A Collection Of The Very Best Yellow Gold Rolex Watches
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A Collection Of The Very Best Yellow Gold Rolex Watches

A Collection Of The Very Best Yellow Gold Rolex Watches


Don't get me wrong, stainless steel is great and hesalite is comfortable. But now and again, we all love a bit of yellow gold bling. Necklaces, rings and even your wrist wear can be made to look sharp and snappy when crafted out of yellow gold.

Rolex are notorious innovators in the horological universe. From being technically proficient in engineering the highly Gauss resistant Milgauss in 1956, to reaching the lowest depths of the universe in 1960 with the Deep-Sea, we are in solid hands if you want to buy a watch delivering luxury, sophistication and the ultimate status symbol on your wrist. But, what about in terms of materials?

Well, they have been spearheading craftsmanship and precision since 1905 with numerous materials playing a key component, From Rolesor to Everose Gold and Oystersteel, these are just a few of the timekeeping concoctions executed by the brand, designed to make you enthusiasts sparkle like a million dollars! 

Offering functionality, accuracy like timing events and of course precious metals, there is nothing you won’t be able to find and experience within this luxury Swiss watchmaking brand.

However, we are all here for yellow gold, which is currently as trendy as “Barbenheimer”. This particular material was first recorded before 6000 BC in the Middle East. Suffice to say, the brand has knocked it out of the park by using only 18K solid gold for a few of their watches.

For some novelties, they use a “duo” material such as yellow gold and steel like in the Datejust 41mm which uses Oyster Steel and yellow gold in 41mm of stunning build quality. At Chrono Hunter, we do what we say, and say what we do. And that includes top prices paid when you sell a watch and the best possible prices from our trusted network of luxury retailers when you buy a watch.

So, let’s get straight into the best yellow gold Rolex watches that have been tickling our horological noses. It’s time to flex our knowledge and snuff out those arm candy pieces worthy of the hungriest of horophiles.


Rolex Daytona Reference 116508


When news broke at this year's Watches and Wonders 2023 that the sporty Daytona 166508 had been discontinued, there was sheer pandemonium at Chrono Hunter HQ. 


Construction of the Rolex Daytona Reference 116508


Popularised by musician and avid timepiece collector, John Mayer, he promoted the stunning aesthetics of the Daytona 116508. Not only did the nickname “John Mayer” stick, but during its release in 2016, yellow gold sports watches were blasting into the ether of horological greatness due to celebrities becoming obsessed with them. 

Daytona 116508

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Damn you, guys, for ending such a brilliant reign! But all things must come to an end as they say. 

As far as Daytonas go, this edition didn’t deviate too far away in terms of design and style. Based on three sub sporty sub dials that correlate to the measurement of elapsed time at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, it is more than suitable for its original design as a racing timepiece. After all, it didn’t get its nickname, “Daytona” for no reason. 

Made entirely out of 18K yellow gold, this Daytona does start to move away from the classic steel sport editions of times gone by The hour markers and hands are similarly edged with identical materials, pertaining to the luxury of the piece, while it gets a good dose of their own Chromalight to ensure phenomenal visibility. 

The green face is a huge talking point for this piece. While it may not be the only green dialled model from the brand, take a look at the inherently sporty “Hulk” for example, it's certainly one of the more beautiful variations which is a constant stalwart among collectors and enthusiasts. 

It’s nice to see that they have gone for the sunburst finish, allowing the green to interchange from British Racing to a soft Parakeet shade. This is certainly a pretty Polly time peeps. Plus, they have ensured the colour isn’t as ostentatious as Elton John’s wardrobe either like the rather bizarre yet much talked about Oris Kermit.

The bracelet, case and everything in between are crafted out of 18K yellow gold, showing how sports watches can very easily merge the line between rough and ready and highly elegant. Combined with the green face, the regal design is something which is a huge green flag (pardon the pun) for anyone looking to get dressed up with immense style.


Technical Features of The Daytona Reference 116508


This timepiece is powered by the highly revered calibre 4130. 

Why is it highly revered, I hear you cry. Well, the sporty Daytona is the only collection in the world that features this elegant movement functioning at a wonderful -2/+2 second variation per day. We don’t need to remind you that the COSC certification runs between -4/+6 seconds per day. Take that, Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres!

With an impressive weekend-proof 72 hour power reserve and a hardy 4Hz beat as quick as the Le Mans race, this Daytona is more than capable of beating a steady drum when you're shaking hands with CEO’s or clinking glasses with the one you love. 


Should I Buy A Daytona Reference 116508?


Timelords, this is a decision that only you alone can make. 

The facts are that the timepiece is crafted out of the highly revered and desired precious metal we are focusing on. It looks outstanding with its sporty green dial that happens to be associated with a high-profile celebrity in both the music and horological world!

Get looking sharp and flex this with a black suit and brown brogues to boast the brushed and polished finish of the sporty case and bracelet. 

You can no longer buy a Rolex Daytona 166508 at retail due to it being discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £70,000 at the time of writing.


Rolex Yacht-Master II Reference 116688


The Yacht-Master II has been around since 2007 and was launched in 2010 with a yellow gold edition, the reference 16688. Of course, the movement has since been upgraded from the 4160 movement to the specifically designed 4161… let’s sink our teeth in a little bit further!


Construction of The Yacht-Master II Reference 116688


We already know that the yellow gold within the Yacht-Master II collection is absolutely incredible and enriched with history. Released in late 2007, the collection came in a bulky 44mm casing and sat on the brand new and highly powerful calibre 4161 movement.

Yacht-Master II 116688

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Rolex has decided to continue with the yellow gold invasion by releasing the newly updated 116688 edition, adding a little spice to its predecessor. It’s like going to your favourite curry house only to find out they have run out of ginger. It’s just not quite the same flavour and feel. 

Featuring all the classic talking points such as an Oyster bracelet and bi-directional rotatable bezel with blue Cerachrom insert, it does follow its heritage exceptionally well. 

Specifically named the “Ring Command Bezel”, it coherently allows for the user to alter the mechanism within the timepiece thanks to the bezel. A small mechanical component links to the movement, meaning the bezel can become a countdown which can be programmed. 

Admittedly, this does sound as complex as the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar. Nonetheless, the highly intuitive and easy to see bezel design with its blue background and yellow gold engravings is actually very simple. It helps that it has a serrated edge too. This truly is a model for the nautical among you.

The cream dial stands out superbly against the yellow gold allure of the timepiece. The hands are a pencil thin line which are exceptionally legible against the dial's face. Still feeling a little overwhelmed? They have added an arrow head onto one of the hands with a triangular arrow at 12 o’clock to allow for easy reading. 

Their yellow gold material is made from their very own foundry, allowing the Swiss giant to prioritise and source only the highest grade alloys possible. Their ability to craft pink, white or yellow gold shows the scope and level of engineering behind each material. 

Its shine is unparalleled, especially on the Oyster bracelet which features modern tech like an Oysterlock folding clasp and Easylink comfort extension link. They do think of everything these horological boffins.


Technical Features Of The Yacht-Master II Reference 116688


As we’ve stated, the movement has seen a solid upgrade since the first yellow gold model back in 2010 when there was a coalition government and the UK came out of recession. Hang on a minute..if only we could turn back time.

Promoted in every sense of the word, the Calibre 4161 movement offers a fantastic -2/+2 second deviation which is as reliable as a German train. Bolstered with a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, the Yacht-Master is capable of batting away those nasty magnetic rays, ensuring the piece remains unharmed. 

As a Superlative Chronometer, it is COSC certified and has Rolex’s own certification, just to flex on the Yacht-Master II 116688 doubters! Running a solid power reserve of 72 hours, you could take this for a short European break and be back in the office in time for the Monday morning meeting.


Should I buy A Yacht-Master II Reference 116688?


The Yacht-Master II 116688 has seen a few updates that make it look extra sharp in regards to modern watches. 

Its status as a Superlative Chronometer, not to mention its gorgeous yellow gold design, means we timelords cannot get enough of this tasty timepiece! Its design doesn't falter away from its classic Regatta purpose which is fine with us.

Get a white short sleeve polo shirt for those days where you need to unwind on your Yacht or dress it up with a crisp white suit for those days where being a hotshot is necessary.

You can buy a Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 at retail upon request at the time of writing. 


Rolex 1908 - White Dial 


New timepiece alert! Following on from the tear jerking discontinuation of the Cellini, The 1908 has stormed the horological barricades and taken our hearts hostage! And that of trusted ambassador and all-round tennis nice guy Roger Federer who officially wore this at the Met Gala in May this year.


Construction of The Rolex 1908


The 1908 follows on from where the Cellini left off. We are not saying farewell to this beloved of watches…rather more of an Adieu.


Rolex 1908

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The priority is a small size due to this being one of Rolex’s out and out dress watches. At 39mm, the yellow gold model isn’t obscenely small or big for the modern wrist like the mahoosive Deepsea Challenger which measures an astonishing 50mm. 

The modern slimmer case and fresh design are something that any horological connoisseur would love at the moment. The lugs are tightly fitted in order to keep everything as compact and slender as possible. Meanwhile, the yellow gold case is finished exceptionally well with a beautifully polished aesthetic, pertaining to the utter refinement and sleekness that is on display.

Finished to such a tremendous degree, the fluted bezel is capable of rising out to greet the eye, especially since it has a serrated design that adds a little dimension and vigour. Think Submariner without the excess sizing and with a healthy dose of the brand's dress style!

Adopting the usual sapphire crystal the 1908 allows for the watch dial to be instantly readable at just a moment's glance. Some of you may fondly remember the dial design of the Cellini. The stunning rayon flammé de la gloire pattern is delightful and unquestionably good looking. The Rolex 1908 is seemingly out to make a strong argument for the return of minimalism and traditional good looks. 

Put away your Yacht-Master complications and Oyster Perpetual Day-Date coloured dial funkiness for a second. The 1908 takes a sweet blend of elegance and tops it off with a beautiful satin finish. The railroad tracks around the periphery of the watch are immensely clear in their black colouring against the crystal clear white dial face. 

Subsequently, the indices and hands are extremely legible too. The Arabic numerals located at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock are another design ploy by the brand to catch the eye and add an exotic feel to the piece. 


Technical Features Of The Rolex 1908


White and gold work in tandem together as closely as Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland

The design would mean nada if it wasn't for the beauty of the movement. For such a small piece, in comparison with their other collections, we wouldn’t blame you if you had concerns about the reliability of the movement. As everyone says, however, good things come in small packages!

Powered by the Calibre 7140, the movement is designed with classicism in mind due to its fairly basic central rotor, barrel and wheel design. Why would we need to reinvent the “wheel” (little pun again!) for a brand which has been the godfather of all great movements to date?

The movement is supported with a Chronergy escapement and Syloxi hairspring, ensuring the 1908 is resistant to magnetism, bumps and scrapes. The Paraflex shock absorbers remove any doubt for knocks harming the movement while the balance wheel’s variable inertia allows it to take hits on the scale of Bruce Lee…well almost.

Pulsating at 28,800 VpH with a strong power reserve of 66 hours, we have nothing but praise for the complexities of Rolex watches. 


Should I Buy A Rolex 1908?


If you are looking for classic design, minimalist effects and a precious metal so in fashion that it’s been around since before your great-great grandfather was born, you are looking at the perfect kinda watches!

It promotes the style of the Cellini but passes the horological baton on further by keeping its design appeal refined and quietly subtle. Built out of a precious metal, designed with a highly regarded movement and just maybe the future of modern dress watchmaking, our spirits are sky high for this as a potentially excellent investment piece. 

Its small size allows this to slip under shirt cuffs so don’t be afraid of wearing this bad boy in the office with a crisp white suit shirt. 

You can buy a Rolex 1908 at retail for £18,500 at the time of writing. 


Rolex Day-Date 36mm Reference 128348RBR


If you liked the yellow gold 1908, we may have another piece up our sleeve that may warm your horological cockles. Established in 1956, The Day-Date arrived on the timekeeping scene dressed in a wonderful 18K white, yellow or rose gold casing. It represented the first collection to feature solely precious metal materials. 


Construction of The Day-Date 36mm Reference 128238RBR


As the first lineup to pride itself on precious metals, it’s very fitting that they would make it onto this list. Of course, it has since evolved, resulting in a slew of very enigmatic watches to consider. Let’s take a look.

 Source - Rolex

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The Day-Date 128348RBR is composed of yellow gold and measures 36mm. Even smaller than The 1908, this is a piece for the most slender of wrists…but it looks sublime when adorned. 

Unlike a Rubik's cube, the case is uncomplicated and given a classic circular dress watch design with lugs that are tapered in to enhance its slenderness. The Day-Date is also one of only a few collections that have the pleasure of adorning a President bracelet. 

The legendary President Bracelet is crafted with semi circular three piece links and was originally designed in 1956 for the first Day-Date. Its unorthodox design, precious metal construction and polished centre links make this a timepiece for the devilish businessman. There are no chunky Oyster bracelets here!

The dial is where the party starts. Archaeological lovers may notice that the vibrant orange dial face looks a lot like a carnelian stone. That’s because it is! Cut from the stone, the end product of the lines and various etchings cannot be replicated by hand, meaning each dial is entirely unique to the user. 

The colouring is not only a talking point, it ensures exceptional legibility against the yellow gold edged Roman numerals indices and gold hands. The indices are laced with diamonds (the real article, not those lab-grown ones) that rest within, totalling 32 of the precious stones. This looks awesome and results in outstanding legibility at a quick glance. 

Want diamonds to last forever? The bezel is similarly made up purely of diamonds. I don’t think you will be able to read any indices on this bezel! The diamonds compliment the gold really well, allowing for a tasteful finish that isn’t gaudy or obnoxious like the atmosphere at a Boris Johnson garden party.


Technical Features Of The Day-Date 36mm Reference 128348RBR


Powered by the calibre 3255, the movement offers a high degree of precision, totalling -2/+2 seconds variation per day. 

Given a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, the Day-Date is ready for all of life’s complications! With a 70 hour power reserve, this weekend-proof piece is a Superlative Chronometer, pertaining to the security and complete longevity of the piece. If only we could last that long before having to be wound up. 


Should I Buy A Day-Date 36mm Reference 128348RBR


If you are in the market for a wanderlust, we may have the timepiece that can accompany your travels!

Crafted entirely out of 18K yellow gold, adorned with plenty of those precious diamonds and looking like something from the planet Mars, it ticks many boxes for design, style and usability. We have an inkling that this could be a superlative timepiece when it comes to an investment opportunity. 

We suggest getting on a similarly loud and proud orange shirt to make this watch pop! Or a copper or neutral polo or cashmere to up your flex. You can buy a Rolex Day-Date 36mm at retail upon request at the time of writing. 


Rolex Submariner Reference 126618LB


A diving watch in yellow gold? Oh yes, Timelords. The Submariner was released in 1954 and swiftly became the veteran dive watch. It’s the do all say all addition to any burgeoning or new collection. Of course, times are changing and so must design. Let us take time out to welcome the Rolex Submariner 126618LB.


Construction of The Submariner Reference 126618LB


The steely sports Submariner has undergone quite the transformation over the last 70 years. 

 Source - Reddit

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Now made from 18K yellow gold and given a tasteful Cerachrom bezel in blue ceramic, this hot novelty is coming out of the gate quicker than Usain Bolt. Practicality is still high on the agenda for the Submariner

The bezel is exceptionally legible, even in its sea blue hue. Is that cobalt or azure blue? Whatever the hue this is a great purchase. Engraved with a diving track that goes to 60 minute graduations, The sporty Submariner can competently read your diving time and the length it takes for you to measure decompression phases. Dress watch this aint, but dive and sports watch, this excels at. 

The Cerachrom material is highly lauded among the horological community. Originally crafted from aluminium, the use of ceramic has allowed not only a high degree of durability and legibility, but the ability to innovate with colour. 

For this edition, the use of blue ceramic and the subsequent yellow gold serrated edge, gives it a genuine air of finery and style. The classic luminescent dot at 12 o’clock allows for the legibility of the piece to be prioritised even in the murkiest depths of the watery reefs. 

The blue dial has a regal tone to it. This is very apt, given that it is dosed with Chromalight, another Rolex patent which allows the for circular and baton shaped indices to be read instantly in a neon blue hue. The sun burst effect presents a variety of blue sheens, all of which differ depending on the light. 

The date function at 3 o’clock is given a Cyclops eye to promote readability even if you aren't diving head first into the sea emanating your best Jacques Cousteau impression. The Oyster bracelet is the most obvious choice for the watch, especially since it’s a luxury sports timepiece, with extra durability and flexibility at its core. This means the Glidelock and Oysterlock clasp allows for divers to quickly extend or remove the sporty timepiece seamlessly.


Technical Features Of The Submariner Reference 126618LB


Powered by the 3235 calibre, the movement runs at a fantastic -2/+2 seconds per day, ensuring your timekeeping is kept as accurate as an arrow. 

The Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers ensure pristine reliability against the outside world while the strong power reserve of 70 hours is exceptionally tough as old leather. We forgot to mention it houses a Superlative Chronometer, boasting the classic construction of the watch. 


Should I Buy A Submariner Reference 126618LB


We think that this timepiece has a lot of potential as an investment watch. 

Its precious metal design goes against the original steely model, allowing for this to be deemed as a more rare and sought after edition. The use of blue is also a big turn away from the classic black dial and bezel, allowing the watch to be a beautiful piece of horological genius. 

Although we like the sporty Submariner Bluesy (ref 126613LB) We would love to see a striking and on trend salmon dial. Nothing fishy going on here, we bet it would be an instant hit. After all isn’t Tudor their plaything which has seen a new Tudor Royal released at Watches and Wonders 2023.

We recommend you adorning this Day-Date when you’re out on your villa balcony, getting ready to plunge into the pool or flexing around the pool with a tasty cocktail. You can buy a Rolex Submariner 126618LB at retail for £32,900 at the time of writing. 


Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference 336238


The Sky-Dweller is one of Rolex’s most challenging watches. Mind you this didn’t stop it from making a timely appearance in the Royal Box on the wrist of Roger Federer (again!) at Wimbledon 2023

It’s been complex ever since its first release in 2012 and its desire to match the fast pace living of world travellers is a concept that has remained to date. Without further deliberation, let’s get into the Sky-Dweller in its precious metal design.


Construction of The Sky-Dweller Reference 336238


Crafted out of 18K yellow gold, the watch is given a beautiful golden sheen throughout the entirety of the piece. 


Source: Rolex

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The case is fairly bulky at 42mm which is an added presence on the wrist. However, Rolex have counteracted this by giving it an Oysterflex strap. The Oysterflex bracelet is designed for the Sky-Dweller and provides a sporty and classy edge... 

Composed of black elastomer, the bracelet is more than capable of dealing with the environmental problems you may experience on a daily basis such as rain if you're British or UV rays for everyone else in the world. Furthermore, the inside of the strap is given a cushion lining, allowing the watch to be exceptionally comfortable on the wrist. 

The oyster clasp is gold which contrasts nicely with the black strap and matches the case, keeping with the seamlessness of the precious metal. It features a Glidelock extension system which is patented by the brand and allows the users to quickly alter its sizing. 

The gold case sets the perfect scene for the champagne gold dial. The complexity of the timepiece comes to fruition when looking at the dial's many lines and indices. The red triangle below 12 o’clock relates to the chosen reference time, be it your home or away time, which is based on the 24 hour disc that’s slightly off centre. 

It’s numbered from 2 to 24, allowing easy readability in terms of AM or PM timings. You may find one of the white rectangles atop each indice to suddenly turn red. Don’t be alarmed! Your novelty is not going to self-combust. This simply means you are in a certain month as 1 o’clock represents January and so forth. 

Signature features of the Sky-Dweller are maintained. Take for example the fluted bezel which was originally used to lock in the bezel onto the case, but now is an ode to the high quality aesthetic of their watches. This bezel is rotatable as it forms the Ring Command System, allowing the winding crown and movement to be used in conjunction to amend dates and times quickly.


Technical Features Of The Sky-Dweller Reference 336238


The watches need a lot of oomph to get all the complications moving in conjunction with each other. And the Sky-Dweller has just the movement to undertake the job…introducing the calibre 9002.

Precise to -2/+2 seconds per day and capable of providing 72 hours of power resistance, the watches are suitable for those weekends when it’s best to leave your finery at home. Given Paraflex shock absorbers and a Parachrom hairspring, these wonderful watches are highly reliable and certainly, one to consider as a possible investment. 

Its Superlative Chronometer certification is a massive tick in our book. Who wouldn’t want such a stunning stamp on their timepiece?


Should I Buy A Sky-Dweller Reference 336238?


If you are looking for the egg that the golden goose laid, this may be the timepiece for you. Crafted with a yellow gold case and a stunning champagne dial, you may be popping off corks when you adorn this on your wrist. This is the perfect arm candy for those who have made it.

Its colour scheme isn’t garish by any means, yet it offers a certain level of luxury that most people won’t be able to contend with. Its precious metal construction, rare dial and associations with one of the most complicated Rolex collections mean this is a piece you should watch out for.

We recommend you make the most of the black Oysterflex strap by keeping your outfits black too. Come on guys. Let the gold shine.

You can buy a Rolex Sky-Dweller at retail for £34,600 at the time of writing. 


Rolex Datejust 31mm Reference 278278


The Datejust could easily be considered as one of Rolex’s best dressy type watches. Originally released in 1945, they were released as a celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. What could’ve been a one off commemorative collection has ended up spanning eight decades…and we absolutely adore it.


Construction of The Datejust 31mm Reference 278278


At 31mm, the watches are certainly for the more slender gentleman searching for a bit of understated refinery.  

 Source: Rolex

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If you are able to slide this stunner on, the Datjust offers everything a modern gentleman needs to make a statement in this constantly evolving world. Composed of 18K yellow gold, the watches utilise the President Bracelet, promoting the piece past the sports styling of the Oyster and into the realms of premium luxury and style. 

Originally made for the Day-Date, the bracelet looks sublime on the Datejust, due to its sleek half cylindrical links and polished aesthetic. It links in with the beautiful golden case, allowing for the entire piece to be effortless. 

The dial is an excellent show of high quality craftsmanship, combined with well thought out design. The olive green dial is given a sunray effect, allowing light to be transferred and giving different shades to the face. The dial colour is then applied using PVD, giving the dial a delightful sheen after its varnish. 

Where are the indices? They are made up of diamonds which are set in 18K yellow gold. Yes, you heard that right! These watches blend yellow gold with diamonds to create an astonishing amalgamation of Haute Horologie. At 3 o’clock, check out the iconic Cyclops eye which exposes the date function and easy visibility into the date. 

The fluted bezel makes the Datejust to be a timepiece that is associated with the highest order of dress watches


Technical Features Of The Datejust 31mm Reference 278278


Powered by the high quality calibre 2236, it is given an average precision variation of -2/+2 seconds per day. 

These wonderful watches offer a fairly solid power reserve of 55 hours and blend a Syloxi hairspring with Paraflex shock absorbers to keep you looking and running at your optimal condition. 

As a Superlative Chronometer, you are guaranteed the best precision and longevity by one of the best luxury brands of all time. 


Should I Buy A Datejust 31mm Reference 278278?


The Datejust 31mm 278278 does not tread lightly when it comes to style and luxury. 

Its fearless combination of diamonds and yellow gold is aggressively stylish and it takes confidence to pull them both off at once. Luckily, Rolex makes it easy for you by giving it a fabulous olive green dial to contend with the gold indices and hands. 

Its precious metal construction, unorthodox green dial and adornment of diamonds mean this is certainly a timepiece that you should consider as an investment!

You can buy a Rolex Datejust 31mm 278278 at retail for £27,100 at the time of writing. 


Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126718GRNR


The GMT-Master II is the ultimate timepiece for the well travelled gent. Originally released in 2007, the GMT-Master II is the best pick for those horophiles who love being sky high. Released during this year's Watches and Wonders, it was released to rapturous applause from us horophiles. We expect this will certainly be hot property this year. 

Did we mention it was the first collection to feature a ceramic bezel and dual polished and brushed bracelet? 


Construction of The GMT-Master II 126718GRNR


Renowned for its use of colourful bezels like the Pepsi edition, this model takes things back to basics with a classic black and grey bezel design.Source: Rolex

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Do not be perturbed however. This bezel is still a piece of horological dynamite, exploding onto the timekeeping scene in 2023. Crafted out of Cerachrom, the bezel features yellow gold indentations which are engraved in, allowing for clear legibility when you want to determine between AM and PM. 

The bezel is key for deciphering between two locations. The combination of the bezel and the arrow tipped GMT hand means you can alter the hand to your home location and let the normal hands run the away time. Talk about two for the price of one!

Operated via the winding crown, the time is easily set via the jumping mechanism which ensures time can be altered by jumping from hour to hour without stopping the rest of the timekeeping functionality. And you don’t even need to call on the services of Marty McFly or Doc.

The dial is similarly pitch black, ensuring that the yellow gold rimmed circular and baton indices are legible at all times. It does help that they are dosed with Rolex’s very own Chromalight luminescent display. The date aperture located at 3 o’clock is a delightful addition to the dial, allowing a direct look in due to the instantly recognisable Cyclops eye. 

Here’s a bracelet we are yet to reference. The Jubilee bracelet was originally released in 1945 to support the launch of the Perpetual Datejust. Given an Oysterlock folding clasp and an Easylink comfort extension, the bracelet can be altered without you getting out of your toolbox. Presented with a stunning yellow gold construction, the bracelet links in perfectly with the case. 


Technical Features Of The Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126718GRNR


Hope you are ready to see another feat of Rolex technical excellence!

Powered by the calibre 3285, the watches are able to run at between -2/+2 seconds variation per day and the Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers ensure you are fit to face the world. 

With a 70 hour power reserve, the movement is everything we could’ve hoped for in a model that’s expected to climb the highest Zenith.


Should I Buy A GMT-Master II Reference 126718GRNR?


Yellow gold is immensely popular right now and the GMT-Master II reference 126718GRNR has it in spades. 

The seamless bezel colouring of black to grey is a perfect aesthetic choice as it lets the yellow gold do the talking while being exceptionally legible like the similarly black dial face. The Jubilee bracelet oozes luxury, associated only with dressy pieces like the Datejust

We believe that its sublime materials, classy dial bezel stylings and heritage means this could be a possible investment piece. Why not pair this with a grey tux to keep with the suave grey bezel colouring, which is dark enough to let the yellow gold take centre stage. 

You can buy a Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126718GRNR for £32,700 at the time of writing. 




We hope this article has offered you all the insight required into the thrilling world of the best yellow gold Rolex watches. Yellow gold will forever be immensely popular and like Dr Martens and Nintendo will never go out of style.

Furthermore, its association with luxury and wealth is something that’s been linked with it for generations. Of course, there are an infinite number of yellow gold Rolex watches which may take your fancy. Here are a few more of our top picks:

  • Cosmograph Daytona 126518LN - Retail Price: £27,500
  • Day-Date 36mm 128348RBR - Retail Price: Price on Request
  • Datejust 278278 - Retail Price: £26,700

So, if you’ve found a yellow gold precious piece that takes your fancy, and you simply cannot get enough of it… who are you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters!



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