Watch Alert: Omega Finally Debuts New 2024 White-Dial Speedmaster Professional Flexed By Daniel Craig
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Watch Alert: Omega Finally Debuts New 2024 White-Dial Speedmaster Professional Flexed By Daniel Craig

Watch Alert: Omega Finally Debuts New 2024 White-Dial Speedmaster Professional Flexed By Daniel Craig


Enthusiasts and collectors worldwide were left in quite a stir after Bond star Daniel Craig demonstrated what appeared to be an unreleased white-dial Omega Speedmaster at a New York Omega event in November 2023. 

In fact, we were so alert to the occasion that we simply had to release an article the moment we got our guru’s jaws off the floor! You can view that here:

So, when Omega finally came out only a week ago and gave us devoted horophiles the gift of a gorgeous, new white-dial Speedmaster, we have been desperately trying to get the ultimate low-down on what makes it tick, its physical characteristics and why these watches are so utterly addictive.

And that’s without dropping in the great triple wrister himself Buzz Aldrin, the first man to blast into orbit rocking the brand in 1969 alongside the Apollo 11 crew. 

But if two watches are better than one, check out our guide to the horological phenomenon of double wristing

After all, it's big news when the first watch on the moon is worn by an ex-spy and given a hot new white-dial. Chrono Hunter always listens to the demands of the insatiable public, which explains why we are the leading platform for those who want to buy a watch or sell a watch at the best possible prices 

Without any further ado, allow us to do the studying and the research to uncover what could be one of the best Omega watches to date. 


A Stitch In Time: Background Of The New White Dialled Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 

Let’s rewind for a second. It all started last November at a Planet Omega event in New York. This exclusive event covers the Omega watches from the past to the present, covering how styles have changed, the evolution in precision and generally tooting their own horn on their successes.

Source - ModMod

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Picture Daniel Craig adorned in a dark grey suit, embellished with a slate grey pocket square and his Mr Refined spectacles. It set the perfect scene for the gorgeous white-dial Speedmaster (unknown to us at that stage) to take centre stage and cause horophiles to go into a state of panic not seen since the beginning of lockdown. 

It would be on the shoulders of former Layer Cake actor Daniel Craig to carry the weight of such a momentous soft launch. And boy was this soft! In fact, no one had an inkling what was to come next as the internet nearly went into meltdown…well, the forums anyway.

After all, this is the man that's carried the Omega and James Bond partnership on his shoulders after the introduction of Pierce Brosnan in 1995. What would we do without these fabulous actors?

With film-specific releases like the Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition in 2015 and The Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition No Time To Die in 2021, Craig has literally become the face of Omega watches. Now who said this was For Your Eyes Only. 

After Mr. Bond (sorry, Daniel Craig!) wore the white-dial Speedmaster, it would eventually take four months for these definitive watches to be released to the public. Given the reference 310., the watches combine white lacquered dials in the iconic Speedmaster Professional case shape. 

Let’s not expose too much, too soon. Let’s get into the latest Speedmaster Professional release from the brand, discover all the fascinating details and make you the most knowledgeable gent at your next watch meeting!


First Impressions Of The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 310. 

This isn’t directly inspired by James Bond, but its heritage and background is just as thrilling as any film or Le Mans race.

Looking for some silver screen wrist worthy inspiration? Have a look at our guide to the most iconic movie watches

Taking its design codes from the legendary Alaska I prototype from 1969, these watches are a nod to an astounding history that has become a pop culture hit. Alaska was a top secret codename that NASA used when they wanted to conceal the initiative. 


Alaska I Inspiration

In this instance, the brand released the Alaska I prototype as a solution to the dramatic temperatures out in space. 

Alaska I - Source - Omega

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Given a removable anodized aluminium outer case and a prominent thermal shield, the inner case is made of pure titanium. This actually allowed it to hold the title of the first wristwatches to be secured in this specific material. The snow white dial was also used to reflect the heat of the sun.

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Back to the Alaska I and interestingly, the thermal shield was given a bright red colour as it was the most superior heat resistant and reflective shade. Unfortunately, the latest Speedmaster Professional models do not conform to the classic titanium build of the Alaska I. 

Crafted out of steel and measuring 42mm x 13.2mm they feature both polished and brushed elements along the chamfered lug edges and the tops of the watches. Some more dimensions include a 20mm gap between the lugs, 47.5mm lug-to-lug distance and a weight of around 140 grams. 

Source - Omega

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True to form, the asymmetrical case is indicative of the classic Speedmaster Professional. The circular white-dial, recessed pushers and crown are all part of the infinite timekeeping charm which gives the Speedmaster Professional its iconic status. 

Given a black bezel with a racing tachymetric scale, the main change comes in the form of the dial. It has a crisp white-dial, which is a direct link to the original Alaska I prototype. The hour markers are black rectangular batons with small tips of Super-Luminova. 

The bezel runs around a sapphire crystal which is given anti-glare to ensure you can access the dial when a million miles in the space or leaving the pub after a few too many spirits!

Easy on the eye, keen horophiles will know about the importance of the bezel. The classic watches from the 50s and 60s featured a small dot over the tachymetric scale to represent they belonged to a certain era of the line. This is a design code which the Speedmaster has replicated with the bezel on the watches.

Nothing like knowing your history!

The hands are equally black, but feature a longer strip of Super-Luminova through their centre. Featuring chronograph functionality in the form of a triple subdial design, they are recessed to promote their legibility and equally given black hands and numerals. 

There is a red arrow tip located on the seconds hand which is said to be inspired by the Commander stripes on astronaut suits, but we see them as a link to the thermal shield on the Alaska I. Plus this colour is present on the Speedmaster text written below 12 o’clock. 

You will be hard pressed to find the colour on any other Speedy! 


Technical Features Of The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 

The Speedmaster Professional is a gorgeous stainless steel piece, with its uncompromising white-dial and striking movement, as viewed on the caseback.

Source - Omega

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Powered by the 3861 movement, the manual-winding chronograph movement is fitted with the brand's patented Co-Axial escapement. Qualifying as Master Chronometer certified, the calibre offers you protection against 15,000 Gauss, a 50 hour power reserve and a fairly steady beat of 3Hz. 

This movement covers a range of functions, including hours, minutes, seconds, small seconds and of course, chronograph features. Capable of reaching around 50 metres of water resistance, we can see you wearing this in the shower, but getting on your Seamaster for when you are in the mood to dive!

Official Specs 









Dial Colour


Water Resistance

50 metres





Power Reserve

50 hours

What We Like

+ New white-dial colour.

+ Preservation and nod to classic Speedmaster builds.

+ Master Chronometer movement.

+ Rare red Speedmaster text.

What We Don't Like

- Didn’t use titanium like its classic Alaska prototype.

- Water resistance isn’t groundbreaking.

- Power reserve won’t last you more than 3 days.

- Not the slimmest compared to other watches like the 2023 Rolex Daytona Ref. 126500 (11.9mm).


Expected Price And Waiting List For The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 

  • You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional for £7,600 as of March 2024. 
  • There is a waiting list of upwards of six months. If you decide to join, you can sign up via their ecommerce site and expect to be contacted when stock is eventually released for online sales.


Our Pick Of The Most Popular Speedmaster Watches To Buy

Speedmaster - 310.

If you liked the look of the new white-dial Speedmaster, but felt it needed a little more regal pzazz to suit your taste, we recommend you cast your eyes over the 310. 

Source - Omega

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Sized at 42mm, this timepiece is made up of their very own proprietary material, Canopus gold with an 18K white gold alloy which they introduced in 2015. It offers a higher level of brilliance against other 18K golds and therefore earns the title of Canopus, the title of the star that's 10,000 times brighter than the sun. Space themed? Definitely!

Looking for an intergalactic hit on the wrist? Have a read of our guide to the best meteorite dial watches.

Designed in a symmetrical case, this follows the 4th generation styling of the Speedmaster, including tight chamfered lugs, circular dial face as well as prominent crown and pushers. With a thickness of around 13.3mm, the bezel is diamond-paved which suits the luxury of this refined number.

The dial is given a silvered shade with a sun-brushed finish to promote the sleek hour markers and hands, all of which are given a generous coating of Super-Luminova. 

The 3861 calibre offers a 50 hour power reserve within a manual-winding movement. Master Chronometer certified, this anti-magnetic movement powers the chronograph subdials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. 

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch at retail for £56,800 as of March 2024.


Speedmaster - 310.

If white-dials are not for you, no problem! We have just the ticket. 

We recommend you go for a more moody colour like the 310., home to a deep, rich green dial.

Source - Omega

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Sized at 42mm x 13.2mm thick, this model is crafted out of 18K Moonshine gold. Again, this is their very own proprietary material which was introduced in 2019. 

Taking inspiration from the moonlight and designed in a way to have a paler shade when compared to standard 18K yellow gold, this super Speedy is fitted with a green ceramic bezel making it stand out alongside the glamorous gold.

There is the classic tachymetric scale which adheres to the classic Speedmaster design while the lug distance clocks in around 20mm. We can imagine this timepiece maybe being a little too big for shirt cuffs, but perfect for being a notable part of your corporate attire.

Given a British Green dial, it features yellow gold hour markers and hands. Coated with Super-Luminova, the same colour is visible across the chronograph subdials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. 

Powered by the 3861, this timepiece has a weekend proof 50 hour power reserve and an approximate 50 metre water resistance. Master Chronometer certified, you can view the movement through a sapphire caseback, alongside “THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON” text on the dial’s periphery.

Expect the finest glamour and chicness with this strapped on.

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster at retail for £40,300 as of March 2024. 


Speedmaster - 310.

Are precious metals and diamond rich bezels a tad overbearing? We reckon you should go back to basics with the classic 310.

Source - Omega

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Crafted out of steel, the 42mm watches are around 13.2mm thick, yielding a weight of around 134 grams. Capable of around 50 metres of water resistance, it is powered by the 3861 calibre which offers a 50 hour power reserve and fitted with hesalite crystal. Mark our words, this one is true to form, pertaining to its original materials. 

Even the aluminium bezel is made up of tachymetric scale with that famed “dot over 90.” characteristics, offering the ideal backdrop for the black dial face. 

With three recessed chronograph subdials, alongside steel baton hour markers and hands, filled with Super-Luminova this Speedmaster is interjected with a minute track for reading standard timekeeping. This sits nicely alongside small seconds and chronograph functionality. 

Fitted with a five-arched link bracelet, this is a top piece for the traditional man of style who cannot get enough of classicism without any overdone jewels or precious metals. 

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster at retail for £6,600 as of March 2024. 


Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon 311.

Take a walk on the wild side, we mean dark side with another excellent Speedmaster alternative. The Dark Side Of The Moon is a brilliant reference, paying homage to the Apollo 8 crew.

Source - Omega

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In 1968, The Apollo 8 team managed to become the first to see the far side of the moon. They, as they are the horological kings of lunar achievement, released the Dark Side Of The Moon in tribute to this fine achievement. 

At 44.25mm, these ceramic watches provide feather-touch properties and bags of durability. Equipped with a laser-engraved tachymetric scale, filled with white enamel on the bezel, the Speedmaster remains classic in its design. 

However this cultural icon has been given a much deserved horological injection of modernity thanks to its blacked out material. 

The skeletonised dial allows you an insight into the movement which is finished expertly. Laser-ablated on the main plate and bridges, they mimic the crevices of the moon. Made up of triple chronograph functionality, the small seconds subdial is fitted with a grade 5 titanium hand that's shaped like the Saturn V rocket.

Space cowboy we think not. This is something far more special to gaze upon.

Designed via laser turning, the colours are attained via white varnish, ablation and laser blackening. There is a yellow seconds hand and yellow hands on the other two-subdials, adding a tinge of colour against the blackened aesthetic. 

Powered by the Calibre 3869, this Master Chronometer timepiece is supported with their patented Co-Axial escapement. You can expect a 50 hour power reserve and a 50 metre water resistance.

Completed with a black rubber strap and yellow elements across the dial, this is a fine piece for the man determined to flex his lunar knowledge and horological prowess. 

You can buy an Omega Speedmaster at retail for £13,500 as of March 2024. 



Timelords, have you been inspired to jump on the waiting list for the new white-dial Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional? We’ve kept this article down to the essentials, including the physical and technical elements which make this piece so iconic

Drawing on strong inspiration from the Alaska I prototype back in 1969, enthusiasts and collectors alike may be persuaded to buy a stunning Speedmaster Moonwatch. 

If white is not your wrist weapon of choice, alas we must give props before time gets the best of us to the Speedmaster Anniversary Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. Crafted out of their proprietary Moonshine gold material, it is given small burgundy touches that are inspired by the original Apollo 11 watches given to the astronauts back in 1969

With enough glitz and glamour to dazzle an awards show like the Oscars (we see you John Cena…every sinew of you at the 2024 ceremony!) And with a limited edition run of 1,014 watches, this rare piece may hit the spot for you luxury lovers. You can buy it at retail for £38,900 as of March 2024. 

On the other hand, if you find that the Speedmaster is still turning your head after all this time, or you simply want a piece of lunar history, the new white dialled wonder could very well be the ultimate Speedy for you.

For some, waiting lists abound and fear setting in about whether you will ever get your hands on these watches may prove too much. Why not turn to the best platform on the horological market to ensure you land one? 

It’s one giant leap for man…


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