Examining The Iconic History Of The Omega Speedmaster - Chrono Hunter
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Examining The Iconic History Of The Omega Speedmaster - Chrono Hunter

Examining The Iconic History Of The Omega Speedmaster - Chrono Hunter


Well, where do we begin with the illustrious history of the Omega Speedmaster. What Hulk Hogan is to wrestling and Gaudi is to modern art, the Speedy is an icon in its own right. Arguably one of the most influential watches of all time, it is a leader, a horological big hitter and a cultural institution. Let us take time out to explain. 

Thanks to its lunar feats, it’s actually quite difficult to put into words just how important and revolutionary the Speedy is! The Omega Speedmaster Professional has been ticking along for more than 60 years. Its uncompromising and unwavering design has remained unchanged with its purpose resoundingly fixed around the incredible history of it being the first timepiece on the moon. 

After all, its very own nickname has garnered attention and the highest esteem from collectors and enthusiasts across the globe. Is this the world’s most recognizable chronograph? Most likely. 

It’s not just us that thinks this either. Our friends at WatchGecko also rave about the incredible effect on the horological world. Stating “The Speedmaster has arguably become the most famous watch in the world and can claim the technical wonder of being the first watch to be worn on an extra-terrestrial body or float in the vast blackness of space”, we can only nod and agree!

Let’s leave the preambles here for a second and get straight into the history of the Omega Speedmaster Professional in all its horological glory.


History Of The Omega Speedmaster


The Start Of The Journey

Right then…it’s time to set the scene. The year is 1957, the Final Frontier had not been on our screens and under the dawn of a brand new watch came none other than…The Speedmaster



ACP - Source - Omega Forums

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Called The Broad Arrow due to its very present, wide arrow hands, this was certainly not only the first Speedmaster. In fact, it was the first chronograph in the world with a tachymetric scale on the bezel, instead of the usual design of it positioned on the dial. 

At 39mm, the model is given a hesalite crystal with the old school lume named Radium. As part of the trilogy of Professional watches, the other two editions are the well known Seamaster and the quiet Railmaster. 

Contrary to popular belief, Omega (and NASA) have had watches up in space before. Please enter the second Speedmaster. Featuring lollipop style seconds hands, Alpha hour and minute hands with a black aluminium bezel, this piece was worn by a gentleman named Walter Schirra. Worn in 1962, he chose the Speedmaster on his Sigma 7 mission during the Mercury program. 

Jump (see what we did there!) to 1963, and The Speedmaster is very steadily progressing up the ranks of becoming a piece fit for space and NASA’s tickbox. The third generation edition was the first to pass NASA’s testing to be certified safe or flying. 

Worn on the Gemini and Apollo missions (the Apollo missions totalling 14 attempts), this model was the game changer for Omega. Still featuring a hesalite crystal and the introduction of tritium, the timepiece size rocketed to 40mm and was perfect for NASA’s aims.

A new edition was launched in 1964 as an ode to the collection's original racing origins, as noted with its tachymetric scale. Specially ordered by the Automovil Club Peruano based in Peru, the tachymetric scale was perfect for measuring laps on a racetrack. Capped at 50 pieces, it’s noted for its ACP lettering on the dial.


The Main Event

Now, the time has come for icons to claim their thrones. It’s one small step for luxury and one giant leap for mankind into space. 

In 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and what was probably the entire NASA team on the ground performed a moon landing, representing the first ever lunar landing in space. Now, history would have it that Buzz Aldrin was the first one off the space shuttle and completed the moon landing while wearing a Speedmaster. Fast forward and it’s actually the watch that's been utilised on most space orientated NASA lunar missions.


1969 Limited Edition Speedmaster - Source - Christies

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A brand new asymmetrical case was created in order to protect the crown and pushers, plus it finally recognised its heritage by printing “Professional” onto the dial. At 42mm, the timepiece was pretty bulky, but perfect for the lunar mission for the moon landing.

A new edition was then released in 1968 with an updated calibre 861 movement. Representing a drastic change for the Speedmaster, the movement offered more precision as well as featuring the text;


In 1968, another edition was released alongside the previous model, featuring a racing dial with bicolour minute markers and orange hands to enhance the readability of the chronograph.

Where would we be if there were no commemorative pieces celebrating great feats? In 1969 a new Speedmaster was released entirely out of 18K yellow gold. Given a rare burgundy bezel, these watches were granted to 19 astronauts during a Gala in Houston to celebrate the Apollo 11 space moon landing. The Apollo 11 landing was a gigantic event which required only the best from Omega!

In 1969, Omega made the brave decision of releasing a brand new Speedmaster Mark II. Representing a more streamlined edition of the classic model, this was the first design alteration in its entire history. The case is more of a barrel shape to enhance readability and included a brand new mineral glass. 

In 1973, The Speedmaster 125 was unveiled and deemed to be the world’s first automatic chronograph to receive a Chronometer certification. Released to celebrate The Omega brand in 1848, the model was adopted by Vladimir Dzhanibekov who wore the piece in 1978 wherein he spent 145 days at 16 hours in space. 


Modern Day Omega Speedmaster

The Speedmaster has come on leaps and bounds since its fantastic historical ties with the Professional collection and the Broad Hand editions.

Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary - Source Brand site

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In 2015, A Silver Snoopy Award Omega Speedmaster Professional edition was released as a tribute to the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 and The Silver Snoopy Award that they received from NASA. What’s so special about this honour? Well, it's a special honour granted to NASA employees and those that work with them for outstanding performance in space. 

Suffice to say, NASA only grants this to those that have significantly altered the outcome of a space expedition. Thanks for the certification, NASA!

It featured a particularly special white dial white dial with Snoopy situated in the 9 o’clock sub dial and a 925 silver Snoopy medallion surrounded by blue enamel on the caseback. Meanwhile, The Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition was released that year, celebrating Omega’s work with Solar Impulse, a team that circled the world in a solar powered aeroplane in 2016. Not quite space or NASA based this time!

Omega were as busy as bees that year, as they also released The Omega Speedmaster ‘57, celebrating the start of the journey. Featuring a classic black dial with beige indications and straight lugs with a brushed bezel, this is the piece that was worn by George Clooney during Omega’s advertising campaign in 2015. 

In 2016, The Speedmaster CK2998 followed on from the Original Omega CK2998 of 1959. As an extremely sought after vintage piece, Omega have capitalised on its popularity with a new model that has classic lollipop and Alpha hands, and three blue subdials and bezel. 

Omega similarly released The Moon-Phase, the first timepiece from the collection to be certified as a Master Chronometer. Take a look at the complication as it’s an actual NASA shot photograph with an astronaut's footprint. 

Now, with a vast variety of alterations and new versions such as the Dark Side Of The Moon and Super Racing editions, it is very much a collection of the people and still for the folks at NASA. And you know we are all about you devoted timekeepers out there.

After all, which other collection from any brand has a timepiece that's a tribute to the online community? Shall we mention the #SpeedyTuesday version that marks the first Omega marketed just through social media and sold exclusively online?


What Does A Modern Omega Speedmaster Look Like?


The new watches, in all their funky marketing colours and various materials, will tend to have a few components which remain the same.

Modern Edition - Source - Reddit

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Crafted with a 42mm case, the lugs tend to total around 20mm. The dials are usually black and given three sub dials in a non contrasting black shade, but sunken in to boast their legibility, especially since they feature white indices and hands. 

Dosed up with Super-Luminova, the watches are incredibly legible in low light situations. Protected by Hesalite acrylic crystal like the watches of old, they are made from this due to their anti shatter properties when bounding around in space. While you could have a sapphire crystal, we prefer to keep things authentic. 

Upgraded from the calibre 321 to the brand new 3861 movement, you can be guaranteed you’ll receive the best precision and accuracy due to their Master Chronometer Certification and Co-axial Escapement. 


What Are The Most Popular Speedmaster Models?


There are a number of models, editions and watches which are tinkling a lot of horologists' ivories. Either due to the unorthodox play on the collection, or the funky style, here are our top five Speedmaster watches that are getting people ready to zoom to the celestial body.


Dark Side Of The Moon Chronograph 44.25mm Apollo 8

The Dark Side Of The Moon version of this collection doesn’t actually relate to Pink Floyd’s incredible, psychedelic album (unless they’ve added an Apollo 8 related song when we weren't looking!)

Apollo 8 Dark Side Of The Moon - Source - Reddit

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In 1968, The Apollo 8 crew were the first humans to ever witness the greatness of the dark side of the white dot in the sky. In commemoration of such an event, 50 years later, the brand released the Dark Side Of The Moon Chronograph as an ode to such an incredible discovery.

In fact, did you know that Apollo 8 orbited the celestial body in space 10 times over a matter of 2 hours during its mission? Its skeletonised dial is a joy while the timepiece is atop a beautiful black leather strap with yellow rubber effects that run through the middle. The model itself is crafted out of black ceramic while the dial is created to boast the blackened movement within. 

The movement has been laser-ablated, allowing a lunar crevice effect to feature on the movement, reminiscent of the views from Apollo 8. Like Pharrell Williams, they just keep on innovating that horological wheel. 

It’s not all moody however. The chronograph hands are varnished yellow with the tachymetric scale and crown daubed to the nines with white Super-Luminova. Fearing you’ll forget the collection? There is “Speedmaster” text in a bright yellow colour. 

Flip the model over and continue the venture into horological greatness. The caseback is entirely transparent, with text stating “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE”. You space lovers will know that these are the words spoken by astronaut Jim Lovell to ground control as Apollo 8 reaches the dark side in space. They really are the horological gift that keeps on giving.

All we needed was David Bowie on Apollo 8 and we would’ve had ourselves the perfect photoshoot for the Starman song!

Even the calibre is an ode to such an incredible celestial being. The front of the dial shows a lighter grey shade with many crevices, representing the celestial surface from earth. The back of the model showcases the dark side in a much more moodier shade. 

The calibre 1869 is certainly nothing to turn your back on. Given a fairly solid 48 hour power reserve and a modest frequency of 3Hz, the timepiece is an upgrade to the original 1861 calibre. This is the signature timepiece for all space lovers. We recommend flexing this with a black leather jacket to boost your mystery. If not, get dressed up with a white suit shirt to let the black timepiece beam out.

Its ceramic casing and ode to such a famed mission, means this is a great piece for any horological minded investor. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon at retail for £9,900 at the time of writing.


Moonwatch Professional 310.

The Moonwatch, and in particular the uncommon 1987 automatic model is seen by many collectors as grail worthy.

The 1987 Automatic model was the first Speedmaster that combined an automatic movement with a case. With its release limited to just two years worth, it’s been nicknamed the “Holy Grail” due to its incredible scarcity. 

At 40mm of stainless steel, the model’s dial is black with old school tritium lume which is highly desired for vintage pieces. 

310. - Source - Reddit

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As the model that’s been a part of all six moon landings, if it's good enough for the guys floating about upstairs, we are sure it’ll be perfect for you if you decide to buy an Omega! Crafted on top of a 5 link bracelet, it undergoes a beautiful polish, showcasing the dressy nature of the piece. 

At 42mm, the timepiece is crafted out of stainless steel and features a beautiful sapphire crystal on the front and back. If you paid attention during our history lesson, you may remember that this design closely resembles the 4th generation versions.

Crafted with the classic asymmetrical case, and a black step dial, there is the famed “dot over 90” on the tachymetric scale. The bezel is crafted out of aluminium and is anodised, allowing for it to be extremely legible. Rolex’s Cerachrom? Maybe not, but this is an ode to a timeless period.

The timepiece is powered by the Calibre 3861. Running all the functions like the 30 minute, 12 hour and small seconds sub dials, the calibre is a Master Chronometer which means it is tested twice, once as a chronometer, and again by METAS. Resistant up to 15,000 gauss, the model is anti-magnetic and looks stunning due to the Geneva Waves finish.  

With a 50 hour power reserve and a frequency of 3Hz, the model is a stylish adaptation to your everyday outfit. This includes a black suit for the office, and a grey cashmere jumper or pastel polo for those less formal social events. 

Its iconic asymmetrical shape, chronometric classification and amazing background mean this is a timepiece for the investor. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional at retail for £7,400 at the time of writing. 


Speedmaster ‘57

Feeling like you want to showboat your horological know-how in the best way possible? Why not turn back time to the very start?

‘57 - Source - Reddit

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Measuring 40.50mm, as opposed to the later 42mm models, this is a model that's designed solely as an ode to the iconic 1957 watches. Crafted out of stainless steel and featuring a pitch black dial, the hour markers are recessed, boasting a vintage form of Super-Luminova. 

Featuring the iconic Broad Arrow hands with the oversized arrow shaped heads, there is a beautiful date aperture located at 6 o’clock and a small seconds sub dial at 9 o’clock with a 12 hour and 60 minute subdial at 3 o’clock. 

The bezel undergoes a brushed aesthetic and a blackened tachymeter scale. If you flip the case over, you may notice the “Speedmaster ‘57” engraving, and a flat sapphire crystal that's undergone anti-reflective treatment. 

Debuted in 2013, it returned this year with gusto in an updated Master Chronometer status and a much more slender build. Originally worn by the likes of actors George Clooney and Hyun Bin, this is a collection that has superseded the lunar world and ended up as a buddy of the social elites. 

Powered by the Calibre Omega 9906, the piece is Master Chronometer certified. Combining METAS and COSC certification, the model is capable of hitting 15,000 gauss that powers the small seconds, date function, 12 hour and 60 minute counter effortlessly.

Its vintage allure means your outfits must follow suit. While we aren't talking about an old prospector mining outfit, you may find that vintage brown brogues or a well worn suede jacket may be the style solution. We don’t want any horological faux pas when out and about getting your flex on.

Its representation as the start of an incredible Speedmaster journey, in demand vintage Luminova and iconic size means this is a watch for you investment lovers. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster ‘57 at retail for £8,700 at the time of writing. 


Omega Speedmaster Racing 329.

Racing and the collection may not seem likely due to its celestial relationships, but they are more intertwined than you may originally perceive. 

Racing 329. - Source - Reddit

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At 44.25mm of solid stainless steel, the watch features a black ceramic bezel that houses the famed tachymeter scale in Liquidmetal. In essence, Liquidmetal represented their venture into forwarding the world of ceramics. 

Since 2010, Liquidmetal has been bonding the brand’s ceramics which allows for new designs in a steely grey sheen. Made out of titanium, zirconium and copper, this alloy is three times harder than steel and can be given a variety of finishes. Tough call but someone has to do it.

The sapphire crystal is intentionally flattened, allowing for the dial to appear wider, boasting its legibility. On the black dial, notice the racing inspired minute track which edges around the periphery of its face. The racing dial is different to the likes of the Rolex Daytona due to its alternating minute track style which is closely linked to the 1968 design.

Containing two sub dials with blackened rings and a 6 o’clock date function that matches the black allure, the hour and minute hands are rhodium plated, while the indexes choose 18K white gold and dosed with Super-Luminova. 

Powered by the Calibre 9900, it is Master Chronometer Certified and is capable of reaching 15,000 gauss. Reaching an impressive 60 hours of power reserve with a solid frequency of 4Hz, the watch is prime for the man with a pulse for speed or an overseas business trip.

Its combination of a steel casing and black dial is timeless and should be complemented with a black sports jacket for informal events, or a grey suit if you are feeling a little snappier. Its unorthodox minute track and links back to stunning 1968 editions means this is a watch worthy of investment. 

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Racing at retail for £8,800 at the time of writing.



At 44.25mm, this watch is crafted out of stainless steel and expands from the classic design with a delightful moonphase adaptation. 

MoonPhase - Source - Brand site

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Featuring an evening blue, sun-brushed dial, the light is reflected exceptionally well across the piece. Circling the dial is a ceramic bezel ring which is crafted with liquid metal complete with tachymetric scale and based on top of a blue leather strap. 

The twin sub dials feature two hands in each one which is rather unorthodox, but suits the symmetrical nature of the watch. Of course, we are really gearing up for the exceptionally interesting part…the moonphase function which resides at 6 o’clock. 

The astrologists may already know that a lunar month doesn't total 30 days, but it equates to over 29.5 days. As you can imagine, this is incredibly hard to calculate when it comes to running a lunar complication. 

They have managed to figure out a solution which utilises their gear train, a highly accurate feature that only needs changing after 10 years. To change it, all that is required is a few turns of the crown. Simple!

The compilation itself is incredibly lifelike. This is due to the feature being detailed as per a NASA photograph that’s been printed on through a special micro structuring style on a metallic crystal disc. If you put on your spectacles, you may even notice an astronaut's footprint…Incredible, Timelords. 

Powered by the Calibre 9904, the Master Chronometer certified movement can reach up to 15,000 gauss and powers the small seconds, date indication, 12 hour and 60 minute sub dials. Need we mention the main complication? 

Enjoying a 60 hours power reserve together with a hardy frequency of 4Hz, this is a hot piece with a rich blue sheen. No, we didn’t say summer blue like the recent 2023 Ploprof edition, we said rich blue! As such, get on your navy suit for dressy events, or a blue polo shirt for the family functions. 

It’s incredibly innovative function and stylish two sub dial construction means this again is a quality piece that you should consider for investment. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Moonphase at retail for £10,300 at the time of writing.


Best Speedmaster Watches For Investment


The time has arrived to put our horological heads together and deliver our pick of the best Speedmaster watches for investment. Now, there are a number of watches that you could consider as an investment piece. But firstly, just how reputable is Omega as a brand?

145022-69 ST - Source - Christie’s

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Established in 1848, they have over 170 years of watchmaking experience. Veterans of the luxury watch industry? Absolutely. Pioneers? Check. Spearheads of the timekeeping world? Yes. Omega comfortably resides in third in the top ten brands in terms of horological presence. Selling around 560,000 watches a year, they have a turnover of around £2.47 million a year. Not bad!

Fitted in with Buzz Aldrin and his Professional Moonwatch when he performed the moon landing in 1969, their watches have been worn for all six moon landings. 

Making around 500,000 pieces per year, they have enough to be diverse in their collections such as the Seamaster and Constellation, as well as the famed Speedmaster. The Speedy and Seamaster are two of the safest bets when looking at investment watches. The brand is worn by James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, through to Prince William and Elvis Presley. 

So, it’s safe to say that Omega will generally be respected enough to perform quite well upon resale, and be continued good investments. 

Take for example the Anniversary Series Silver Snoopy Award. Released to celebrate 50 years of The Silver Snoopy Award they received from NASA, the watch is crafted out of stainless steel at 42mm and features an animated Snoopy figure in a Command and Service Module that rotates on the small seconds sub dial. 

The caseback features a micro-structured metallisation of the dark side of the moon. Eerie, but really awesome to look at! I’m afraid the price is not Peanuts but you get what you pay for. Charlie Brown can turn his head away now. You can buy an Omega Anniversary Series Silver Snoopy Award at retail for £9,800. It sells on the secondary market for upwards of £15,000 at the time of writing. 

The Calibre 321 is another model that performs exceptionally well at resale. Given an obscure 30.70mm steel case, this watch is very similar to the 3rd generation watches that were worn during America’s first lunar spacewalk in 1965. 

Nicknamed Ed White as the man who wore the piece while moonwalking (not you, Micheal Jackson), you can buy an Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 at retail for £14,200 and buy it on the secondary market for around £17,000 at the time of writing.

As per the classic laws of supply and demand, the vintage and rare pieces tend to perform very well at resale due to their being a low supply and a subsequent higher demand due to their scarcity. Another one worthy of mention is The Reference 3599.99.00. Made up of a total of 23 watches, this limited edition piece was originally released in 1997 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Professional collection. This was sold at a Christie’s auction in 2014 for around £475,000. 

Or how about The Reference 2915-1. This “Broad Arrow” model was released in 1957, boasting large triangle hands which are dosed in luminescence. Featuring the brand new tachymetric scale for the era, this is a piece that revolutionised the sports world and made the collection what it is today. It sold at a Christie's auction in 2018 for around £300,000. 

One more? Go on then! The Reference 145022-69 ST was released in 1970 and had significant importance on the lunar expeditions in space. Used by the astronaut Ron Evans on the Apollo 17 Command Module America during a heat flow experiment. 

The Apollo 17 Command Module was a spacecraft that lasted 12 days and launched December 7th 1972.  This was the first ever Speedmaster to travel into space bearing the lauded calibre 861. This was sold at a Christie’s auction in 2015 for around £220,000. 


Omega Speedmaster Super Racing “Bumblebee”

As far as ode’s go, this association with the Seamaster Aqua Terra “Bumblebee is as good as it gets. 

Nicknamed the Bumblebee due to its recognisable black dial and yellow markings there’s no sting in this horological tail. Just like the 2013 Aqua Terra edition, the original was the first to feature the revolutionary Si14 balance spring with its capabilities of preventing 15,000 Gauss without a soft iron core. 

At 44.25mm, this updated Super Racing edition combines both brushed and polished aesthetics, and a signature honeycomb dial design. Of course, the real fun comes in the form of the brand new Spirate™ System. 

Allowing for small increments of just 0.1 seconds daily, the system destroys their Master Chronometer certification system into tiny silicon balance springs. Their Master Chronometer certification system offers a range of -0/+5 seconds per day to the Spirate’s new 0/+2 seconds per day.

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Super Racing at retail for £10,700 at the time of writing.


The MoonSwatch Collaboration


If you have been away this summer, the magic of watches never ends. In fact, where have you been?!

In a first time event for both Omega and Swatch, both brands collaborated in their designs to create a groundbreaking piece of horology that caused more queues than a Costco store on a weekend. 

Moonswatch Gold - Source - Reddit

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From linking Girard Perregaux and Saint Laurent to Rolex and Le-Mans, collaborations are endless in the watchmaking world. Both Swatch and Omega took their inspiration from space, releasing a sum total of 11 watches, each named after planets. Still not swept up by Moonswatch Madness?

All of the MoonSwatches are crafted out of bioceramics. Bioceramic is a very clever concoction of two thirds ceramic and one third castor oil. Each timepiece features strong colours like pink and green, counteracting the classic black and white sheens of previous models. 

However, in terms of overall design, the Moonwatch is still made up of three beautiful sub dials, a tachymetric scale and a small “Speedmaster” reference on the dial. Even down to the small dot over 90 on the tachymetric scale, the pieces are made to be alike. 

The intention behind the collaboration is its intentions on making the timepieces a little more enigmatic, featuring rarely seen colours in the horological world. The link between the brands is most apparent on the crown and dial which feature both Swatch and Omega’s emblems or names. 

To show exactly the extent of the MoonSwatch collaboration, here are the models that have been released so far with many fetching more than six times over retail on the secondary market. We wonder if Blancpain and Swatch will fare the same when they drop their hot new collab in September 2023.





Mission To The Sun



24th March 2022

Mission To Mercury



24th March 2022

Mission To Venus



24th March 2022

Mission To Earth

Mint Green/Navy


24th March 2022

Mission To The Moon



24th March 2022

Mission To The Moon Moonshine Gold

Grey/Black/Moonshine Gold Hand


April 6th 2023

Mission To Mars



24th March 2022

Mission To Jupiter

Light Brown/Bronze


24th March 2022

Mission To Saturn



24th March 2022

Mission To Uranus

Pale Blue


24th March 2022

Mission To Neptune

Navy Blue


24th March 2022

Mission To Pluto



24th March 2022

Mission To Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon Edition

Black/Grey/ Strawberry covered Moonshine Gold Hand


June 3rd 2023

Mission To Moonshine Gold Flower Edition

Black/Grey/Flower covered Moonshine Gold Hand


7th June 2023

Mission To Moonshine Gold Pink Moon

Black/Grey/Pink Lume Tip on Moonshine Gold Hand


5th May 2023

Mission To Moonshine Gold Swiss National Day Edition 

Black/Grey/ Lantern covered Moonshine Gold Hand


1st August 2023

Mission To Moonshine Gold Neptune Blue

Navy Blue Case and Dial


30th August 2023

From a vast array of planets to alternative editions of the Mission To The Moon with Omega’s proprietary gold material, we have been blessed with a truly astonishing collaboration. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Omega Speedmaster So Famous?

The Speedy collection is so famous due to its association with 6 moon landings. Worn by the likes of space cowboy Buzz Aldrin and enjoying deep-lying associations with the racing world due to its very suave tachymetric scale, this is one collection that can certainly go in your horological scrapbook.

Worn by a vast celebrity clientele like Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg and legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler, the celeb world continues to smile brightly on this magnanimous collection.


How Many Speedmaster Models Are There?

Without including the vast number of variations from original models, there are currently around 60 Speedmaster models. These stretch from the 1957 Broad Arrow right through to the 2023 Speedmaster Super Racing, known as the “Bumblebee” with a groundbreaking Spirate system and calibre 8508.


What Was The Original Omega Speedmaster?

The original Omega Speedmaster Professional was the Speedmaster Broad Arrow. Noted for its wide headed centre hands that were filled with lume, it was the first wristwatch to feature a tachymetric scale on the bezel as opposed to being printed on the dial.

Inspiring not only to the lunar and space world but also the racing world due to its tachymetric scale on the bezel. It was part of the professional collection which was released alongside the Railmaster and The Seamaster 300. 


Do Speedmasters Hold Value?

Yes, on the whole, Speedmasters tend to do quite well if you are asking us whether they hold their value.  From the classic Broad Arrow models to the first four generations of the Speedmaster, these are classed as sought after luxury watches and will perform well due to their discontinuation and subsequent scarcity. You may find that even the more modern models like the Silver Snoopy Speedmaster have the capability of holding and even surpassing their original value.


How Do I Tell What Year My Speedmaster Is?

You can tell the year of your Speedmaster by locating the whereabouts of a 7 to 8 digit serial number which should relate to the year of your Speedmaster.

This number is typically found on the movement, interior caseback, exterior caseback or via the back of the lugs. An easier alternative would be to check the documents that came with your watch. If you don’t have them, maybe it’s time to get out your spectacles!

Below are a few examples of what the serial numbers mean in relation to determining the date. 











What Are The Most Collectible Omega Speedmaster Watches?

  • 105.003 “Ed White”
  • CK2915
  • ST 145.022 “Apollo-Soyuz”
  • 311. “Speedy Tuesday Ultraman”
  • PIC 311. “Alaska Project”
  • 145.022-69 “Apollo VI”




There we have it, Timelords. The rich history of the Omega Speedmaster Professional is one and done. Covering both the thrilling and incredibly exciting phenomenon that is the NASA adored Speedy and its position in the horological world, it is revered for a reason by collectors and enthusiasts. 

Ranked highly in many people’s collections, it ticks many boxes due to its storied history and place in the history books. Starting out in 1957 with its Broad Arrow hands and later developing into the modernised 42mm piece that we (and NASA) love today, the collection has expanded and veered off into many directions. Mind you it has not sparked out just yet but rather reignited our passion for luxury watches.

Linking with Swatch to release a timepiece that is highly regarded due to its bioceramic innovation, classic Speedmaster Professional build and stunning colour schemes is a marketing brushstroke. The NASA certified Speedmaster cannot be boxed in but has now become part of an overwhelming social media trend to rival Barbiecore

However, if your heart resides with the older models and their vintage classicism, you can get one of the many technologically advanced models that feature the same construction as vintage watches. Not quite neo-vintage but this really is the best of both worlds.

So, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide on the iconic history of The Omega Speedmaster. Now, if you wanted to buy one, do you know where you’d go? We certainly do.

It’s time to fire up that mobile and boldly go where no one has gone before!

Want to buy an Omega Speedmaster Professional without getting a raw deal or enduring insufferable salesman tactics? Know that all your nearest and dearest are using Chrono Hunter to buy a watch or sell a watch? Contact us at any time to establish the value of your timepiece or take the next steps in buying your beloved Omega Speedmaster Professional to enjoy the most competitive offers. 

Ready to buy an Omega? By using our dedicated app, receive multiple offers in less than 24 hours. Priding ourselves on first class service, unrivalled brand expertise from our dedicated team and quick turnaround, we also ensure that you can sell your Omega quickly and for the best possible price. 


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