8 Of The Most Spooktacular Watches For Halloween
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8 Of The Most Spooktacular Watches For Halloween

8 Of The Most Spooktacular Watches For Halloween


Halloween is a time for dressing up.

Whether scary costumes for kids or showboating muscles without shame for the adult men (we see you, Hulk impersonators!) As a global celebration, you can expect parties to be more thrilling than Michael Jackson’s notorious 1982 smash hit. 

Now, even though you may have your spookiest face paint on, or wearing a rather bizarre devil costume, you don’t have to throw all caution to the horological wind when it comes to being fashionable. After all, opportunity may just come knocking on the door, even if you are dressed like Casper The Friendly Ghost. But we are here to educate and inform you about the frighteningly, outstanding array of best Halloween watches to ensure your wrist is a spooktacular hit.

That being said, we don’t want you looking as white as a sheet, especially when you are looking to flex your desirable Daytona or your office bourne Rolex Datejust in a beautiful two tone material. Nor do we think you should subject your sporty Rolex Submariner to the evening antics of a Halloween party. 

Chrono Hunter has taken some prerogative by ensuring you look top notch this Autumn on your way to that special occasion or party. Please may we introduce our list of the best watches for Halloween. Now, take your ginger, Chucky hairdo off and put away the chainsaw for a minute. 

It’s time to stop carving that pumpkin and get reading!


Richard Mille RM 052 Skull Tourbillon


Where would be without a skull this Halloween?

Richard Mille doesn't tend to be a very sober brand when it comes to spooky, lucid creativity. Hence why they instantly jump to being our first pick for the best Halloween watches!

Source - Brand’s Site

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Founded in 2001, the brand does have a solid track record of spooktacular watches such as the highly sought after Cyril Kongo RM 68-01 or the first ever slim tonneau shaped case in the form of the RM 67-01 Extra Flat

Perfect for the avid wrist wearer. We recommend you read our article on the RM 66 Rock’ Roll for a watch that boasts a skeleton hand in the classic devil horn stance. It’s enough to make Herman Munster spin. Freaky for Halloween? Sure!

The RM 052 is a bit like Buzz Aldrin and goes one step further. While other top luxury watch brands feature the iconic emblem of the skull into the piece, Richard Mille has literally imbued it into the timepiece itself. Allow us a second to explain…

It is crafted into the base plate and the bridges of the grade 5 titanium shape A closer look reveals that the upper and lower jaws cement the ruby of the tourbillon cage, while the back actually forms the calibre centre bridge. This isn’t a quickly done design either timelords. Far from it. 

This required rigorous testing to ensure the bridges and skull were completely secure. The calibre is linked in by the cleverly placed 4 bridges that imitate the iconic, spooky cranium and crossbones of a pirates flag. 

The tripartite tonneau case shape is classic Richard Mille. Crafted out of titanium, it allows the watch to capably flow around the wrist and it’s all secured together by 20 titanium spline screws. 

Offering 50 metres of water resistance through the two O-ring seals, the watch is powered by the RM 052 calibre. Completely visible due to the watch being skeletonised, it features an array of expert finishes, including micro-blasted milled sections and hand bevelled surfaces. 

Offering a surprisingly low 21,600VpH and a 48 hour power reserve, the calibre’s accuracy and quality is ensured through a Nivarox balance spring and Kif Elastor KE shock protection. Placed upon a black rubber strap, we recommend you wear this with a James Bond tux for Halloween if you want to negate the spookiness, or a Count Dracula costume if you want to fit in with the satanic theme. 

Capped at 15 pieces, you can no longer buy a Richard Mille RM 052 at retail as it’s been discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £1.7 million at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Classic tonneau shaped case 
  • Integrated skull feature
  • Highly durable and lightweight titanium material


What We Don’t Like

  • Not very water resistant
  • Very dark which isn’t good for the flamboyant wearer
  • Closely follows the RM 66 without too much deviation


Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater


Surf up! Or, should we say spooks up!

Source - Brand Site

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The Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater follows on from the electric Superocean Slow Motion that reaches as far back as the 1960s and 70s. The Slow Motion clearly followed the demands of the booming scuba community, priding itself on durability and legibility as main focal points. 

The brilliance of the collection has been maintained. Circular casing? Check. Chunky hour markers? Certainly. All round machine? Absolutely! Coming in at 42mm of solid stainless steel, the timepiece is bolstered with a screw down caseback and similarly screwed down crown, ensuring the incredible 300 metre water resistance. 

The sapphire crystal stretches over a bright, pumpkin style face. Highly legible, it offers a stark contrast to the bone white minute track that circles its periphery. Breitling loves nostalgia as much as any keen 1960s Psycho fan. As such, they have opted for a circular luminous dot on the second hand as a link to the dot which appeared on the face of the Slow Motion. 

The minute hand includes a bulky square marker which links in with the chunky hour markers that are made up of squares and rectangles. Keeping with the classic diving heritage, Breitling opted for a black ceramic insert on the bi-directional rotating bezel. 

The model was designed in collaboration with Kelly Slater, winner of the World Surf League champion a record breaking 11 times. His input came in the form of the rubber strap. Coloured British Racing Green strap is reminiscent of the colour schemes of the old school surfboards. Supported with a three fold clasp and a 15mm extension, you can easily wear a Micheal Myers outfit or a wetsuit. 

The timepiece is powered by the Calibre 17. Offering a fantastic 38 hour power reserve and a 28,800 VpH, the model is also given 26 jewels, the self-winding mechanical movement is more than primed for the horror themed gentleman or more sporty wear with a simple black tee and blue wash jeans. 

You can buy a Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater at retail for £4,300 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Great water resistance
  • Powerful movement 
  • Linked with legendary surfer Kelly Slater


What We Don’t Like

  • Poor power reserve 
  • Basic steel material
  • Not much different from other Superocean models


Chopard L.U.C Skull One Vanitas


If you find your party has led you away from good Ol’ Blighty to the warm shores of Spain, it’s only right you get yourself a timepiece that fits the timekeeping bill. 

Source - CronoTempvsCollectors

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With bags of scare factor, to stir the faintest of horological hearts, we recommend The Chopard L.U.C Skull One Vanitas. The watch's inspiration is borne from a very special occasion in the Spanish Catholic calendar and Mexican culture, The Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English. 

If you don’t know what this is, it essentially celebrates the meaning of existence and the importance of noting that death is a very real possibility. Celebrating the lives of those that have passed, the festival features gift giving and prayer. And what could be better (or scarier) than buying one of these spookiest watches this Halloween?

To the uninitiated, it may appear a little death defying to say the least…but it's a fantastic celebration! They have decided to release a play on this great day, with the release of The Chopard L.U.C Skull One Vanitas. 

The title “L.U.C” stems from the original manufacturing company in Sonviller, Switzerland and the initials of the founder, Louis-Ulysee. The collection debuted in 1997 and is primed for its technical and functional qualities. 

Sinking their teeth into the fleshy neck of Haute Horologie, the case is crafted out of DLC coated stainless steel which is bead blasted, linking to its great, grained finish. At 40mm, it’s certainly not below average size, but it makes up for it by boasting the beautiful dial face. 

The dial is lacquered with a calavera face, boasting a Mexican cranium and other emblems like the sun, flowers and a heart-shaped icon. How could we forget the moustache and toothless smile! Showing Arabic numerals with gilded hour markers, they present a strong contrast against the black aesthetic. 

Powered by the ultra-thin L.U.C 96.53-L calibre, the mechanical calibre comes in at 3.3mm and is made with two barrels as per Chopad’s skillful Chopard Twin Technology. Revealing a weekend-proof 58 hour power reserve, the calibre features some tasty design features like a Côtes de Genève'' pattern which can be seen through the blackened exhibition caseback. 

Fitted with a sumptuous, hand-stitched calfskin leather strap, elegance is abound. We reckon you’d look tip-top with this piece alongside a Maverick inspired brown leather jacket for Halloween. 

Capped at 100 pieces, you can no longer buy a Chopard L.U.C Skull One Vanitas at retail as they’ve sold out. You can buy them on the secondary market for around £6,000 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Stunning dial design
  • A deep lying connection to Mexican cultural landscape
  • High powered movement


What We Don’t Like

  • Not very innovative material
  • Needs a tinge of colour
  • Mexican skull is a tad overused


Bell & Ross Cyber Skull Bronze


It’s enough to get Blackbeard all awash! The BR-01 collection was released in 2005, deviating away from traditional classic pilot watches and opting instead for stylish squared, cockpit instrument design. 

Source - Brand’s Site

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The Cyber Skull Bronze variation upgrades the collection to one of creative genius! The watches are built in a signature squared case with rounded edges, just like its predecessor. Coming in at 45mm, the Cyber Skull Bronze is crafted out of bronze which many connoisseurs love when looking to buy a watch

Bronze is one of the only materials that has the natural capability to patina, allowing the alloy to give a beautiful evolution over time, changing from a gorgeous golden hue to a spooky nickel brass sheen, depending on if you wear it outdoors or keep it indoors for a rainy day. 

But there’s nothing that’s going to rain on our horological parade. In essence, is bronze the key talking point of the timepiece? Not at all. Firstly, the case paves the way for the dial by featuring wonderfully bevelled corners and satin finishing to draw the eyes into the devious looking cranium centre stage! It’s enough to make any timekeeping fiend go giddy with delight.

Take a look at the beautiful dial face! Made up of sharp edges on the bones and given a similarly great bevelled finish to give a 3D textured effect, this timepiece is the ultimate watch for the danger man!

The skeletonised dial opts for rose gold plating on the brass cranium. Featuring gilt metal Super-Luminova filled hour and minute hands, there is a skeletonised balance located at 12 o’clock. Protected by a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, it is instantly visible in all manner of conditions. 

The Cyber Skull Bronze is powered by the BR-CAL.210 calibre. As a mechanical movement, it powers the hours and minutes. Now, since this is a hand wound movement, you simply have to twist the crown to change the hours and minutes. As well as powering the movement, the crown moves the jaw of the skull in a mocking laugh as powered by an automaton component. How avant-garde!

Beating at 28,800VpH and offering a power reserve of 50 hours, the model is fitted on a black rubber strap. The combination of bronze and black means this piece is fit for a Squid Games guard outfit, or your trusty sports jacket when the Halloween party is at a timely end!

Capped at 500 pieces, you can buy a Bell & Ross Cyber Skull Bronze at retail for £10,300 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Limited edition
  • Impressive movement
  • Highly innovative dial design


What We Don’t Like

  • Oversized 45mm dial
  • Timekeeping may be hard to read
  • Rubber strap may be a turn off for some


Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire


Hublot always seems to create a Big Bang…even on Halloween. In every article we have featured Hublot, we have boasted their revolutionary, record breaking tendencies. Need we mention the Hublot Nespresso that is made out of recycled ground coffee-beans?

Source - Brand’s Site

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Forget sexy SAXEM as seen in the Big Bang Tourbillon SAXEM Act II

This is true pumpkin power at its finest. The Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire measures 45mm and is crafted out of a very unusual material…

The timepiece is crafted out of pumpkin orange sapphire. You heard that right. Hublot have maintained their classic “Art of Fusion” strapline by performing a world first of creating orange sapphire. Hublot has dabbled in sapphire before, but this orange, pumpkin colour is completely new. Utilising titanium and chromium with sapphire, the colour is extremely refreshing and more than relevant for Halloween.

The bezel and case is entirely transparent, allowing the iconic six H-shape titanium screws to characterise the Big Bang’s authentic design. The face is similarly translucent, allowing for maximum transparency and stunning design. 

Don’t be feeling down if you think legibility is impossible. The hands and indices silvered and highly visible due to the healthy dose of orange, pumpkin luminescence. As you can expect, the front and back are protected by a sapphire crystal, fitted with anti-reflective treatment to boost visibility in searing sun or the ambient lighting of your local bar. 

The HUB6035 automatic tourbillon movement is on full display for the world to see. They opt for a sandblasted platinum effect on the skeletonised movement. Made with three sapphire bridges, everything is featured to the nth degree, including the grey, 22 carat gold micro-rotor that boasts bevelling, sunray brushing and sublime sandblasting. 

They have advanced the usage of tourbillons in watches, by deterring from the classic manual winding functionality behind tourbillons, they decided to allow theirs to be self-winding to ensure an exceptional power reserve of 72 hours. 

Fitted with a transparent, pumpkin coloured orange rubber strap, the model is secured with a titanium clasp to allow you to be locked in at all times. The ideal accent of a Halloween pumpkin, this could even be pulled off for after work drinks or that office Christmas bash! 

Capped at 50 pieces, you can no longer buy a Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire at retail as they have sold out. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £130,000 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Striking Halloween tones ideal for any scary meetup
  • Innovative use of sapphire
  • Exceptional movement


What We Don’t Like

  • 45mm will put slimmer wrist wearing enthusiasts off.
  • Rather expensive
  • Strap is very sporty so hard to use as an everyday piece. 


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Orange Spessartite "50th Anniversary"


Keeping with the pumpkin theme, why don’t we get you equipped with something so sparkly that even the evil spectre of Halloween can’t hide their grin!

Source - Brand’s Site

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The Royal Oak collection was originally released in 1972 at Baselworld. Crafted out of steel and featuring an integrated bracelet, the timepiece was and is revolutionary, since becoming the flagship of the brand.

This pioneering luxury sports watch comes in at 41mm of pure white gold. While that already sounds as precious as Nautilus 5711 Tiffany dial, the best is yet to come! Audemars Piguet have decided to commit this classic Royal Oak shaping with its octagonal bezel and 8 visible screws to a healthy dose of pumpkin orange spessartite. 

Orange spessartite is a type of rare gem stone and Audemars Piguet pulls no punches in releasing them in an explosion of colourful Halloween madness! The timepiece is made up of a whopping 861 baguette cut gemstones that completely cover the case and classic integrated bracelet. 

Measuring just 11.6mm thick, it will give you the opportunity to spook out your wrist in style with no problems at all. The face is protected with a glare proof sapphire crystal and caseback, ensuring a fantastic, open design throughout. 

The face similarly follows the sharp design codes of the case and bracelet. Made out of 18K white gold, it is coated entirely with pumpkin orange spessartite and complemented with prominent white gold Royal Oak hands with added luminescence. 

Totalling 47.3 carats of gemstones, we think the real jewel is the high powered Calibre 4309. Powering the hours, minutes and centre seconds, the self winding calibre offers an impressive 70 hour power reserve and a fantastic 28,800 VpH. At an extraordinary 4.9mm thickness, this model boasts a “50-years” oscillating weight as per the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Royal Oak

We think this timepiece works fabulously with the more flamboyant outfits. We’re talking sparklers and fire, Timelords! Capped at only 10 pieces produced, you can buy an Audemars Piguet Selfwinding Orange Spessartite at retail when you request a price at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Fantastic array of precious gemstones - orange spessartite
  • Excellent movement boasting a great 70 hour power reserve
  • Follows on from the classic Gerald Genta inspired Royal Oak design 


What We Don’t Like

  • Quite garish in comparison with other models
  • Dial is very hard to read
  • Difficulty in wearing this as an everyday watch. 


Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph All Black Shepard Fairey


Hublot holds all the cards when it comes to brilliant design. This also includes the most spooktacular watches for Halloween!

Source - Brand’s Site

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The model comes in at a very bulky Panerai size of 45mm. Yowza, best adorn your Hulk ensemble for this number! However, they compensate for the big sizing by utilising a titanium material due to its inherent lightness and durability. 

Blackened completely, the timepiece is designed with artist legend, Shepard Fairey. He is the guy that is behind the now global “OBEY'' clothing brand which came from skateboarding roots. As an out and out artistic activist, his work has inspired and influenced many globally. 

It only makes sense that he would join with this Swiss outfit! Previously linking up in 2018 for the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey, the two titans have joined forces again to make horological history. 

The case and the bezel are therefore entirely blackened, linking to Hublot’s design signature, while incorporating Shepard Fairey’s works in his star mandala in the centre engraving and flowing, lined pattern as engraved throughout the case and bezel.

The model is fitted with a sapphire crystal that features anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Interestingly, the face is similarly crafted out of sapphire with the printed decor as provided by Shepard Fairey. 

Boasting applied hour markers and hands, they are also blacked out. While this may not be a prime piece for visibility, you are buying this piece for the gorgeous one off design. Providing 50 metres of water resistance, we reckon you should keep this out of the sea! Be warned deep-sea dive enthusiasts

The model is powered by the HUB1155 calibre. Self Winding and skeletonised, the timepiece offers a modest power reserve of 42 hours. Due to the face being crystal, you can see any of the 60 purple jewels within the movement through the face like the spookiest, otherworldly eyes. How cool!

Fitted with a rubber strap that's become a staple of their design, the watches would look best when worn on a blacked out Darth Vadar outfit. However, we would understand if you saved this for the boardroom with a sleek, black suit. 

Capped at 50 pieces, you can no longer buy a Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph at retail due to it being discontinued. You can buy it on the secondary market for around £12,000 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Exceptionally minimalist design
  • Great collaboration between Hublot and Shepard Fairey
  • Stunning, floral dial design


What We Don’t Like

  • Dial may be hard to read after a quick glance
  • Low power reserve means you cannot take this away with you over the weekend
  • All black ensemble including the strap


Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton Ceramic


Spooky skeletons come out to play…it’s time to don your Halloween costume today! Well it’s a fine job Girard-Perregaux has got us covered with this hair-raising number!

Source - SCMP

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The Laureato was the brand's first luxury sports timepiece when released in 1975. Taking its name from the film “Il Laureato '' dating back to the 70s, the collection was one of the first sports luxury watches in the timekeeping world. 

Now, this timepiece represents the first time that the brand has released a piece that's made entirely out of the spookiest material, black ceramic. The piece is crafted out of black ceramic, a material that is extremely scratch resistant and provides an excellent matte finish. Great to pair with those skeleton ensembles.

Measuring 42mm, this black cloaked devil is suited and booted with a respectable 11.43 thickness and a very strong sapphire crystal caseback. Offering 100 metres of water resistance, you can certainly wear this mean and moody piece while trick or treating. Just  don’t say “Candyman” three times.

The dial is entirely skeletonized, showcasing the beautiful dial face. This time, Girard-Perregaux decided to do away with highly prominent hour markers, choosing to keep the high contrast silvered hour and minute hands. Instead, take a look at the flange for a minute track that shows thicker lines, relating to the hour markers. 

The funky stuff comes in the form of the fancy calibre. The GP01800-0006 calibre is self-winding mechanical which can be powered with a few swift clockwise turns of the crown on the right hand side. Do you think King Charles III would turn that fast if we did that to his bejewelled objet d’art? Running at 28,800VpH and offering a solid power reserve of 54 hours, there are a few jolts of colour as noted by the pink gold oscillating weight. 

Fitted with an integrated ceramic strap, the timepiece is locked in with a ceramic triple folding clasp. Completely blacked out, we think you’d look sharp if you wore this with a venom inspired Spider-Man ensemble, or took it out of Halloween all together and wore it with a navy suit. 

You can buy a Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton at retail for £42,400 at the time of writing. 


What We Like

  • Plays on great Laureato heritage
  • Beautiful skeletonised dial aesthetic
  • A great first release with black ceramic material


What We Don’t Like

  • Movement could offer a stronger power reserve
  • Small hour markers may make legibility rather more difficult
  • Sporty design which limits the watches wearability to specific circumstances




Timelords, the piece has caught us! We have explored the top 8 watches for Halloween in all their darkness and spooky fear. We simply must stop clicking on our keyboards before Freddy Kruger comes through the floor and snatches us! All of these luxury watches boast qualities that relate to the spookiest, Halloween period. If you are up to your neck in tricks and want a few treats to add to your new or burgeoning collection, we recommend:

This list boasts luxury watches that have taken influence from death like the L.U.C Skull One Vanitas, or following the spookiest blacked out colour schemes like the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton. 

Now, you’ve got your outfits, you know where the party is being held. Are you prepared for trick or treating? Want to gore out in the best possible wrist worthy attire? More importantly, have you sourced the best site to buy one of the spookiest Halloween watches you can get your hands on? May we invite you into our own tempting, horological lair? Chrono Hunter promises this isn’t like Hansel and Gretel! 

In fact, you will be more like a timekeeping kid in a candy shop when we tempt you with our spooktacular offers, devilishly delightful deals, best possible prices, quick turnaround and peerless service. Trust us, when we say this. it’ll give you the most pleasurable blood-curdling shrieks imaginable!

It’s time to enter the dark side and open that creaking door…


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