Question Time: How Do I Sell My Grand Seiko?
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Question Time: How Do I Sell My Grand Seiko?

Question Time: How Do I Sell My Grand Seiko?


Be it used, second hand, vintage or a family heirloom. If you’ve owned your Grand Seiko for many years and decided now’s the time to pass it on, we can only imagine that your first question is how do I sell my Grand Seiko? They can include both pre-owned and fresh editions that may retain value. Again this is down to a number of factors such as;

  • Condition Of The Watch
  • Market Conditions
  • Desirability
  • Supply and Demand

If you want to sell a Grand Seiko quickly and for the top prices paid, it’s best you find the most reputable platform in order to achieve maximum value. Chrono Hunter is the site for you! Our fantastic guide will lead you through selling your new, used or second-hand timepiece, what you need to know before sending it to us for a valuation and the figures you can expect to yield upon resale. 

If you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of questions that come from selling your beloved timepiece for cash, including do these watches hold their value, or is GS collectible and is GS worth the price, allow our expert horological eyes examine everything you need to know to sell a Grand Seiko.

After all, there’s no need for it to gather dust in a drawer. We have the ideal selling antidote! Value is one of the main concerns for horophiles when selling a watch. We can understand your fears such as will my pre-owned watches lose value, is my model a solid investment and which of their luxury watches perform best at resale. 

If you need to know an answer quickly, we recommend you contact Chrono Hunter in order to receive a no-obligation valuation, without being forced to accept any offers to show you we understand the market inside and out. Right then. Let’s get straight into the details behind selling a Grand Seiko and see why they are such a revered luxury brand. 


History Of Grand Seiko


Since 1960 when Kintaro Hattori created Grand Seiko, this top luxury brand has continued to make a name itself more than politician Nigel Farage in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! 

Kintaro Hattori - Source - Brunott

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The original idea was to construct a timepiece that combined a number of elements, including durability, precision and quality. The first release was immediately a huge horological success. 

Powered by the Calibre 3180, they were accurate to +12/-3 seconds per day and had a power reserve of 45 hours. It swiftly became the first watch in Japan to be compliant with the Standard of Excellence, as provided by the Bureaux Officiels de Contrôle de la Marche des Montres. 

4 years later, the Japanese titans released the Self-Dater as an upgrade to the initial model, including a 50 metre water resistance and a calendar function. In 1967, the 44GS was released and it became the highest accuracy of any manual wind 5 beat watch globally. Later, they went on to win every Chronometer competition in Japan and by 1968, their movements were awarded the overall prize as the best mechanical watches in the Geneva Observatory competition.

A fresh line of “Very Fine Adjusted” watches were capable of offering +2/-1 minute per month…a truly astonishing feat. In 1988, they released their first ever quartz watch. The 95GS was released and was vastly superior to any of the other quartz watches of its era, offering an accuracy of around +/- 10 seconds per year. 

They grew quartz crystals in their own labs, allowing them to select the best oscillators possible, especially those that offered superior performance in terms of temperature resistance, humidity resistance and shock resistance. 

They went on to continue making a wealth of quartz watches. In 1993, the Calibre 9F83 was created. Featuring a number of fresh and never seen before innovations like Backlash Auto-Adjust Mechanism, Twin Pulse Control System, Instant Date Change Mechanism and a protective shield construction, the essential parts of a wristwatch including beauty, durability and precision, were placed into a sublime new release. 

In 1997, the 9F6 series was released, offering a new case design that promoted ergonomic wearing and comfort. In 2003, the Japanese outfit went one step further by releasing a watch series with a whopping 40,000 A/M magnetism and a phenomenal design that assured -/+ 10 seconds per year precision. 


The Birth Of The Spring Drive 


In 1999, after 600 prototypes and twenty years of work, the Spring Drive was created. As important in the horological world, some may say as the Zenith El Primero, this is the Beatles of movements. In fact there aren’t enough strawberry fields in the world to recount how significant an impact this had on GS.

The concept of the Spring Drive is immensely complicated. Both a mainspring and a barrel are used just like a standard mechanical watch, but they go one step further. They utilise a Tri-synchro Regulator system which utilises a glide wheel that's powered by the mainspring barrel via a stator. The glide wheel in turn powers a quartz crystal, the mechanism that powers the frequency of the watch. This allows a sweeping seconds hand as opposed to the tick of a mechanical watch. 

Specifically in 2004, the first Spring Drive was released with the Calibre 9R65. Utilising both a mainspring with an electronic regulator, it is powered by the wearer's motion, and offers an accuracy much higher than mechanical technology. 

In 2006, the incredible Calibre 9S67 touched the public. This mechanical movement offered a 3 day power reserve, 28,800VpH like its predecessors, but a wider mainspring to ensure the 72 hour power reserve. In 2005, the Spring Drive GMT was brought forwards which kept pristine accuracy while adjusting the time zone

They went on to release a Spring Drive Chronograph which precisely measured elapsed time by using a column wheel and a vertical clutch timing up to 12 hours and a precision of one second per day. The Calibre 9S65 debuted in 2009, utilising MEMS technology, with new materials and components, allowing for a 72 hour power receive and a brilliant performance rating. 

In 2016, they went one step further by releasing an all black ceramic case, the Spring Drive Black Ceramic Limited Edition. 

That same year, the Spring Drive Calibre 9R01 was unveiled, offering an 8 day power reserve, putting them on par with some Panerai watches like the Luminor 8 Days Power Reserve 44mm. 

This was the first edition to be manufactured by watchmakers in the Micro Artist Studio based at Shiojiri in Japan. This calibre uses three barrels as opposed to one which allows for the 8 day power reserve. 

This was fitted into a platinum case with their signature Zaratsu polishing technique, allowing for a highly polished finish. Love it or hate it, this particular type of polish is synonymous with the brand and is as well known as Andrew Tate. In 2017, they changed the design entirely, whereby the logo was moved to 12 o’clock from 6 o’clock. 

In 2020, they got back in touch with their Japanese roots. 60 years of the luxury brand represented a full circle of the traditional zodiac cycle ,meaning it was time for them to enter a new stage of their watchmaking. And boy, did they spruce things up like those old, forlorn Christmas decorations!

A new Calibre 9SA5 which is a 10-beat movement that offers extreme panther-like precision and a long power reserve of 80 hours. The calibre is made up of three key innovations including a Free-sprung balance, overcoil and a Dual Impulse Escapement. Another movement, the Spring Drive Calibre 9RA5 was released after being created in Shinshu Watch Studio. This improved its supreme technical accuracy and power reserve. 


Net Worth Of Grand Seiko Brand


They are a major luxury brand that is still on the rise. They attained the position of a top ten brand within their price category and saw net sales and operating profit increasing. They have since separated from the Seiko collection, but it must be noted that they had been a big player under Seiko’s umbrella. They were so strong that while under Seiko, they yielded a 4.1% income increase, around £775 million. 


Everything You Need To Do Before You Sell Your Grand Seiko


Before you opt to sell your pre-owned Grand Seiko, we recommend you do a few things in order to ensure a swift sale for the best prices paid and without any hassle. 

Documents - Source - Rolex Forums

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Perhaps the most important thing you could do in order to get your watch sold is to put some background work to decipher what your watch is all about, and properly understand the benefits these actions can do!

For example, you need to have your hands on those all important papers, sales receipts and any other necessary documentation to achieve the maximum value when you sell a Grand Seiko. Why are these things crucial? Give us a minute to explain. In the first instance, they allow the potential buyer to trace the ownership trail, including where you bought it from. 

Another huge aspect of selling your second-hand watch for cash is the necessary certifications. As a result, this ensures your second-hand watch is an authentic piece which is imperative to a luxury retailer wanting to lay top prices paid and hard earned cash on the line for a pricey timepiece. This can cover a number of areas, including repair records which are integral to seeing what changes have been made to the watches. In turn, this may affect the overall resale value should you consider selling. 

The papers are just as useful as they feature a number of key facts such as the model number and name. As you can appreciate, the buyer will be beaming from cheek to cheek if they know about the heritage and the condition of your beloved piece.

After all…It’s best to keep the buyer as happy as possible. Ensure your documentation is looking as pretty as a picture while covering everything about your prized possession. Talking of which, as soon as you have the key information covered, you will then want to snap a few photos showcasing your piece for those retailers. So shine up your baby nice and clean. 

It’s essential that you have the perfect lighting. This means no wintry snaps of a picture perfect December snowflake, or an image of you and your partner looking wistfully over a Caribbean ocean on your summer vacation. When it’s time to sell, it’s best to snap a photo of your pre-owned, used or vintage watch against a plain surface and in broad daylight so every inch of it can be lusted over. In this way, you can focus on how to sell your Grand Seiko quickly and for instant cash.

As an example, look towards the Yuka Momiki SBG273 with a hot red dial. It’s imperative that you get the Zaratsu polishing and the gold GMT hand to sparkle as brilliantly as a diamond necklace. If you want to release your second-hand watch swiftly, get it in a bright area and accompanied with all of the relevant documents. 

It’s really that simple to achieve the ideal sale…oh, and of course sell your watch to a reputable retailer!


Best Places To Sell My Grand Seiko


There are a number of places you can go to in order to sell a Grand Seiko that is either pre-owned or used. 

With some of them being in such high demand, this luxury brand has the capability to surpass trends and dips in popularity. You shouldn’t underestimate just how revered the brand is to collectors globally. That’s why you should ensure you don’t get a raw deal or an inaccurate valuation by opting to sell using Chrono Hunter. 

After all, we offer clear valuations and are home to a plethora of retailers who seek to offer you excellent deals, all within a transparent platform that ensures security for both them and you. Of course, you will receive the top prices paid. 


Auction Houses

One route you could go down is the auction house path. They offer a very simple system that crosses every manner of item, including artworks, houses and cars. Essentially, a group of buyers will assemble in a room, alongside buyers who are present via the telephone, and they will bid ascending offers for your item. What a thrilling way to sell a Grand Seiko watch for cash!

Auction House - Source - Artistcloseup

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Most auction houses tend to be authorised to trade by having relevant certifications and licences. This means your timepiece isn't likely to be illegally sold for cash or intentionally valued well under your expected figure to a dodgy gentleman in an Arthur Daley camel overcoat. 

Don’t get too confident though. You may find that your timepiece goes for under what you wanted. This isn’t a Halloween trick by the local hoodlums or a scam…it’s just a sad truth of the auction business. It all lies in the final bid, be that vastly over or under your expected figure. Going, going…gone!

So, if you are not into gavels and don’t like putting your fate in the hands of the public which could lead to many pitfalls when selling, we recommend turning to the number one source to sell…Chrono Hunter. Offering a transparent, one of a kind business model that puts you in control of your timepiece throughout, we offer no obligation estimates to ensure you receive the best resale values and top prices paid.

This is all done via our live portal that puts your selling request to our extensive list of luxury retailers. From there, you can choose which deal suits you and proceed with the transaction. 



Auction Houses are not the only route to make that elusive sale. There are a number of online platforms which have swiftly risen to the forefront of the horological marketplace. EBay has swiftly risen to become one of the more popular platforms with its capabilities. However, it is not infallible and is subject to a number of perils. 

For example, those who buy and sell on eBay may be under the belief that they are entirely secure. This is simply not true. For example, you may encounter a buyer who promises a range of figures, alongside other sweet treats like a 5 star review. Sometimes, the buyer may not send the payment, or go through with the deal after hours of negotiating. 

What a tragic blow to your confidence. All you wanted to do was to sell your Grand Seiko for cash! Be assured that under Chrono Hunter's secure platform, your second-hand watch will be placed in front of the most reliable and handpicked luxury retailers around, all of which are competing to give you the best resale values possible. It’s up to you which offer suits and conclude the sale directly with one of our many reputable retailers. 

EBay is pretty good for offering refunds, but that's only after you have to quantify every detail about your timepiece which could take weeks or longer. This might involve threads of messages between you and the buyer while engaging in more hours of conversation with a customer sales advisor…A complete waste of time in our book when all you want is the smoothest and most importantly secure sale.

Opting to go with Chrono Hunter allows us to tap into our extensive network of well-respected retailers and offer cash quickly, transacted in the most seamless and stress free way. Furthermore, our team at Chrono Hunter HQ oversees and carefully monitors every sale right through until completion, ensuring the process is smooth and faultless. 

Why not get the best prices paid when you sell your Grand Seiko?


Does Grand Seiko Have Resale Value?


Unfortunately, they do not tend to fare well upon resale.

Firstly, they do not match the levels of demand in comparison with their supply. This is due to a number of factors which Haute Horlogie brands like Rolex, and Holy Trinity members Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe flaunt. 

These companies have a very sizable brand identity and have collections with incredible historical value and accolades, as well as being incredibly precise and luxurious. While they are a high quality luxury brand, they are not able (yet!) to reach the same level of interest as the huge players above. Therefore, their standard models do not tend to have good resale figures and will depreciate upon retail purchase as per every watch.

However, if you have a model which is either limited edition or vintage, they have a possibility of increasing in price upon resale. This is because the level of supply is dropped due to rarity or discontinuation, automatically raising demand and increasing the resale value. 

4580-7000 - Source - Christie’s

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Take for example the vintage Ref 4580-7000. It’s understood that these prototype watches were sent to the Neuchâtel Chronometer testing facility. Designed in a futuristic case in a specially designed HSS stainless steel build, the dial is pitch black and features silver hour markers and hands. With a limited run of around 100 pieces made and powered by the brilliant Calibre 4580 with an accuracy of +2 seconds per month, they sold at a Christie’s auction in 2021 for around £39,650. 

Another example is the Ref 9S64 00D0. Released around 2013, they are crafted out of white gold and are limited to 70 models. Given a silvered brushed dial and beautifully tapered hands, they sold at Christie’s auction in 2017 for around £13,400. 

However, it’s important to bear in mind that just because you have a limited edition model, that does not entitle it to instantly boom upon resale. For example The SBGJ275 sells at retail for £7,250 as of December 2023. It features a stunning sky style dial which is inspired by the location around Shizukuishi Watch Studio and portrays the brilliant Calibre 9S86 with a 55 hour power reserve and a +5/-3 seconds per day. Capped at 2000 pieces, it sells on the secondary market for upwards of £5,100 as of December 2023. 

In these instances, we recommend you hold onto them over a longer period to achieve a better resale figure or if they become discontinued, this may lead to much more desirability on the secondary market, subject to the model or reference. 


Which Grand Seiko Is Worth Collecting?


If you decide that you're not wanting to collect the Japanese brand for wearability, but for collectability, the key theme to remember is that the best watches are those that have great investment potential.  

Collecting is different for everybody. For some, it may relate to a selection of timepieces that can be worn every day. For others, you are buying them with the express intention of keeping them safe and creating a collection which will hopefully increase in value over time. 

Their watches are worth collecting, especially if you have the express intention of swiftly selling your watch for cash in the long term. This is due to a number of factors such as the brands;

  • Phenomenal lineage
  • Great level of achievement
  • Potential for an increase in value
  • Supply and demand
  • Desirability

The Japanese giant has been releasing a collection of iconic watches since 1960. They have now become the biggest Japanese luxury watch brand of all time. Releasing a slew of highly regarded movements that are incredibly precise such as the epic Spring Drive, GS is noted for their adherence to their cultural heritage and string of Oriental influences as reflected by the location of their HQ. 

Spring Drive - Source - Grand-Seiko

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In terms of achievement, they released their first model, the 3180 which became the first-ever chronometer grade watch made in Japan. They then increased their level by releasing the V.F.A standard. Boasting an average -2/+2 seconds variance per day, this was vastly more than the -4/+6 seconds rate that was averaged during 1969. 

Again, how can we mention movements without referencing the Spring Drive technology? Perhaps the most innovative component in mechanical watchmaking since the Zenith El Primero movement, the Spring Drive was released in 1999 that blended the hardy mechanical power reserve with the expert accuracy of a quartz movement. Achieving mastery of electronic and mechanical watchmaking is exceptional and boasts the talent of the brand. 

They do have the potential to increase in value, if you find those which have a high level of demand over their supply. This usually means you may have to hold onto the models for a while before they reach this status as it means there will be no supply if discontinued


Key Collections To Invest In

The best collections to invest in are:

  • Evolution 9
  • Heritage
  • Elegance


Evolution 9

Launched in 2020, The Evolution 9 was and has sought to revolutionise the brand into a new era of watchmaking. 

SBGE285G - Source - Grand-Seiko

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This collection is decidedly more aesthetically pleasing which focuses on mirror like dials with beautifully textured effects and rounded cases. In addition, the dials are more legible due to the hour markers being three dimensional and highly legible. There are a number of sporty and dressy versions you can choose from, all of which look very sharp on the wrist, from boardroom to beachside bar. 


Case Material

Dial Design


Retail Price



Ushio Navy Blue wave pattern.

9RA5 Spring Drive movement +/- 10 seconds per month

£10,500 as of December 2023



Navy blue with recessed sub dials and three dimensional hour markers. 

Tentagraph Calibre 9SC5 72 hour power reserve and 10-beat per second chronograph. 

£12,500 as of December 2023. 



White textured dial inspired by white birch tree forests near the studio in Shinshu. 

9RA2 Spring Drive +/- 10 seconds per month

£8,500 as of December 2023. 



The Heritage collection plays on the original 44GS and 62GS from 1967, while offering fresh materials and updated designs. They are as balanced as gymnasts, featuring clean design lines and highly legible dial faces. 

SBGA415G - Source - Grand-Seiko

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch



Case Material

Dial Design


Retail Price


Stainless Steel

Radiating lines pattern across a white background, accompanied by blued seconds hand. 

Calibre 9S64. Manual wind movement with a +5/-3 seconds per day and 72 hour power reserve. 

£4,900 as of December 2023. 


Stainless Steel

Sky-blue dial inspired by daytime at the top of Mt. Iwate. 

Calibre 9S65. Offering a 72 hour power reserve and a +5/-3 seconds per day variance. 

Capped at 1,200 pieces - £4,900 as of December 2023. 


Stainless Steel

Kunpu dial which offers a textured green dial face

Calibre 9S85. 55 hour power reserve with +5/-3 seconds per day. 

£5,900 as of December 2023. 



The Elegance collection is both durable and provides an incredible level of refinement. Blending the classical Japanese styles that have run beneath every other collection in their portfolio, they are robust and crafted with the finest materials possible. 

SBGA407G - Source - Grand-Seiko

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch



Case Material

Dial Design


Retail Price


Stainless Steel

Silver dial with three dimension hour markers and sword shaped hands. 

Calibre 9264 72 hour power reserve and +5/-3 seconds per day. 

£5,000 as of December 2023. 


Stainless Steel

Mirror effect inspired by the floors of Japanese homes and the red of autumnal leaves.

Calibre 9S86 55 hours power reserve -3/+5 seconds per day. GMT functionality. 

£6,600 as of December 2023. 


Stainless Steel

Textured, sky-blue dial inspired by the view from Mount Iwate near the Shizukuishi watch studio. 

Calibre 9S66 72 hour power reserve -3/+5 seconds per day. 

Capped at 1,700 pieces £5,350 as of December 2023. 


Is Grand Seiko Considered Luxury?


Yes, they can be classified as having the same luxury appeal as Rolling Stone’s Boeing 737. 

SBGA489G - Source - Grand-Seiko

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


They have clearly shown that there is incredible watchmaking talent outside of Switzerland, especially since all of their watches showcase incredible Japanese inspired aesthetics such as the scenery around Mt Iwate or even the fascinating Katana sword as noted by the fresh references; SBGA489, SBGA491 AND SBGA4893. 

They are designed to be incredibly elegant, featuring beautifully textured dials and the finest materials in watchmaking. While they have some sporty editions like the SBGA481, crafted out of titanium with 200 metres of water resistance, they have some ultra luxurious watches such as the SBGZ009 which is limited to just 50 pieces, crafted out of platinum and features a stunning, white textured dial. 

The brand’s use of Japanese culture and incredibly innovative designs means it can be argued that it represents a luxury brand.


Is Grand Seiko Gaining Popularity?


While the Japanese icon may not have the universal appeal or cult following or celeb drops of Rolex or Audemars Piguet, (As seen in the bizarre Chocolate AP Royal Oak Travis Scott Cactus Jack collab) they have swiftly grown from being Japan’s most revered luxury brand into an evolving brand amongst enthusiasts. 

The designs are incredibly unorthodox, meaning they may not be enjoyed by everyone. However, for those who are worth their horological salt, they are pieces of technical brilliance within gorgeously styled cases and that legendary Zaratsu polishing. 

They have the unique position of being outside of the Western world and away from big name luxury brands like Cartier, Longines and Breitling. They have performed incredibly well and earned the position of a top ten brand within their price category that’s fast becoming a popular contender to Rolex in the low five figure category.


Do Grand Seiko Lose Value?


Yes, they generally lose value. Therefore, we recommend you don’t start thinking that selling your watch for cash will result in a huge profit. As with every timepiece, you will lose value as soon as you buy it…unless you happen to own a Rolex or Patek Philippe

It’s estimated that they lose around 5% to 20% of their original figure upon resale. This isn’t indicative of them being a bad brand. In fact it’s an industry standard to see a drop in resale value, just like Cartier who loses around 10% and Breitling which loses between 10-40% on retail. 

Excellent resale value is typically reserved for high-level luxury brands as we have outlined like Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Why, you ask? Well, these are the most in-demand brands that have their level of desirability surpass their supply figures. 

They are still highly desired, but not to the same level as the aforementioned titans of Haute Horologie. We recommend you keep your second-hand watch close for a length of time in order to increase its chances of becoming more desirable. If it becomes discontinued, this allows supply to drop altogether and demand to potentially rise. 

You may have a limited edition timepiece which has its production numbers capped, similarly allowing supply to be shorted and demand to rise. This is the same concept for vintage variants which not only have no supply, but the added retro vibe that has become incredibly popular over the years with horophiles and connoisseurs.

6186-8000G - Source - Christie’s

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Take for example the Reference 6186-8000G. Crafted out of stainless steel, this is an unusually barrel shaped watch with a Japanese day and date indication located at 3 o’clock. As part of the illustrious VFA collection, this 1960s piece is iconic due to its play on Seiko’s legendary “Grammar of Design” concept. It sold at a Christie’s auction in 2021 for around £11,300.

They do have a number of limited edition and exclusive watches which would like to draw your attention to. Below are some of our favourites.


Case Material 

Limited Edition

Price Retail

Mishaka Masterpiece Spring Drive 8 Day SBGD207


15 pieces

£176,120 as of December 2023

60th Anniversary Shizukuishi SBGW263


20 pieces boutique exclusive

£87,000 as of December 2023

Mechanical 140th Anniversary STGK016

18K Rose Gold

60 pieces 

£20,700 as of December 2023


Which Celebrity Wears Grand Seiko?


We said they are becoming popular, right? Well, here are just a few of the celebrity names that adorn the beloved Japanese brand:

  • Nicolas Cage - 20th Anniversary Spring Drive Sport SBGC230
  • Jonathan Ross - Spring Drive
  • Virginia Trioli - SBGE001
  • Yuki Amami - Snowflake 
  • Daniel Dae Kim - Hi-Beat GMT 3600

While we don’t suffer from celebrity worship syndrome, it’s nice to know the good and the great like GS as it promotes the brand's reputation, plus you can start to sell your Grand Seiko watch with even more confidence. 


What Is The Rarest Grand Seiko?


After looking through the archives, we’ve managed to uncover a version that is so rare that it makes the Pliosaur, found on the Dorset coastline, seem as common as a pigeon. Introducing, The Masterpiece Collection SBGD207. And it certainly is a work of art!

SBGD207 - Source - Grand-Seiko

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


The design again follows Japanese heritage. In this instance, they are inspired by the Mishaka pond in Japan. Exceptionally still, the pond closely reflects the changes in seasons due to its mirror-like surface. Furthermore, it's very close to The Micro Artist Studio which is Seiko’s high tech artist workshop. 

Crafted out of 43mm of platinum, they have 100 metres of water resistance and feature a box shaped crystal, ensuring maximum legibility at all times. Entirely hand crafted, the 13.5mm thick watches are fitted with a green alligator strap in keep with the green garnet, mother of pearl, diamond and platinum jewel dial display. 

They are powered by the Calibre 9R01, a spring drive movement that offers a gargantuan 8 day power reserve and a phenomenal accuracy of +/- 0.5 seconds per day. Capped at 15 pieces, you can buy a Grand Seiko SBGD207 at retail for £176,130 as of December 2023. 


Why Should I Sell My Grand Seiko Via Chrono Hunter?


There are a host of reasons as to why Chrono Hunter is the number one platform to sell your used Grand Seiko. To show you how simple and effective our selling process is, here is a very handy graphic exploring every detail of the transaction:


Step 1

Click the sell my watch button below

and enter your watch details.


Step 2

Receive offers from the most reputable

watch retailers, we’ll notify you by email and

you can decide which one you like the most.


Step 3

Accept the offer and get

a great price for your watch.


Chrono Hunter is the key platform for all your sales. That’s right, all of them! Below are just a few examples of the collections and watches from the brand you can sell through us;

  • Masterpiece
  • Evolution 9
  • Heritage
  • Sport 
  • Elegance

If you are already well aware of our process and want to know why we are the must visit site to buy or sell a watch, take a look below at just a few more reasons why we are so revered by customers:

  • Use Chrono Hunter to enjoy multiple offers from a variety of highly reputable retailers who have all been carefully curated by us.
  • We’ve built up an incredible reputation over the years for providing such outstanding service. Our Trustpilot reviews offer an insight into our first class reputation and how we offer a safe and secure environment for your sale with unmatched service, ensuring a quick turnaround and best prices paid. 
  • You can be assured that you will never be subject to a raw deal with us. We have a highly knowledgeable team that knows GS inside and out. We are here to assist and to guarantee your watch gets sold safely. 
  • Still not feeling confident in selling? Opt for a no-obligation valuation of your timepiece, by talking to our professional team today. Contact us via our phone number +44 20 3966 5775, or drop us an email here.
  • We have a dedicated app which is accessible on both Android and Apple devices, allowing you to deftly track your offers thanks to our live portal 24 hours a day.
  • We utilise a strong portfolio of reliable luxury retailers that establish the true value of your used watches quickly. You make the decision of the offer you wish to accept. The power really is in your hands!




At the start of this article, you may have been wondering how to sell your used Grand Seiko, or how I can achieve the best value for my watch, or where is the best place to sell a Grand Seiko

Enter Chrono Hunter. Hopefully, we have not only shown you the details behind selling your timepiece for cash swiftly, but also why we are the number one brand for best prices paid! 

You just need to secure all of your documents, get some sharp photos taken and then let the offers roll in. Allow Chrono Hunter to analyse your selling request in rigorous detail and get it sent to our expansive list of the best luxury retailers around. Ensuring a swift selling transaction, we can help you get an expert valuation and your used, pre-owned or vintage watch sold fast, all without the hassle and hazards of choosing anyone else. 

Chrono Hunter is the best platform to sell your Grand Seiko watch for cash. Transact in the most secure environment possible, guaranteeing your watch is given a thorough valuation and carefully monitored throughout the entire sale. 

If you’ve done all the background work and have a few shots that sum up your treasured watch perfectly, the last stage is to find a platform that makes you ultimately comfortable. We are here to save you time on a site that boasts a fantastic reputation and strives to give you the top prices paid following an in-depth valuation.  

With Chrono Hunter, expect real time offers within hours and instant cash in your bank account (subject to inspection of the watch) Our distinctive platform is the most transparent and secure way to sell quickly and for the fairest price. This is all down to our incredible network of the finest luxury retailers who we have been working with over the years.

There really is no other platform to select for your particular sale. Offering the utmost security which is ingrained in our DNA, we assure you that all of our transactions take place under the most protected conditions. What else can we say? 

Other than that your Grand Seiko is destined to achieve the best prices paid with us!

Feeling confident enough to sell your Grand Seiko watch for cash? Want a no-obligation valuation or a deal that will blow your socks off? Chrono Hunter is the singular option for all manner of sellers, whether or not you are experienced.  

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Enjoy nothing but the most accurate valuations and top prices paid when you use Chrono Hunter today to sell your Grand Seiko quickly.


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