. The highest bidder is the one who can take your timepiece home, even if they have snapped it up for vastly under what you were expecting. 

Auction houses may not be the best choice for you if you suffer from high blood pressure or are prone to fainting from overexcitement! We recommend you keep things easy, transparent and most importantly secure with an online platform like Chrono Hunter. Offering a fantastic level of service, a quick turnaround with the best prices possible, let’s join forces and get your Speedmaster sold swiftly and as efficiently as possible. 




You may find that other online marketplaces are what float your boat. Ebay has been buying and dealing more than Jordan Belfort and his Wall Street wolves. Presented with a strong history, the platform is an immense site, but it still suffers a few drawbacks.  

Ebay dealers may believe that they are completely secure, but in some instances, they find that the buyers do not follow through with the payment, even though they have promised to give a suitable value. In some instances, a purchaser may seem extremely keen and go through to the final stage, but decide not to go through with the deal. 

To fall at the eleventh hour is something that will not transpire with Chrono Hunter as all our retailers are verified through a rigorous process ensuring you sell your Omega Speedmaster for the best possible price.

Although Ebay is more than happy to dole out refunds, you will have to chat for hours with an online advisor, justifying your timepiece and the events surrounding your scam. We wouldn’t want you to be staring glumly at our website! Chrono Hunter is the key platform as it offers multiple offers from the best retailers around, with extensive experience and a strong track record. Chrono Hunter looks over every single transaction, ensuring your watches are sold correctly right through to its completion.

Get the best prices paid and sell your Omega Speedmaster fast. You’ve got it and we want it. Easy, Timelords!


How Much is An Omega Speedmaster Worth?


They are certainly not cheap, but they are also highly lauded by the horological industry for their prestige and importance. 


Source - Christie’s

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In truth, they are incredibly revolutionary. As the first edition on the moon strapped on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist in 1969, The Speedmaster is not just a highly durable and sporty chronograph, it’s also ladened with a rich lineal history. 

At the time of writing, the watches have a low retail value of around £3,600 for the De Ville Prestige. Compared with models like The Speedmaster, its lowest value is £4,800, these prices are rather accessible to the modern consumer, especially when compared with other mega-brands like Audemars Piguet

Their cheapest entry level piece is The Royal Oak Quartz that retails around £14,900, showing a huge difference in terms of value of around 76% compared between the two brands.

Do not be dismayed by this, Timelords. You have bought one of the major luxury brands for an accessible price. Nothing wrong with that!

They are built with excellence in mind. Take for example the Master Chronometer certification that is placed on the majority of the pieces. Undergoing two certifications through COSC and METAS, the piece has to undergo a 10-day process to ensure the watches are top notch for you hungry horophiles. 

What can we say, Timelords. For us we find the Seamaster and Speedmaster collections mainly hold value with other ranges decreasing like the Constellation and Prestige. Again this is dependent on when you dipped your toe in the market and bought at the top or bottom of it. Mind you, there are some models that have the chance to retain their value when you go to sell your Omega Speedmaster. 

It has a number of models which are priced exceptionally higher than standard editions due to their vintage or rare allure. Take for example The Speedmaster Ed White 105.003. Released in 1964, the watches only ran through to 1969, making this a limited piece. Furthermore, it was owned by astronaut Ed White who wore it during the first ever spacewalk in history. 

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pre-owned Speedmaster that is vintage or scarce, they have every potential of being worth possibly more than you paid for it.


What Famous People Wear A Speedmaster?


It is worn by a number of high profile celebs and popular cultural icons.


Ryan Reynolds - Source - Omega Forums

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Focusing on elite celebs, they are worn by Moonswatch Neptune owner Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Mark Knopfler, Dennis Quaid, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell and Ryan Reynolds.


Do Omega Speedmaster Watches Lose Value?


They generally do not hold their value particularly well. It’s typically averaged that they will lose around 23% in their first year. 

Source - Brand’s Site

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Considering Panerai loses around 38%, TAG Heuer loses around 50% and IWC loses around 40%, they actually do rather well when it comes to the rate at which they lose value. But it’s still not a great investment regardless unless you bought at the bottom of the market or have held a Speedmaster for a significant number of years. 

Take for example the reference 310. As a standard edition of the collection, it’s made of stainless steel and closely follows the original construction of the watches, including three chronograph subdials and circular construction. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster at retail for £6,600 but it only goes on the secondary market for around £5,100 at the time of writing. A big cross in our investment book.

Releasing around 500,000 watches a year, they have a prolific work rate, especially since all of them are COSC certified, showcasing the quality and precision of the pieces. 

However, it all depends on whether or not you can get your hands on a scarcer or vintage timepiece. After all, when it comes down to a piece yielding a good value at resale, there are a number of aspects it has to fulfil to perform well aside from the following;

  • Provenance
  • Condition
  • Rarity
  • Market Conditions


If these points are met, your watches may be primed as a good piece for resale. Let’s not kid ourselves and say a second-hand Omega or used model will perform like a Patek Philippe Calatrava or a Vacheron Constantin Retrograde date. Human’s love the rare and desirable. Like a fine Margaux wine, keep your eyes for those criteria above and you may find your watches are perfect to trade in your precious timepiece. 

As one of the leading platforms in the UK to buy a watch or sell a watch, let Chrono Hunter assist you in disposing of your beloved timepiece. Covering not just The Speedmaster, but The Seamaster and any other luxury timepiece you could dream of, Chrono Hunter has peerless service, complemented with a strong repertoire of highly established luxury retailers where you can benefit from multiple offers on the pieces you wish to sell. 

Save money the smart way through Chrono Hunter and ensure you get the best valuations, top prices paid and cash quickly when you sell your Omega Speedmaster…all done in the safest environment. 


How Do I Know If My Omega Speedmaster Is Genuine?


It is too respected and adored to not check if it’s genuine or not. In fact, when you trade your watch, there are a number of pointers you should look for to ensure if it is the real deal. 

  • Are the precious metals gleaming like they should? Watches like the Moonwatch in Moonshine Gold 310. give a gorgeous glow. Make sure it does!
  • They are not cheap. Make sure you don’t get a piece that is obscenely cheaper because they're probably fake. A telltale sign of a fake piece is that the luminous dot at 12 o’clock may be slightly off centre or the finish is uneven.
  • Their watches are Master Chronometer certified, meaning your piece should be incredibly precise. If not, they are unquestionably fake watches with an even faker movement!
  • They tend to feature the text “Speedmaster Professional”. The serial number is located on the caseback for most models, typically on the bottom of one of the lugs.


Does An Omega Speedmaster Hold Its Value?


In short, their watches will not hold their value particularly well at resale. 


Source - Christie’s

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Losing around 23% during the first year, they do not hold their value that well. However, that is a title that is reserved for only the biggest brands only which have deciphering factors such as brand reputation, materials, craftsmanship and exclusivity. These include the “holy trinity”, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe

Taking this into account, other luxury watch brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Zenith lose similar figures, while reputable luxury brands like TAG Heuer lose more at 50% while Panerai sits around 35%-40%. 

As we mentioned, the best pieces to keep your eyes on are those that are rare or vintage watches. One piece is the Speedmaster Professional Calibre 321 Chronograph 42mm. Crafted out of the precious metal platinum, the watch features three sub dials with lunar aesthetics. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 Chronograph 42mm at retail for £61,600, but it sells on the secondary market for figures touching £63,500 and having a median value of around £53,000 at the time of writing.

A vintage example is The Professional 145022-69 ST. Owned by astronaut Ron Evans, the watches were adorned by him on board The Apollo 17 Command Module America during a heat flow experiment. Representing the first ever Speedmaster to travel into space with the 861 calibre, the watches sold at a Christie’s auction in 2015 for around £200,000.

The Broad Arrow 2915-2 is another sought after watch that does particularly well at resale. Manufactured in 1958, The 2915 reference is the first for The Speedmaster collection that was made between 1957 and 1959. Noted for their rare Broad Arrow hands, this watch sold at a Christie’s auction in 2015 for around £95,000 at the time of writing. 


Can I Sell An Omega Speedmaster Without Proper Documentation?


Yes you can but you will not obtain as much cash upon resale. Getting rid of your watch without the correct sheets and documents may prove to be quite a tough endeavour. 

The watches hold value, but only if the buyer knows that the watches are genuine. The valuation of your timepiece is affected if you lack the papers so allow us to walk you through why they are so important. 

Accompanied by a series of documents that act as evidence for the genuinity of your timepiece. They make your timepiece authentic and relate to a number of prime aspects like repairs, replacements and confirming that it is what it says it is. 

There’s a high chance that your watches come with a 5 year warranty that covers all the repair and manufacturing defects throughout this period. We aren't saying to get it fixed up, but  the warranty is a great piece of legitimising documentation, proving your novelty is genuine. 

Take a look for a certificate that relates to the serial number of your timepiece. This is incredibly important as it comes with every timepiece that emerges from an authorised dealer or from themselves. Make sure you have this to avoid any unnecessary probing over the authenticity. 

Aside from us ranting and raving about the importance of these documents, don’t despair if you have lost them. A sales receipt can prove to be enough authentication for your piece but you will not receive as much without the correct paperwork. Still confused? Have a chat with us here and we can talk you through the entire process of the sale and provide a no-obligation estimate. 


Why Should I Sell My Omega Speedmaster Via Chrono Hunter?


  • Our dedicated app is available on both Android and Apple marketplace to track your offers 24 hours a day.
  • With Chrono Hunter, enjoy multiple offers from a variety of highly reputable retailers who have all been carefully curated by us.
  • On Trustpilot, we have an outstanding reputation for guaranteeing a safe and secure environment with peerless service, quick turnaround and the best prices paid, delivering an exceptional selling experience. 
  • You will never get a raw deal or incorrect valuation when you sell. Our representatives are highly knowledgeable on all manner of luxury brands and can swiftly determine a true valuation of a watch quickly. For a no-obligation valuation of your timepiece, feel free to contact us with a simple phone call on +44 20 3966 5775, or an email here.
  • We have access to many retailers on our platform that can offer the best prices paid and cash quickly. You’re not locked into one company with us!




“To sell my Omega Speedmaster, or not to sell my Omega Speedmaster. That is the question”. Answer, Chrono Hunter puts in all the leg work, including the smoothest selling transaction, meaning all you need is your paperwork and a big smile!

Ensuring the documents are sorted, you’ve snapped high quality photos and you’ve understood just how celebrated these watches really are, Chrono Hunter can help you get your watches sold, get cash quickly and achieve the best prices paid in the most secure environment. Our Trustpilot reviews reflect the way in which we go the extra mile for all our customer who want to sell an Omega

The final stage is ensuring you end up at the best site possible. What a waste to not entrust your beloved pre-owned Speedmaster with us! With Chrono Hunter, you can receive real time offers in no time via our trusted network of the best luxury retailers…under one safe platform. 

Chrono Hunter is a prime online marketplace for those looking to sell an Omega and are always on the lookout for ladies and men’s Speedmaster watches. We are confident that we can provide the best service and price for your watch. After all, we want you to feel at ease with your sale.

Your pre-owned Speedmaster is undeniably in the best hands!


Want to be in the know about how to sell your Omega? Looking for a swift valuation and an even quicker transaction? Chrono Hunter is the only option for dealing quickly and for the best prices possible. Why not take a look at our form to see how much your watches may reach a valuation for. By including a few details, we put in the hard yards to provide you with a true valuation of your watches. 

We’ll connect you with only the best luxury retailers around. Contact us any time to dispel any points of concern or chat to our dedicated team on +44 20 3966 5775. With our unparalleled brand expertise, fast turnaround and in-depth market knowledge, we know how vital it is to experience a world class, seamless and most importantly secure sale.  

Expect nothing but the most accurate valuations and top prices paid when you deal with us. 


Discover, hunt, buy, sell


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