Essential Questions on How to Sell Your Omega Watch
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Essential Questions on How to Sell Your Omega Watch

Essential Questions on How to Sell Your Omega Watch


Whether selling your Omega as part of a collection, inherited a piece or lucky enough to have been gifted one, our must read guide will steer you on the path to selling success. 

Since the dawn of time (well almost), Omega has built its reputation on manufacturing some of the finest luxury watches in the world. Pioneering in every way, did you know Omega were the first to manufacture and release dive watches?

Nothing screams luxury nor accuracy than one of these bad boys around your wrist. Timeless, chic and one of the must have style accessories for your wardrobe, Omega watches have been creating fashion statements since 1848. 

Founded in a tiny workshop located in La Chaux de Fonds, this Swiss watchmaking giant remains one of the ultimate luxury watch brands. But hang on a tick. 

If you want to sell your Omega watch, you’ll need to get up to speed on what to do and which factors to consider concerning your watch's value. Omega watches are valuable investments and you may be cogitating over what to do next. If you want information as precise as an Omega Seamaster, help is at hand.

Time is of the essence as we round up some of the key questions you should know about how to sell your Omega.


What Do I Need to Sell My Omega Watch?

Paperwork is just as important if you want to sell your luxury watch. Without certification, you may receive a lower offer if the whole item is not complete. If you don’t have the necessary bits then sales receipts are useful to confirm authenticity.

Appraisers will normally want the whole nine yards if you decide to sell your Omega. To identify your timepiece, you should look for the particular model name and serial number of your Omega. 

Found within the watch paperwork, warranty card, caseback, movement or inside the watch case, this will provide appraisers with all the relevant details. You may require a magnifying glass especially if it’s a tiny serial number positioned on the caseback.


Should I Take Photos When I Sell My Omega Watch?


Good images will definitely help to sell your watch quickly. An appraiser is always looking for top quality photos with no filters or glare.

Take them on your smartphone device and make sure there’s plenty of daylight to achieve the best possible results. The way your watch is presented will aid in receiving much more interest from prospective buyers if photos are shot in brightly lit surroundings.


What if My Omega Watch is Damaged?

To ensure a seamless transaction, it is advisable to be upfront. The condition of your watch is paramount so you can’t cover it up and forget about it.

Au contraire. If you really want to sell your preloved Omega, it’s best to take note of its current condition. Does it have any pre-existing dents or scuffs? Is the dial or bezel marked? Are there any loose links or clasp issues?

The tiniest amount of damage may cause the value of your prized Omega to decrease significantly. Cleaning, polishing and maintenance are imperative if you want to obtain the best possible price.


Will Omega Watch Materials Affect the Price?

Quite possibly so.

This is yet another area that will determine the value of your Omega watch. For example, metal is far better at concealing any damage or erosion when compared to leather. 

Precious metals such as gold are considered to be more valuable than cloth like material driving the price up. In this way, the more precious metal used, the higher the intensive labour that has gone into manufacturing your watch.


What Are Some of the Best Omega Watch Models? 

Exclusivity is the order of the day.

While Omega as a name does considerably well in the luxury watch sector, you will find some models will fetch more than others on the resale market. If you own a milestone model, commemorative watch model, discontinued model or limited edition Omega model, it will stand you in good stead. 

However, an appraiser will know straight away if there’s something extra special or valuable about your particular watch.

One of the finest Omega watches to sell is the Omega Seamaster. Delivering first rate innovation since 1932, this highly respected diving watch has made waves across a myriad of appearances. 

Known as the “Masters of the Sea”, Omega have released a wealth of luxury watches over time. As part of the Seamaster collection including the Planet Ocean 600m and Omega Seamaster 300m, this high end Swiss manufacturer has produced everything from sporty to quartz right through to mechanical watches.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m - Source: Omega      

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Another rare Omega model proving to be a watch winner is the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph. Measuring 42mm in diameter, this watch helped grow Omega’s credibility to new heights.

Perhaps you want to sell a vintage Omega? A pre-1968 Speedmaster offers even greater value and is highly sought after due to its distinctive features. 

What’s more, the Omega Speedmaster has the distinct honour of being the first timepiece to land on the moon. This is reflected in the Snoopy Speedmaster which is considered one of the rarest of them all and is highly valuable. 

Source: Omega

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


The original model played the vital timekeeping role in an engine burn managing to save the crew members of Apollo 13. A new flight course was built and the rest as they say is history. Talk about cosmic powers. 

Paying homage to NASA’s “Silver Snoopy Award”, bestowed on Omega for its contribution to space exploration, the brand took one step further with the introduction of a 50th anniversary edition.


Why Are Omega Watches So Valuable?

Its 50 year plus connection to NASA as its go to watch choice, extensive history and outstanding Swiss workmanship keep Omega at the forefront of luxury watchmaking.


Daniel Craig sporting the Omega Seamaster 300M, Source: Forbes

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And it’s not just watchmaking as to why the brand is a roaring success. Celebrity wearers of Omega through the years have featured Prince William, Tom Hanks and James Bond actor Daniel Craig who wore a Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer in “No Time to Die”.

Your watch will no doubt have a licence to thrill any appraiser as Omega remains one of the hottest status symbols around.


What Dictates the Selling Price of an Omega Watch?

Like the FTSE 100, the watch sector can go both up and down. If you want to sell your Omega, it ultimately boils down to supply and demand. This may have an impact on both used Omega watches and vintage models.

If there’s a surge in the retail price, your watch may follow suit and increase in value. Nevertheless, if you want to sell a pre-owned Omega watch, it’s up to what someone is willing to pay for your unique timepiece as well as external factors. 

If you made your purchase a few years ago or under market value, your investment is more likely to appreciate in the long term.



We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide on how to sell your Omega watch. This should give you all the tools when it comes to trading in your watch. As Omegas are sound investments and you can satisfy all the points above then congratulations. You’ll have a gorgeous piece of luxury apparel at your fingertips.

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