Chrono Hunter's Bold Predictions and Outlandish Forecasts For The Watch Industry in 2023
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Chrono Hunter's Bold Predictions and Outlandish Forecasts For The Watch Industry in 2023

Chrono Hunter's Bold Predictions and Outlandish Forecasts For The Watch Industry in 2023


While New Year's Eve may seem like an eternity ago, we are still only just in February. As such, it’s only right that we look to the rest of 2023 for horological inspiration,

This year is already ticking away with riveting new watch releases like the new steel Code 11:59 collection by Audemars Piguet and the Omega Speedmaster Super Racing

As with most things in life, we should be looking forwards. Time moves on as they say. Therefore, grab your soothsayer cards and pull up a pew as Chrono Hunter reveals our bold predictions and outlandish forecasts for the watch industry in 2023. We do foresee that you will want to buy a watch from us though…Read on!


Will Rolex Release a Commemorative Rolex Daytona Watch?


This year, The Rolex Daytona will be celebrating 60 years since its release in 1963. 

When two people are conjoined in marriage and can stand each other long enough to last 60 years, they enjoy their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Could this be the same for the Genevan giant?

The Rolex Daytona was named after the race that has been held at Daytona Beach since 1936. As the event was race inspired, the Rolex Daytona Chronograph has a big emphasis on timing racing events. The Rolex Daytona is equipped with a distinctive tachymeter which is engraved on its external bezel. It's an ideal watch for those looking to buy a Rolex with a symbolic racing past. 


Rolex Daytona 116500 

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While people may not use this watch for timing racing events per se, the Rolex Daytona is easily associated as one of the most racing oriented watches to grace the luxury watch world. 

Its poor start in 1968 was down to not many people wanting to buy a watch that was manual wound. It is no surprise that 20 years later, they adopted the special El Primero automatic movement to shift some units. Its subsequent rise to fame through Paul Newman adorning one and The Daytona relaunching with a ceramic bezel at Baselworld has made this a legendary watch.

Skimming through the archives, when The Rolex Daytona had its 50th anniversary in 2013, they released a really cool version with a frosty blue dial and rich brown Cerachrom bezel. While it's a nice aesthetic change, it wasn't anything revolutionary in terms of design or movement. Who knows? Maybe this time round, the ‘Diamond’ anniversary might mean the Rolex gets as jewelled up as its predecessor, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona 40mm 116595

To be on the conservative side, we’ll say we can predict (for now!) a fresh dial colour or an increase in model size. Anything else and we may have to throw away our tea leaves!


The Year of The Rainbow


Culturally, we are becoming more and more inclusive and socially tolerant of every facet of our society. Furthermore, this means that mens watches in particular are becoming a little bit brighter as we progress out of the idea of what ‘men should wear’. Perfect for those looking to buy a watch with a bit of vibrancy. 


MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Rainbow 3D Carbon - Source - Hublot 

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While this has been cooking for a few years now, it's becoming increasingly popularised in 2023. For example, you can buy a Hublot with colour thanks to the very exciting MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Rainbow 3D Carbon which is an explosion of colour and energy. Meanwhile, icons like Pharell Williams have sported the downright wacky but pricey RM 88 Automatic Winding Tourbillon Smiley, bringing the 90s rave days to the modern era. 

This year, the big names will start to immerse themselves more in this colour culture potentially. Vacheron Constantin springs to mind due to its presence in the horological world, being part of the “holy trinity”. It so far has been reluctant to imbue itself with colour. This doesn't mean you shouldn't buy a Vacheron Constantin by the way. They still create incredible watches like the Métiers d’Art The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Rabbit.

Audemars Piguet are gleefully involved already as you can buy an Audemars Piguet like The Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition or eclectic Rainbow Chronograph set in 2022. Patek Philippe are dipping their toes in with the Aquanaut 7968/300R-001 but still have a lot of catching up to do. 

Come on guys. Let's see a bit of colour!


Retro Watches Are Still Desirable 

Vintage or retro, these terms remain interchangeable while the genre does not.  


Cartier Tank Francaise - Source - Monochrome Watches

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These vintage watches have always had an air of cool and exclusivity. Almost like you know something that no one else does. Buy a Cartier Tank and you own over a century of classic good looks and impeccable heritage as worn by many figures like Muhammed Ali, Andy Warhol and Jake Gyllenhall who previously sported a Cartier Santos-Dumont in rose gold.

Owning a vintage watch means that you have a slice of the past and all the history that comes with it. Therefore, they will always remain stylish and the demand will never disappear. Big brands are capitalising on this, making smart decisions of revitalising past collections in order to garner support from this trend. One example is the Cartier Tank Francaise. 

The Cartier Tank Francaise is being pushed back out into the horological ocean after 25 years since it was last designed. The changes made were that the modern edition is slightly larger at 25.7 x 21.2mm for the small version to 36.7 x 30.5mm for the large. The case and the bracelet now feature a fantastic brushed satin finish in order to glean a mirror like effect. 

Furthermore, the newly released Tank Francaise exchanges polished surfaces for satin brushed effects and applies numerals onto the dial instead of printing them straight on. While there are many more changes made to the model, it goes to show that even big brands like Cartier are willing to revamp older models in order to appeal to a new generation of consumers looking to buy a watch.

It's an old story but the Rolex Daytona is an example of a vintage piece which rocketed up in value. After Paul Newman wearing it and the subsequent 2018 Baselworld reveal of a ceramic bezel, the Daytona vastly increased in value. The concept applies today that if a poor performing model lands a big celebrity name or is unveiled in an updated style, it has every chance of becoming extremely valuable. Perfect for those seeking to land a big investment when they buy a watch.  

However, our world is becoming more and more digitised with sites like Chrono Hunter, taking the lead as a unique platform for buying and selling luxury watches. It's really never been easier to source classic luxury watches from previous eras that are brimming with history.


The Rolex Explorer - What Next?


The Rolex Explorer was released after Sir Edmund Tenzing wore a Rolex on his wrist when he 

ascended Mount Everest in 1953. 

It's not as if the Rolex Explorer hasn't seen any changes recently. In 2020, Rolex discontinued the 39mm 214270 as well as the 42mm Explorer II 216570. The Explorer was then reduced to 36mm and the 124270 was promptly released. 

The Explorer II experienced some changes in the form of a new calibre and it was renamed the 226570 followed by the seemingly random release, the two-tone Explorer 36mm 124273 which added a new dimension to the model. It offers a different design for those looking to buy a Rolex like the Explorer. 

With these alterations, the Explorer collection underwent a complete change which is indicative that more updates could be on the horizon. As the Rolex Explorer is celebrating its 70th anniversary, 2023 could be the year that it is introduced.


Rolex Explorer - Source - Fifth Wrist

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Titanium would be a perfect choice due to it being both durable and lightweight. Furthermore, The DeepSea was released in 50 mm of titanium in 2022, indicating that Rolex is invested in utilising the precious metal. We hope to be able to buy a Rolex which is titanium from the ground up one day. 

While we may be asking for too much with the case, bezel and bracelet being made up of titanium, we would certainly appreciate a titanium bezel to contrast with the classic black Explorer dial.

Rolex and Titanium could be the greatest combination since rock and roll. 


Vacheron Constantin Could Re-Interpret The 222 Model 


Those that love their watches, should know all about the Vacheron Constantin 222 ‘Jumbo’.


Vacheron Constantin 222 - Source - Switch Watches Magazine

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Inspired by designer Jorg Hysek, the 222 was lauded as one of the best watches to come out of the 2022 Watches and Wonders event. Originally released in 1977 it marked the 222nd anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. Despite running for just seven years, only around 500 models were released in steel, 150 in gold and less than 100 in two-tone.

Vacherons release in 2022 was therefore pounced upon due to its design following the original with its hexagonal link integrated bracelet and new calibre, the in-house 2455/2. Thicker than 

than the original ultra-thin calibre 1121 as used in the Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, it was released in yellow gold. 

Well, watch fans…Good luck trying to buy a Vacheron Constantin 222 as the waiting lists were instantly set to years upon its release. 

Vacheron Constantin released the 222 in steel and yellow gold plus three varying sizes during the 1970s and 80s. The women's 24mm, a medium sized 34mm and the ‘Jumbo’ 37mm. Wouldn't it be an exciting prospect if they released a spanking new version for 2023? Excitement would no doubt reach fever pitch among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The 222 was hot then and it is most certainly hot now. The 222 has the chance of being the watch that projects Vacheron Constantin into the realms of the untouchable. What’s our view? Chrono Hunter is predicting that Vacheron Constantin may just release the 222 version in the classic steel and yellow gold design. 




It’s fair to say that the horological world has a multitude of paths it could take in pursuit of the next hot thing. From celebratory Rolexes being released to colour fuelled designs taking centre stage, we at Chrono Hunter, as Phil Collins sang, ‘can feel it coming in the air tonight’.  

It's fair to add the disclaimer that we have no insider information. These predictions are purely speculation that you wouldn’t wrap your fish and chips in. Looking through the glass as we like to do at past and current trends, we hope you enjoyed our stab at what lies ahead in the watch world for 2023. 

If you’re looking to buy a Rolex to see what all the hype is about or intend to buy a Hublot with its thrilling design, it may be worth having a chat with Chrono Hunter today. Just check out our Trustpilot reviews to see why we are the number one source to buy a watch

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