Are Rolex Prices dropping?
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Are Rolex Prices dropping?

Why have Rolex watch values fallen? 


Prices have been climbing at such a tremendous rate that it was unsustainable.  


Like the stock market, luxury goods such as watches, can have “corrections” and often reflect the market, but on a smaller scale.  In keeping with this, this correction can be seen as a reflection of what has been happening in the stock market.  Fear of a recession, global events such as war, rising food and fuel prices, can all cast a reflection on the stock market and have a knock-on effect on the watch market. 


When market values trend downwards, it tends to whip up fear in investors.  They become hesitant about buying and often decide to hold off to see what will happen.  This in turn reduces demand, which then reduces the price of goods already available. 


With Rolex watches it helps to take a look at the long-term history of the company and how the prices have continued to rise. By the way, it’s worth noting that over the past year, the Rolex Daytona has out-performed the S&P 500. 


Which watches have fallen in value? 


Not all watches went down in value during 2022.  It has mostly been the more popular models that have been affected.  They had seen a particularly steep increase over the previous months, indicating that this is a correction. 


By June 2022 the Submariner - one of the most robust watch investments - had taken a -2.5% dip, while the GMT Master went down -3.1%.  The ever-popular Daytona only went down -1.2% and the Explorer a mere -1.8%.  The Oyster Perpetual dropped just under -1%.  These are very small numbers when you look at the big picture. 


Best time to buy? 


A dip in luxury watch prices can give new buyers an opportunity to get into the market at a lower price and seasoned collectors the chance to pick up a new reference to add to their collection. 


As the economy recovers from recent global events, prices are likely to recover and even increase in the near future.   


If you’ve been waiting to get into the Rolex market, this could be a really good time to make your move.  Contact Chrono Hunter if you have a certain reference in mind to check out current prices. 


By early July 2022 there were signs that the drop in price may have bottomed out and an up-tick was already occurring.  This might be a further indication that this is a really good time to buy. 


What does the future hold? 


Many investors with an eye on stocks and shares don’t pay much attention to the luxury watch market and often tend to dismiss it.  The important truth is that the luxury watch market is more stable than the stock market and way less volatile than Crypto.  


Sam Rayner of Chrono Hunter says, “Some prices have had a correction, which was expected when you look at how much they increased in the first quarter of 2022.  Now this is out of the way it’s very likely that the overall positive trend will continue as demand continues to outweigh supply.  Nothing has changed in that sense.”




Ultimately, it’s quite certain that Rolex prices will continue to rise as they have throughout the company’s history.  But after this small correction, prices are somewhat more realistic and sustainable now.  


Although nothing can be guaranteed, it’s likely that Rolex prices will recover and increase throughout the rest of 2022.


If you’re thinking of buying right now, contact Chrono Hunter for advice and help obtaining the watch of your choice.  If you’re considering selling, get your watch valued by our expert team and decide if the time is right for you. 


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