11 Reasons Why Vacheron Constantin Watches Are A Good Investment
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11 Reasons Why Vacheron Constantin Watches Are A Good Investment

11 Reasons Why Vacheron Constantin Watches Are A Good Investment


“Do better if possible, and that is always possible.” - François Constantin, 1819


Welcome Timelords to our latest article. Today we ask the question: are Vacheron Constantin watches a good investment? 

The Vallée de Joux brand resides as not one of the top luxury watch brands to hold value  as one of the top horological brands globally, they have cemented their membership as part of the Holy Trinity with Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

Yes, they really are that well respected. 

Noted for timeless designs alongside immaculate craftsmanship, it’s hard to consider any other name an investment piece over Vacheron Constantin. Well, aside from PP, AP and of course Rolex

Totalling over 263 years of heritage and preserving design codes that have allowed lines like the classic Calatrava and Traditionelle lines to flourish, it’s clear to see why they could be considered as excellent investments. 

Nonetheless, we are true to our word and will happily walk you through the top 11 reasons why we think Vacheron Constantin would make a good investment. 

Time as ever is slowly ticking away…so let’s get straight into it!


Reason 1: Vacheron Constantin’s Lineal Heritage 

Originally founded in 1755, VC is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers of all time, narrowly losing out to Blancpain who got there 20 years earlier in 1735. 

Jean-Marc Vacheron


Founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron, the company has remained at the forefront of horological progression, resulting in a range of innovations that are still in effect today.

For example, they created the world's first watch complication, a small day and date on a wall clock, during the 1790s. 

Throughout each century, they have been noted for a wealth of notable developments, including the release of the first engine turned dial during the 19th century and the iconic ultra thin, self winding movements like the 477 9/12 in the 20th Century.

Vacheron Constantin have established themselves as veterans of the horological market and have been firm leaders of the technical and design spheres. Evergreen, enduring and continually popular, they are what Mozart is to classical music.

That’s how you know VC will be phenomenal investments!


Reason 2: Vacheron Constantin’s Long List Of Great Collections

Ah, where would we be today if we didn’t have their colossal watchmaking influence behind us? At a loss. But outside of being keen innovators of movements, they also produce a number of different influential lines too. 


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As you know we are all about the details. Below, we have collated a handy table which shows VC’s best collections and their unique selling points that make their watches investment potential:



Top 3 Investment Selling Points

Average Retail Market Price


The Patrimony line has swiftly risen through the ranks to become Vacheron Constantin’s go-to line for some of the best dress watches around. 

Given circular case shapes and inspired by classic 1950s timepieces, they aren’t your average run of the mill timepieces; instead they are filled with great complications and colourful shades. 

  • Available in a range of materials such as pink gold and white gold

  • Powered by ultra-thin movements and fitted with complications like a retrograde calendar, chronograph and a perpetual calendar.

  • Range from simple white faces to the immensely luxurious self-winding jewellery which features 420 diamonds

£21,200 - £84,500 as of March 2024. 


The Overseas line was originally released to the market in 1996. However it was later reinvented in 2016 after its discontinuation in 2004. 

From what was originally an ergonomic and luxurious travel companion has evolved into an increasingly more functional piece with fresh retrograde functions. 

  • Comes with an interchangeable strap for new alterations and looks on the go. 

  • Ranges from solid dials to skeletonised chronographs  depending on your fashion sense. 

£15,900 - Price on Request as of March 2024. 


The Traditionnelle is VC’s ultimate throwback to the original 18th Century stylings. 

The line holds a number of features throughout all their timepieces: Circular case and precious metal material. 

  • Stunning face types, including hand-guilloché finishes and rich green shades. 

  • Choose between minimalism or maximalism due to the range of watches, including a plain cream face, chronographs and even a Dragon inspired tourbillon timepiece!

  • All the watches are guaranteed to be refined and luxurious due to their pink, white gold and titanium construction.

£18,400 - Price on Request as of March 2024. 


The FiftySix line is an ode to the original timepiece that was brought to the market in 1956. 

Named the 6073, it was the first to feature a self-winding movement from VC, noted for its first rate precision and reliability. 

Updated in 2018, these watches feature a new self-winding movement and signature Maltese Cross as an oscillating weight. 

  • Available in precious metals and steel which may be more accessible to buyers. 

  • House the same resilient cases as the original timepiece while retaining curved lugs, but much more streamlined. 

  • The dials are stylish yet functional with chronographs  as seen through the Arabic hour markers and lume filled hands. 

£12,200 - Price on Request as of March 2024. 

Métiers d'Art

The Métiers d'Art is by far the brand's bravest and most progressive collection. 

Featuring iconic cultural events and people throughout history such as Chinese New Year and their “Great Civilization” pieces, they are cemented into the faces through a variety of decorative techniques. 

  • All the watches are limited edition which instantly boosts resale figures. 
  • Built to order, making them completely unique and impossible to fake or replicate
  • They deviate away from traditional horology by featuring works of art on the dial, achieved through techniques such as hand-engraving and enamelling. 

£100,000 - Price on Request as of March 2024. 


Reason 3: Vacheron Constantin Watches Will Likely Rise In Value

VC is such a highly reputable luxury brand name that the majority of their watches are likely to rise in value and create solid investment pieces. This is due to a number of factors, including:

  • Age - Do you own a vintage VC watch? If so, it may be likely to boom in value due to the inherent scarcity associated with these timepieces. However, they are one of the few brands that capably hold and even surpass value across the standard numbers too, making them potential investment opportunities. 
  • Current Market Prices - Market conditions generally dictate the value of most luxury watches. Just like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, VC is one of just a handful of brands that are great investments as they tend to resist the direction of the market and are generally on the rise. 
  • Provenance - VC are capped at around 20,000 watches annually. Due to their insistence on hand-designing their pieces, this makes them inherently rare, forcing the amount of demand to vastly surpass the supply and making them potentially great investments.
  • DesirabilityVC are a highly in demand brand due to their quality craftsmanship and high quality movements. This means they are fundamentally attractive to horophiles and those that like stunning works of art!
  • Exquisite material - VC only uses the best materials possible. This includes the highest quality 18K precious metals such as platinum and gold. 

VC is one of the very few brands that have the potential to increase in value across the board, including rare and standard models. For example, the vintage reference 4261 from around the 1950s.

This is understood to be the first platinum 4261 ever, as there were only a very small number of the watches made.

Some of their USP’s include minute repeating functionality being too complicated to replicate back then. It sold at a Christie's auction in 2016 for around £478,500. 

Les Cabinotiers - Source - Christie’s

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Another example is the outstanding Les Cabinotiers unique piece which was manufactured in 2011.

This was crafted out of platinum and boasted a range of functions including a double-faced (Cartier Reverso style) perpetual calendar and tourbillon alongside a zodiac and day and night indication. It later sold at a Christie’s auction in 2019 for around £344,000.

Yep, this very pricey piece may not be an achievable investment for most, but it’s certainly a fantastic model to view! 

The Les Cabotiniers range isn’t just a one-trick pony either.

Associated with the Louvre for their Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers x Le Louvre Museum Collaboration in 2023, the line has also featured Rolls Royce and even a stunning Tribute to Arabesque Minute Repeater Tourbillon.


Reason 4: Vacheron Constantin Expertly Finish Their Watches

Finishing. Where do we begin? We are not talking about putting a nice sheen on that garden shed ready for summer. Not in the slightest. 

In fact, it is something that many horophiles associate with the exterior of the watches. If you have the luxury of an exhibition caseback, you may find that the movement is equally finished to the nth degree. 

Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Skeleton

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

Perhaps one of the clearest indicators that VC pride themselves on their finishing is the Hallmark of Geneva seal that appears on many of their models. This is the highest level of certification that an independent body in Geneva can offer. 

A few elements must be met, including:

  • Precision
  • Finishing
  • Craftsmanship

These decorative elements go down to the wire, including ensuring that the winding mechanism is finished in accordance with registered patterns and all the screw heads throughout the piece are polished with their slots and rims chamfered.

And there’s nothing we like better than a bit of chamfering.

If that’s not investment worthy, we don't know what is!


Reason 5: Vacheron Constantin Cover Every Type Of User

VC watches are not just luxurious items for Wimbledon. For example, the Overseas line is a brilliant everyday watch due to its 150 metre water resistance and hardy case design in precious metals or steel. 

Patrimony Manual Winding

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On the other hand, if you are interested in a very trendy item, fit for London Fashion Week, an exclusive business dinner or your private yacht, VC remains the go-to brand. 

We recommend the Patrimony Manual-Winding 1110U/000R-B085. Crafted out of pink gold and built into the dressy round case, the dial is exceptionally minimalist with rose gold hour markers and hands alongside a tidy minute counter residing at 6 o’clock. 

If you want Golden Globes style glitz and glamour, we recommend the Traditionnelle Tourbillon Jewellery. Utilising a stonking 559 diamonds on an 18K white gold case, the watches offer the Calibre 2160/1 which has an impressive 80 hour power reserve.

Long Lasting and jewelled up? My my, investment’s don’t get much more special than this! 

We understand if that world isn’t for you, nor if you don’t have the budget to match Hov himself.

After all, like the Jigger Man’s Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300G, you are full of complications… In this situation, the Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Open Face may be the best option. 

Measuring 40mm of pink gold, the watches have a triple calendar display alongside a precision moon phase, all of which are enhanced by anthracite NAC treatment. It has a retail value on the market of around £50,000 as of March 2024. 


Reason 6: Vacheron Constantin Offers Solid Value For Top Watches

Offering exceptional timepieces for prices which are expensive, but not as ridiculously priced as its counterparts like Rolex or Patek Philippe, this allows the brand to be an accessible investment for some.

For the iconic Overseas collection, the cheapest model is the Overseas Quartz 1205V/100A-B591. 

Overseas Quartz

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch  Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch

Measuring 33mm x 9.02 thick, the Overseas Quartz is super slim but not a patch on the credit card style Richard Mille UP-01.

It encompasses a black dial with steel hour markers and hands that are dosed up to the max with lume. Furthermore, there is a small date aperture located at 3 o’clock while the Maltese Cross bezel has 78 brilliant-cut diamonds.

You can buy a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Quartz at retail on the market for £15,900 as of March 2024. 

Now, if we compare this with Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak line, inspired by the G-dfather of horological design Gerald Genta, their entry level model (if you can call it that!) is the Royal Oak Quartz.

Priced at £15,500, it lacks any complication and lacks any precious metals, yet is valued for only £400 less. However, both could still be classified as excellent investments. 

Even for VC’s extortionate models, they are all accurately priced according to the level of quality that has gone into them. For example, the Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Chronograph 43175/000R-9687 is a great example we would love to share with you.

Crafted out of pink gold and complete with a cream dial, allowing the extremely complicated 48-month counter with leap year indicator, chronograph, moon phase and day of the week to be displayed.

Powered by the exceptionally thin 4.05mm calibre 1120 QP/1, The Hallmark Of Geneva movement, you needn’t care about keeping perfect time. How so? You won’t need to care for a jot until at least 2100.

You can buy a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Chronograph at retail on the market for £84,500 as of March 2024. 


Reason 7: Vacheron Constantin Delivers A Strong Collection Of Limited Edition Watches

We’ve discussed the most valuable watches tend to be those that are scarce or rare. In this instance, limited edition models from Vacheron Constantin are outstanding examples of those timepieces that might increase in value. 


Traditionelle Tourbillon

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The Traditionnelle Tourbillon 6040T/000R-B959 is capped at 16 pieces and is a 2021 release designed to celebrate the Chinese legend of the Phoenix and the Dragon. Crafted out of 18K 5N gold, this fire-breathing number has the sculpted creatures on a spectacular hand-guilloché dial with a skeletonised tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

You can buy a Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon upon requesting a price as of March 2024. 

Want the double whammy? The discontinued and limited edition Overseas Dual Time Everest is the best of both worlds for those looking to buy a Vacheron Constantin.

With only 150 pieces produced, these 42.5mm titanium watches offer a play on the prototype sent to Cory Richard on his third expedition up Everest. Jealous, Rolex?

There are of course many other examples we could choose from. We would be remiss if we failed to mention the one off Kallista model. Crafted in 1979 and valued at around £9 million, this stunner utilises around 118 emeralds and required around 6,000 hours to make. 

How about the Métiers d'Art Tribute To Explorer Naturalists Detroit De Magellan? Capped at 10 pieces, this watch is inspired by the naturalists who went on scientific discoveries in the early 1830s.

Given a Hallmark of Geneva certification and a stunning hand engraved enamelled dial, this is a top piece for art lovers and horophiles alike

Given GMT functionality to allow two time zones to be read simultaneously, you can buy this on the secondary market for upwards of £79,000, as of March 2024. 


Reason 8: Vacheron Constantin Designs Are Instantly Recognizable

Across each collection, you are likely to instantly notice each model by its distinctive characteristics.

Stemming across everyday models to highly luxurious pieces, below is a handy table that covers what each collection looks like and why they are so regarded as potential investment opportunities; 


Distinguishing Features


  • Six sided bezel
  • Cushion style shape.
  • Available in a host of precious metals like titanium, golds and steel. 


  • Smooth bezel
  • Slender design inspired by 1950s timepieces
  • Precious metal case makeup including platinum and range of golds. 


  • Smooth, engraved or jewelled bezel
  • Variety of styles including completely jewelled or Mother of Pearl
  • Precious metals like platinum, pink and white gold. 


  • Polished bezel and case
  • Arabic hour markers
  • Available in pink gold and steel.


  • Distinguishable face, tilted at 45 degrees, including hour markers, complications and hands
  • Historiques 222 is entirely yellow gold, including face and case, plus has integrated strap
  • Available in steel, pink and white gold

Métiers d'Art

  • Range of decorative techniques featuring art, history and culture that's made by their master craftsmen.
  • Crafted from precious metals like platinum, pink and white gold.
  • Bezels are highly polished for maximum shine. 


Reason 9: Vacheron Constantin Is Worn By A Range Of Celebrities

An extremely popular brand, adorned by a range of celebrities, Brad Pitt, Chris Paul and NBA champ Klay Thompson are proud owners of the stunning VC Historiques 222. Other stars like Tom Cruise and Stephen Curry adorn the Overseas line. 

For your peepers only, here are some more famous folk who rock the brand;


Michael B. Jordan - Historiques 222

When Black Panther premiered in October 2022, stars flocked to the initial viewing, one of which being Michael B.Jordan. Adorning a Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222, this is the perfect melange of retro and sporty appeal. 

Introduced in 1977, this inspirational piece was reintroduced in 2022 with the same defining features such as a tonneau case shape and stunning yellow gold construction. 

Retail Market Price - £71,000 as of March 2024


The Weeknd - Overseas Automatic Rose Gold 4500V

Famed pop star The Weeknd adorns a glorious Overseas Automatic Rose Gold reference 4500V. Crafted at 41mm in pink gold, the timepieces feature an azure blue dial that's emphasised by a Maltese cross style bezel. 

Retail Market Price - £58,500 as of March 2024


Alexander Skarsgard - Overseas Automatic Blue Dial

Actor Alexander Skargard who’s been in such films as Tarzan, opts to wear the beautiful Overseas Automatic Blue dial. Made from steel, the pieces feature a jolt of colour in the form of a sunburst blue dial. Given Luminova across the hours and hands, it is a fantastic understated yet refined model, 

Retail Market Price - £24,100 as of March 2024


Miles Teller - Overseas Self-Winding 4500V

Whiplash star Miles Teller, the same gent who appeared in Maverick and Spiderhead is also a bit of a horophile. He chooses to wear the stunning Overseas Self-winding 4500V which is crafted out of steel and features a pitch black dial. Given a signature Maltese Cross on the bezel and interchangeable strap system, this beauty is a multi-purpose beast!

Retail Market Price - £24,100 as of March 2024. 


Reason 10: Vacheron Constantin Movements Are Very Powerful 

As the creator of the world's thinnest manual winding movement in 1955, the Calibre 1003, they have remained at the forefront of horological movements to this day. 

This includes earning the world's thinnest minute repeater, the Calibre 1755 in 1992 and releasing the most complicated pocket watch ever, the 57260 which totals a mindblowing 57 complications.

Confirmed with an official Geneva seal, these are only displayed on 24,000 watches released from Switzerland. This totals a miniscule 0.008% of all of Switzerland's watch exports!

With only a select few brands like Cartier and Chopard earning the hallmark, this is an achievement only few can attest to. 


Most Popular Movements

VC has a number of popular movements, but perhaps nothing quite compares to the Calibre 1120 and 1003.

These two spectacles of horological innovation resemble VCs incredible skill in watchmaking due to them both being ultra-thin and both ebauche movements from Jaeger-LeCoultre. 

These luxurious movements are also used in only a limited number of timepieces. For example, you will only find the 1003 in Les Historiques Ultra-Fine 1955.

This is like the 1120 which developed from the 920 from Jaeger-LeCoultre and was used in all three Holy Trinity brands. Now, you will only see the 1120 in VC’s most complex models.


Reason 11: Vacheron Constantin’s Innovation

For every horophile, a strong legacy is a tried and tested way of seeing if the brand has longevity and is likely to be an attractive investment to wear on the wrist. For VC, nothing could be further from the truth.

Tour de I’lle - Source - GPHG

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Since their initial foundation in 1755, VC has revolutionised the market continuously. This has resulted in a range of top luxury watches being released that have become as notorious as the B.I.G. in both complexity and association. 

They created the epic Kallista in 1979 which became one of the most expensive watches. Fitted with 118 emerald cut diamonds and requiring 6,000 hours of work, the Kallista is valued at around £8.7 million. 

How about the VC Minute Repeater pocket watch, owned by famed watch collector, James Ward Packard? In 2011, this sold at Christies for around £1.4 million. 

Hang on a tick…let’s not forget the Tour de I’lle, released in 2005 with just 7 timepieces to mark 250 years of the brand.

Requiring an incomprehensible 10,000 hours to research and develop, the watches house around 16 complications and later sold for around £1.2 million in 2005 at an Antiquorum auction. 



Do Vacheron Constantin Hold Their Value?

A resounding yes. Compared with the entire horological market, VC performs exceptionally well in holding their value and sits alongside other major brands such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

Their low production numbers and compliance with hand designing their timepieces means the value of the watches are retained over time as they focus on exclusivity over mass production. 

However, for the best figures upon resale, it's best if you opt for the scarcer or rare models as they tend to yield the best values due to their inherent rarity.


Is VC Better Than Rolex?

For us probably not but they are without doubt a brand not to be underestimated. Deciding if a watch is better than another one depends on a number of different factors, namely;

  • Craftsmanship
  • Quality of the movements
  • Brand reputation

Rolex is an incredibly popular brand that non-watch lovers would adore due to their association with celebs and social elites. It is more than simply telling the time and a symbol of prestige, wealth and power.

It truly is a made it piece with a following as much as Mahatma Gandhi.  

Therefore, they are constantly in demand and have become something of a cultural phenomenon! For VC, you would either need to be switched on to what people are wearing, or have a good understanding of horology in order to recognise the watches.

While this shows how exclusive and rare the brand is, it does mean they are not as popular by default.

Outside of their brand popularity, Rolex watches are built almost exclusively in their own foundries and factories.

Releasing materials like Oyster steel and their patented Everose gold material, they have executed a variety of renowned and revered collections like the Datejust and Submariner

VC watches are also built to a top quality standard. They use a Geneva Seal to confirm the quality of the finishes across the high standard materials with master engravers to add an artistic flair to their watches.

For Rolex’s movements, they are all Superlative Chronometer certification which surpasses COSC ratings and allows them to have an average accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day. 

Remember when we mentioned that famed Geneva Seal? This is applicable to the movement. Covering 12 different requirements, the movements are expertly crafted, including ensuring the pivot shanks be polished in the wheel assemblies. 

It seems that Rolex is the better brand overall as they are more in demand and offer more desirability.


Do People Recognize Vacheron Constantin?

People recognising a VC is likely, but the chances of seeing them out in the wild is very rare.

VC is a very exclusive brand due to their prices and their very low supply rate. However, there is still a strong stream of celebs and wealthy individuals including Brad Pitt who adorn the brand. 

When compared to other brands like Rolex, we can expect them to be recognised more often as they are just as desirable and more prevalent. That’s not to say VC isn’t, but they are generally not as common to be seen in everyday life. 


What Does A Vacheron Constantin Watch Say About You?

VC’s motto of “One of not many” is testament to the exclusivity of the brand. Therefore, opting to wear a piece shows you appreciate the higher echelons of Haute Horologie and aren’t fussed about the flashy side of a Rolex or the oversized presence of a Panerai

The brand is famed for its elegant design which could slip under your shirt cuff and boost your style instantly. Wearing a VC also proves that you are willing to invest a sizable sum for a high quality brand with the knowledge that you will see a potential return. 

Investment savvy, stylish and knowledgeable on the finer things, you are a gent that knows his stuff, be it on the fly or in the sky!


Why Is Vacheron So Expensive?

This Swiss brand is expensive for a number of reasons. In the first instance, they have an incredible lineage of watchmaking, including making some of the most complex watches like the reference 57260 which totalled five years to make, boasting 57 complications.

Secondly, they are classed as a grail brand due to their high quality materials and sensational finishing across the cases, dials and movements. Exclusivity rides high that many would only dream about as they only manufacture 20,000 watches made per year. 



We’ve reached the end of today’s article discussing the ins and out of the many reasons why Vacheron Constantin watches are a good investment. However, before we start to conclude this article, it’s critical to clarify just how valuable their timepieces are. 

Becoming one of the go-to brands ever since their foundation in 1755, they have been market leaders when it comes to creating stunning timepieces, utilising complex movements and sought after collections, making them prime investment material. 

Even though VC continues to retain design elements that have been present since each line's inception like the Historiques with its tilted 45 degree face, they have continued to push their own and the industries boundaries.

Need we mention the fresh green shade on the Traditionelle released at Watches and Wonders 2023 or the retrograde function on the Patrimony line.    

Not quite sealed with a kiss, but Geneva stamped and bursting with lineage, their timepieces are found on the wrists of the biggest stars around including Brad Pitt and even past royalty like King Farouk who’s timepiece sold for around £347,000 at auction in 2014. 

Considering the legendary prowess and technical skill of Vacheron Constantin watches, we can't be too shocked that horophiles and watch lovers alike flock to the brand and consider them solid investment options.

They have credibility and quality which very few other brands can contend with. 

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