Are Pre-Owned Omega Watches A Good Investment?
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Are Pre-Owned Omega Watches A Good Investment?

Are Pre-Owned Omega Watches A Good Investment?


In essence, there are some pre-owned Omega watches that are a good investment such as the iconic Seamaster and Speedmaster collection. Be it wearing for pleasure or purchasing as an investment, these luxury timepieces are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for different reasons. 

From technological advancements and pristine materials to legendary status in the watchmaking world, this luxury Swiss brand offers a handful of potential investment opportunities.

If you are in the market to buy an Omega, Chrono Hunter is by far the best place for you to do so! We can understand why you may be a tad sceptical about delving into such a formidable brand. After all, this isn’t like choosing between two laundry detergents. This is one of the top luxury brands which currently has an approximate net worth of around £2 billion

Questions like are pre-owned Omega watches good investments, do Omega pieces hold their value and are pre-owned Omegas worth buying are certainly hot topics that we will be considering. 

Linked with celebs like Daniel Craig, George Clooney and royalty like Prince William, you too can join the social elites if you wish. Adorned by the greats and featuring a plethora of high quality collections like the dive inspired Seamaster and lunar travelling Speedmaster, why don’t we negate the preambles and delve into if pre-owned Omega watches are a good investment.

Let’s get into it…


Brief History Of Omega Watches


Omega’s history dates back to 1848, under the horological prowess of Louis Brandt. This coincided at the time with European revolts across different republican regimes stretching across France, Germany, Italy and beyond.  

Source - WatchesandCulture


Aged 23 years old, Brandt created the Swiss outfit in La Chaux-de-Fonds, named “Louis Brandt '' Using a healthy amount of salesmanship, he went around Europe, bringing each timepiece personally to each customer. Eventually, his sons, Louis-Paul and César Brandt joined the team, renaming the company, Louis Brandt & Fils. 

Louis Brandt died in 1879 and the brand moved to Biel where they opened a factory and started producing models at a stronger rate. An alternative company was made, named Brandt & Frères which aimed to produce more affordable cylinder escapement editions. 

Renamed La Generale and Helvetia, these trademarks confirmed the later “General Watch Co” company. Between 1895 and 1906, the Brandt brothers made the choice to separate the company from this more affordable group. Louis and Brandt & Fils was growing at an unprecedented rate, and by 1889, it was producing well over 100,000 pieces per year. 

So where does Omega come into all of this? Well, in 1894, a brand spanking new 19-lignes pocket piece movement was released. A friend of the brothers suggested the movement be named “Omega” which, for you Greek speakers will know is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Suffice to say, it may have been the last letter of the alphabet, but it won first place and a gold medal at the Geneva exhibition in 1896. Upon the death of both brothers in 1903, the company was renamed as S.A. Louis Brandt & Frère, Omega Watch Co and was managed by six family members of the brothers. 

With the success of the business and the incredible production rate, the brand exploded into releasing a vast array of variations, stemming from pilot, navy, ladies and ones with complications

1930 was soon to kickstart the future for Omega. Managing director Paul Tissot makes the decision to merge the brand with his own brand, Tissot, resulting in the S.S.I.H (Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère) being formed, eventually becoming an integral part of the Swatch Group

A few more connections are made before the great Swatch move, including the movement maker Lemania joining S.S.I.H in 1932 and in 1983, the collective joined ASUAG which includes other manufacturers. 

They had confirmed itself as a phenomenal producer of accurate timepieces since 1848. However, they achieved international recognition when they got involved with the sporting timekeeping roles. 

In 1932, the Swiss powerhouse became the sole timepiece manufacturer to the entire Olympic timekeeping for the National Olympic Committee. Given the privilege to commit to this role 21 times, Omega have broken the record for the brand most consistently used for such a prestigious event. 


Most Popular Omega Watches 


Omega Seamaster 


The Seamaster is best described as one of the most lauded dive pieces in the horological kingdom and are great pre-owned investments

Source - Omega

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First introduced in 1948, The Seamaster would swiftly become a staple for The British Royal Navy towards the back end of World War II. Famed for having a highly innovative O-ring gasket that acted as a waterproof seal. 

This technique had been adopted by submarines during the war and was integral to horology to keep water at bay, as well as moderating temperature fluctuations. The Seamaster got off to a great start in 1955 where it broke a diving record, reaching  62.5 metres by diver Gordon McLean. 

Worn by the likes of Joe Biden, Gordon Ramsay, George Clooney and Andrew Garfield this is a piece for elites! Perhaps the timepiece is most famed for its links with pop culture and film icon, James Bond. 

Featuring in the first James Bond film in 1995 on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in “Goldeneye”. As per the course of James Bond films, the timepieces can’t just remain as cool timepieces. The crown doubles as a laser cutter as seen in “Goldeneye” and “Die Another Day” and bizarrely a remote detonator as seen in “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Die Another Day”.

The original timepiece was a Rolex Submariner as worn by Sean Connery, but the Seamaster was introduced by costume designer Lindy Hemming as she appreciated the military history of the collection. Now worn by Daniel Craig in films like “Casino Royale” and “No Time To Die”, there has even been a commemorative edition released for the 60th anniversary of James Bond. 

This edition follows the classic styling of the Seamaster 2531.80.00 with its blue dial, 300 metre water resistance and steely casing, but it goes one step further. At 42mm, the timepiece has laser engraved waves on the dial as inspired by the 300 metre worn by James Bond in 1995 Goldeneye. 

If you turn the case over, you will be able to see the iconic movie opening sequence of Bond in a blackened silhouette and a spinning gun barrel, as achieved via a lollipop seconds hand that spins. You can buy an Omega Seamaster James Bond 60th Anniversary at retail for £7,900 at the time of writing. 

If you don’t want a pop culture classic and are decidedly more complex, you may want to take a gander at the extremely innovative Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Ultra Light. Crafted out of Gamma Titanium, this alloy is extremely lightweight that’s commonly used in the aeronautical industry. This is certainly one of our top pre-owned picks. 

Featuring a Grade 5 titanium grey dial and sporty Aqua Terra stripes which are present on the fabric strap too. There are jolts of colour as noted through the red seconds hand, Seamaster text and 15 minute intervals on the dial.  You can buy an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light at retail for £50,400 at the time of writing. 


Omega Speedmaster


We can talk about icons. Elvis Presley, Mike Tyson, David Bowie and perhaps Notorious B.I.G. to name a few.

However, The Speedmaster was and still creates as much buzz as Mr. Aldrin sipping on tang. Surprisingly, not always a model destined for lunar achievements which it’s now noted for its investment prowess.

Source - Omega

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Introduced in 1957 as a racing chronograph and inspired by the 1920’s and 30s chronographs, the first Speedmaster was the CK 2915. Powered by the Calibre 321, the movement was created by Albert Piguet of Lemania (remember the history lesson!). The name “Speedmaster” was coined due to the tachymetric scale bezel and would feature a 12-hour, triple register chronograph dial layout. 

Progressing from broad arrow hands to Alpha hands and eventually baton hands, the models are constantly in development.

Of course, the collection really gained notoriety when it ventured up into space. After undergoing a series of NASA tests alongside Rolex and Longines-Wittnauer, The qualified Speedmasters were first worn by Ed White who performed the space walk during the Gemini 4 mission in 1965.

In 1969, Buzz Aldrin wore The Speedmaster when he performed his moonwalk alongside Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. Becoming the first timepiece on the moon was a massive feat and they have rightfully milked it ever since!

A series of commemorative Speedmasters in yellow gold were issued, with one going to Richard Nixon due to the success of the Apollo 11 mission. The Apollo 13 mission in 1970 was a disaster as an oxygen tank was ruptured. 

The Speedmaster shone through again as astronaut Jack Swigert was able to time the 14 second per using the lunar module's descent propulsion system, allowing the team to safely land. They were awarded The Snoopy Award for their outstanding contribution to the project. Worn by the likes of Ryan Reynolds, James Cordon and rock’n’roller Mark Knopfler, the Speedmaster is a classic for all walks of life. 

If you want a Speedmaster that's most like the original, we recommend The Speedmaster 42mm 310. At 42mm of steel, the model features a black dial face and black bezel, along with a classic five-arched-links-per-row bracelet. As the timepiece that’s been part of all six moon landings, you can buy an Omega Speedmaster 42mm 310. at retail for £6,600 at the time of writing. 

If you are looking for a more unorthodox variation of the classic edition, we recommend The Speedmaster 42mm in Canopus Gold. Following the exact same style and shaping of the original, the model is decidedly more beautiful as it’s crafted out of Canopus Gold. 

The material is an 18K white gold alloy that's been used since 2015. 100% noble, it follows the luxury of other 18K golds, but is brighter and has a much nicer brilliance. Aptly named after the celestial bright star, Canopus, it is noted as being 71 times bigger and 10,000 times brighter than our sun. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Canopus gold at retail for £51,100 at the time of writing.


Omega Constellation


The Constellation is the epitome of the brand’s dress timepiece portfolio, designed with elegance and linked with a designer we can only continue to wax lyrical about. 

Source - Omega

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Of course, they have been very active on the dress model scene, but it really kickstarter with the 1948 Century Chronometer. Celebrating 100 years of the brand, The Century featured an automatic movement with chronometer precision.

The Century was just supposed to be a production novelty, but it became immensely popular with horological fans, eventually allowing it to become a full-production model. The Constellation was the next step in their dastardly plan for dress domination. 

Introduced in 1952, The Constellation followed on from the Century, maintaining the quality of the chronometer Century movement which became originally immensely popular in Geneva 1951. Featuring eight stars on the dial, they showboated the chronometer achievements over the last 20 years such as a resounding victory of every category in 1931. 

The Constellation briefly became named as “Globemaster” after The United States started a trademark dispute over the “Constellation” title. Since 1956, the line has since regained its Constellation title. 

Developed into a Constellation Calendar in 1958 and a C-case Constellation in 1964 which was made up of a case which is totalled of interlocking C’s. Oh yes, The C-case style was brought in by none other than Gerald Genta!

He brought in integrated lugs, removing the classic pie-pan dial, introduced baton indices and stick hands as opposed to the dauphine variations of the past. The C-style case is more tonneau in shape as opposed to circular casings of the past.

The Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 36mm is best for The Constellation purists. Crafted out of steel, the model features the enduring claw design on the case. Given a black dial, it undergoes a sunbrushed finish and there is a silver star on the centre of the dial. 

Featuring Dauphine hands and tapered hour markers, sorry Genta, your time is gone for this model! You can buy an Omega Constellation at retail for £6,100 at the time of writing. 

If you have the financial means to push the boat out for a little more luxury, why don’t you consider the Constellation 39mm in yellow gold? Crafted entirely out of 18K yellow gold, the design does follow the original, but livens it up with a toast of style. 

Featuring an opaline silver dial face, the hour markers are characterised by diamonds, and a tidy date aperture at 6 o’clock. The bezel is similarly made up of many diamonds which circle around the dial. You can buy an Omega Constellation 39mm for £48,400 at the time of writing. 


Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value?


That, my fellow Timelords, is an incredibly important question for an investment minded gentleman. Ultimately, this depends on which model you select and current market conditions.

Broad Arrow 2915-1 - Source - Christie’s 

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If you opt to buy the new models when they have just been released, you may not be too successful when it comes to making any money back. However, if you are shrewd and can play the horological game, you may find that buying a model that’s not particularly popular at that time, may suddenly become valuable when it garners enthusiasm from the timekeeping world. Or you hold onto it for a significant amount.

The general rules the horological world deems important is supply and demand. Generally, if something is lower in supply, the demand tends to rise. That is, if the piece is hot horological property! So, just how well do they perform when it comes to the rest of the horological universe?

It’s generally understood that their timepieces will lose around 20-40% value within the first year of being placed onto the marketplace. We can assume you are concerned because it’s lost value, but remember, that is the general consensus for the entire horological market, aside from the big boys like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin

However, compared with brands like Breitling and Longines that lose around 30-50%. As we can see, they perform very well amongst other luxury brands that are around its size. If you happen to land yourself an exclusive model, we could be having a more positive conversation in terms of your piece holding its value.

They do very well in terms of the production and leg work that goes into each collection. That’s probably why the brand is steeped with so much heritage! Releasing around 500,000 models per year, they are one of the highest producing watchmakers in Switzerland, boasting the technology and high quality they have.

Two key words for you, rare and vintage. These pieces are the ones to look out for due to their being so scarce and for the vintage models, their discontinuation makes them even more worthwhile. Little bit of advice, look out for these models!

Take for example The Speedmaster Broad Arrow 2915-1. Released in 1957, this represents one of the first Speedmaster released during the 1950s. Released well before the lunar craze of the 60s, this is the ultimate piece for any budding Speedmaster collector, wanting a piece of the early tool and sporty phase. It sold at Christie’s auction in 2018 for around £300,000. What a fabulous investment!

We mentioned their love has an undying list of celeb clientele, right? We recommend you take a look at the gorgeous pre-owned H6582/D96043 which was released circa 1960s. Owned by none other than music legend Elvis Presley, the piece was given to Elvis from RCA records in 1961 for reaching the incredible achievement of 75 million records sold. It sold at a Phillips auction in 2018 for around £1.47 million. Investments don’t get much more celeb inclined than this!

They like to keep things pretty similar when it comes to their models. The Speedmaster has maintained its beautiful chronograph dial face, the Seamaster has developed the lines from engraved to laser etched and the Constellation continues to feature great dauphine hands and dress timepiece refinement. 


Best Omega Watches To Invest In


Rare and vintage models are the way forward if you are looking for a piece that is worthy of being an investment. 

Don’t expect standard models to yield exceptional results upon resale. As we’ve mentioned, the watches will tend to lose around 20-40% value which means you probably won’t get the original or more if you decide to trade your beloved piece straight away. 

Take for example the classic pre-owned Seamaster, which is crafted out of stainless steel and features a beautiful black dial with laser engravings. While you can buy an Omega Seamaster at retail for £5,600 at the time of writing, it sells on the secondary market for around £3,850 at the time of writing. 

That being said, you may find that your standard model does in fact have the capability of yielding a solid result upon resale. However, please note that it’s all depending on whether or not you’ve held your piece for a while at a low price and if it suddenly skyrockets in terms of value. These are anomalies, but it is possible! 

Dark Side Of The Moon - Source - Omega

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Take for example the pre-owned Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon 311. Given a fantastic black ceramic casing, the model is adorned with various historical references like “APOLLO 8, DEC 1968”, “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON”, and “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.” on the caseback. While it sells at retail for £10,100, you can buy it on the secondary market for prices around £8,500 at the time of writing. 

Of course, you are more likely to be in the good horological books if you happen to be in possession of a piece that is riddled with history. You may just be wearing a piece that has every potential of being a very good investment!

If vintage watches don’t quite get your horological rader firing on all cylinders, you may find that the pre-owned Seamaster Diver Majesty’s Secret Service 50th Anniversary is for you. Created to celebrate 50 years of the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” from 1969, this set was capped at 257 editions. 

Made up of a stainless steel and a yellow gold edition, both with a laser engraved gun-barrel design on the dial, there is a secret “50” which is accessible in luminescent material on the 10 o’clock index. The pair sold at a Christie’s auction in 2022 for a total of £119,700. 

Rare editions that are worn by celebs tend to perform very well. One that performs exceptionally well is the pre-owned Seamaster No Time To Dive 007 Edition. Not only is this piece naturally quite exclusive as it relates to the immense film franchise of James Bond, but it was actually worn by Daniel Craig in “No Time To Die” and given a few design alterations by the actor himself. 

As one of only five working watches worn by the actor, this is incredibly lauded and as such, yielding an astonishing £226,000 at a Christie’s auction in 2022. This clearly shows the rarer the piece, the higher price it will fetch. 

Speedmaster 50 - Source - Christie’s

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Too much rarity and not enough vintage appeal? Allow us to indulge you, timelords! The Speedmaster Professional 145022-69 ST is one such model that may knock your horological socks. 

Worn by astronaut Ron Evans, this pre-owned timepiece was attached to his suit when he boarded the Apollo 17 Command Module America in a heat flow experiment. He engraved the “FLOWN IN C.S.M. TO THE MOON” and “APOLLO 17” and his signature on the caseback and “HEAT FLOW EXPR” and “6-19 DEC 1972” on the edge of the case. 

Worn when performing a one hour space walk, the last ever in deep space, the model is absolutely immense for aerospace and horological history. As such, it sold at a Christie’s auction in 2015 for around £200,000 at the time of writing. 

Another vintage model that yields exceptional results at retail is The Seamaster Chronomètre Automatic Ref. OT 2520. This beauty was created during 1946 and 1956, with only an exceptionally small number of models released. 

The common trend was the watches were customised for each customer due to their rarity. This model features a “Neptune” emblem on the dial, made by master enameller, Nelly Richard, who made the cloisonné enamel dials. 

Crafted out of solid gold and given the incredibly hard to make dial style, it sold at a Christie’s auction in 2012 for around £235,000. 

We won’t drown you in examples of stunning horology, Timelords. While the majority of standard models may not fare very well, there are a few anomalies which you should keep an eye on the market, as well as keeping your eyes open to vintage or rare pieces. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Worth Buying An Omega Watch?

Personally, yes, especially if you look toward the Seamaster or Speedmaster lineup. This luxury brand is certainly worth your consideration when you are looking to buy a watch. They comfortably blend a storied history as one of the oldest Swiss makers with a consistent demonstration of high quality craftsmanship and technical prowess. 

As the only watches to survive NASA testing as shown through the Speedmaster, highly innovative as noted through the coaxial escapement that offers an incredible 15,000 gauss magnetic resistance and rather affordable given their stupendous build quality.

The Master Chronometer Status that is on the vast majority of their watches boasts the COSC certification with METAS testing, ensuring the high quality of your timepiece. 


Does Omega Appreciate In Value?

As we mentioned, it all depends on the rarity and vintage allure of the pieces. 

They lose around 30-50% which is better than other timepieces like Breitling that loses around 40% upwards, as well as Longines that performs at around the same rate. While the standard models do typically lose money, this is just a basic fact of the horological industry for major brands that aren't Rolex, Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet

Remember however that these are much more affordable, and are still built with an incredible level of craftsmanship, not to mention technical ingenuity as seen through the Master Chronometer status on the watches. 


Do Omega Watches Depreciate In Value?

In brief, yes. If you have a vintage or a scarce model, you will perform rather well when it arrives at resale. However, if you have a standard model. Be prepared to lose at least 30% of your watch's value at retail. 

Put this into perspective. Blancpain and Hublot tend to lose around 30%, and these are two significant players in the horological world!


Which Omega Watches Hold Value?

There are a solid amount of timepieces out there that can yield respectable figures upon resale from the Seamaster and Speedmaster lineup. Some of these do tend to lean on the side of scarce and vintage timepieces. 

Take for example The pre-owned Seamaster 300 prototype model. As the prototype to the piece worn by Daniel Craig in the film “Spectre”, it is crafted out of steel and features a black dial and a NATO strap. As the only gadget given to Bond by Q in the film, it sold for £92,000 at a Christie’s auction in 2016. 

Another model that performs well at resale is the Omega Speedmaster 324. Crafted out of Sedna gold which is Omega’s play on red gold, the timepiece follows the classic 38mm sizing and features a ring of diamonds around its bezel. You can buy an Omega Speedmaster 38mm at retail for £10,500 or on the secondary market for figures reaching £11,600 and a middle ground value of £8,500 at the time of writing.


Which Celebrities Wear Omega Watches?

Worn on the wrist of many well known celebrities, you may recognise a face or two.

With famed actors like George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Eddie Redmayne flexing a Seamaster Aqua Terra, Seamaster Planet Ocean and Constellation Globemaster respectively, there are more to look out for!

Supermodel Cindy Crawford wears a Constellation and royal member Prince William adorns a Seamaster 300m. 


Where Does Omega Rank In Watches?

As part of the umbrella conglomerate, The Swatch Group, they have an estimated net worth of around £2 billion. We believe that they are big contributors to this group! 

Achieving an astonishing 2.470 million CHF in revenue and selling around 560,000 pieces a year, and its position in Swatch means they dominate around 19.8% of the horological industry. 


How To Buy A Pre-Owned Omega Watch Through Chrono Hunter


Chrono Hunter is one of the leading online platforms to buy a watch or sell a watch due to a number of reasons. 

  • Simply enter the details of the timepiece you want to buy or sell via our secure website.
  • Receive offers from our highly reputable list of luxury model retailers
  • Accept the offer that’s right for you.
  • Conclude the purchase directly with the retailer in the most safest and secure environment.

So, Timelords, the question is rather simple. How can you ever feel alone with us?

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned watch, either to enhance your expanding collection or as an investment opportunity, Chrono Hunter is the best bet for you. Boasting extensive experience in supporting every customer, each sale is individual and we ensure that you find the right timepiece in the most seamless way..

If you are simply looking through your options or have found a specific second-hand piece to invest in, allow us to use our unbridled expertise and industry links to recommend the best possible option for you. Capable of offering a no-obligation valuation on your existing timepiece, we can buy it from you if you are looking to get some cash quickly on your investment




There we have it, Timelords. 

Scroll to the top and reveal the burning question, “Are Pre-Owned Omega Watches A Good Investment?” We hope you come to the conclusion that yes, they are certainly a brand to keep an eye on in terms of investment…to a certain degree. Sure they are not Rolex or Patek Philippe but there are a few models that may be worth another look.

Keeping the 300 metre water resistance of the Seamaster, the dressy style of the Constellation and the lunar heritage of the legendary Speedmaster, we cannot get enough of the brand and all their horological updates and consistencies. 

Linked with similar resvalue figures of Longines and TAG Heuer, the pieces manage to combine longevity and style with affordability. A luxury model with such accessible pieces means people like you and me can gain entry into the luxury world, and that’s certainly not a bad thing!

Associated with a slew of modern celebs including Ryan Reynolds and blue blood royals like Prince William, they have confirmed themselves as a high quality, luxury brand that boasts a fantastic arrangement of great timepieces. Should I invest? We certainly think you should. 

With so many variables and factors at play, it really is just a matter of time before you can clearly see whether or not your Omega has appreciated in value. Check out a few of the key pointers we've discussed above and allow us to find you a range of highly reputable retailers. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the offers to come in.

Due to our vast expertise in Omega models, Chrono Hunter is confident that we can offer the best advice and expertise to help you obtain the timepiece you desire. Be it purchase or sale, check out our website or take a second to peruse our outstanding Trustpilot reviews and let us pair you up with the timepiece of your wildest horological desires. 

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