Hands On With Richard Mille's RM-07-01 Automatic Watches In Bold Rainbow Ceramics
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Hands On With Richard Mille's RM-07-01 Automatic Watches In Bold Rainbow Ceramics

Hands On With Richard Mille's RM-07-01 Automatic Watches In Bold Rainbow Ceramics


What are 80s famous for? Dawn of the internet? The debut of MTV? The collapse of the Soviet Union? Well, while you cool cats were dancing to “Take On Me” by A-ha and we said goodbye to glasnost and perestroika, creative circles were pushing down more than just walls over at Richard Mille.

While we will get into the Memphis Design later on, be assured that RM have taken strong inspiration in their latest RM 07-01 novelty. It’s about time we run through the origins of the creative group, and how they have adopted coloured ceramics to add a new sheen in this latest release that dare we say, may well be suitable for both males and females.

So, who were the pioneers of the creative icons and how have RM expanded from the legends? Without further ado, let's get into the outstanding RM 07-01!


Memphis Design


So, what exactly is this creative venture? Well, at risk of making another A-ha reference, you don't have to “Move to Memphis” in order to understand the genius behind this daring design group!

Source - Creative Bloq

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The Memphis Group was founded in the early 80s by an Italian designer and architect named Ettore Sottass. He brought together a group of artists and designers who were renowned for their loud and proud furniture design, consisting of rich, colourful hues.

Inspired by the fashionable Art Deco and Pop Art styles of the past, Memphis boasted geometric shapes, bold patterns and electric colours to keep the years between 1981 to 1987, filled to the brim with life. 

While the venture was originally disliked due to its clashing colours and bizarre arrangements, Memphis made the decision that functional furniture could be made to be exciting and creative. 

While the group only lasted for six years, their work remains highly influential, especially when it comes to the history of artistry. In fact, keep your eyes peeled and you may notice that a few of the Memphis members have continued to bring forth the design styles in their own works. 

Look at group member Nathalie Du Pasquier who worked with company “HAY” to release Memphis coloured patterned bags in 2013. Not high brow enough for you? Look towards the group's influence on brands like Dior and Missoni. How’s that for big hitters?

Now, Richard Mille has found that the design simply must make a comeback to rival George Foreman. And you know we are cooking on gas when it comes to all the brand new drops. Despite Autumn on its way, would we have preferred this choice during Summer? Maybe, but we appreciate that they are trying to add a little light to those oncoming winter blues. Mind you, we do love a Rolex “Smurf” or “Bluesy” which are constant stalwarts with enthusiasts.

Back to RM and The Swiss brand's Creative and Development Director, Cécile Guenat,  stated that “I find Memphis Design particularly fascinating in its diversity and freedom. The creator’s goal at the time was to escape the strictures of Modernist aesthetics, and they were pioneers in the use of all types of materials through their designs.” 

High praise from the folks at Richard Mille HQ. Let’s see just how faithful they have been to the iconic designs of a critical part of creative history. 


Construction Of The Richard Mille RM 07-01


They have graced us with three variations of Memphis inspired horological watches that take colour to the next level. We think it’s only fair that we run through each beautiful piece for you!

Source - Brand’s Site

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Firstly, let’s identify the three colour editions:

  • Pastel Blue Dial With A Powder Blue Construction
  • Pastel Pink With A Pink Blush Construction
  • Pastel Lavender With A Lavender Pink Construction


With such a wide range of colour, we can only express complete adoration for these brilliant summer style watches. They are crafted in the classic Tonneau shaped case that curves around the wrist effortlessly. Expanding from tight lugs to a wide centre to boast the legibility of the face, the new RM 07-01 is given a 45mm diameter and a super slim thickness of 11.85mm.

Okay we get it. This is more focused on the ladies this time. But gents…don’t go green with envy just yet. We feel the watch is ideal for the flamboyant man who likes to flaunt his colour, but also knows when to keep it sleek and refined under a shirt cuff.

Whether strolling down South Beach, perfect for the Miami style vibe of this timepiece, each one is crafted out of a beautiful material called Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal. Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal is a biocompatible ceramic that is 95% zirconia. It is a white solid ceramic glaze that is typically used in the dental industry for crowns. We don’t recommend you brush your teeth with this beauty!

Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal allows for an incredible degree of corrosion resistance and hardness, allowing the watches to repel against most scratches, totalling around 1,400 Vickers (the test used to decipher the hardness of all metals). Furthermore, the submicron grain size allows for a matt finish across the entirety of this new novelty. 

The bezels are extremely slender and complex. In fact, the bezels are crafted using a combination of machining and grinding from diamond tools. How luxurious! Meanwhile, the casebands are made of micro blasted white gold with hand polished pillars. 

They are made up of three parts that allow for 50 metres of water resistance as attained through 2 Nitrile O-ring seals. They are locked in with 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and highly resistant washers crafted out of 316L steel. The Memphis aesthetic is there for all to see, furthered on top of the skeletonised faces on the watches. 

The pieces boast a styling called Guillochage which is an incredibly stylish, decorative technique. Stemming as far back as the 16th Century, it is structured with individual repeating lines as cut by a hand-turned lathe that succinctly intersect and overlap to create an Art Deco style. If you want to check out other fascinating watch techniques including the wandering hours complication from the 17th Century, take time to peruse the below;

Newswatch: A. Lange & Söhne Releases Zeitwerk, Exclusive Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph, Step Back In Time With The Code 11.59 By Audemars Piguet Starwheel

Made up of various shapes including triangles, rectangles and squares that feature textured lines and various colourful hues, we are in a state of horological comatose. This is simply revolutionary and of course runs like clockwork!

Think you can do this after a day’s training? This technique requires decades of experience and eventually gives the craftsman the grandiose title of “Guillocheurs”. 


Technical Elements Of The Richard Mille RM 07-01


If you weren't already bowled over by the design of The RM 07-01, you may find that the movement within the watch is what turns you on. 

Source - Brand’s Site

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The CRMA2 movement is fitted with a skeletonised aesthetic, allowing it to be visible through both the dial and the back of the watch via the sapphire crystal. Featuring hours, minutes and adjustable rotor geometry, expect a weekend-proof power reserve of 50 hours. 

Hold on a tick. What’s a variable-geometry rotor we hear you cry? Essentially, it allows for the movement to be adjusted by shifting two weights through spline screws. If the weights are close together, the barrel winds quickly. If they are distanced apart, the mainspring barrel winds slowly. However, this isn’t something you need to worry about as it can only be altered by a skilled watchmaker. 

If you want this to be performed automatically, look towards Rafael Nadal’s RM 035-03 for the automatic variable rotor. Before we get too technical, can we first admire the design of the movement. Showcasing microblasting anglage, a micro blasted-milled section and even electroplasma treatment for the baseplate and bridges, the electroplasma treatment gives extra durability to the baseplate. 

It is given a thinness of 4.92mm which is almost on a par with the record breaking RM UP-01 Ferrari. Complete with a frequency of 28,800VpH, the new RM 07-01 is supported by an AK3 balance spring and INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 shock protection.

We feel that it is perfect for all manner of horologists who want to buy a Richard Mille with impeccable accuracy and pioneering materials!


Our View Of The New Richard Mille RM 07-01


Well, what else did we expect from a brand that’s been pushing the envelope since its inception in 2001?

Source - Brand’s Site

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Something that looks like its spawned from a  Mondaine canvas or perhaps outer space, The RM 07-01 personifies the funkiness of the 80s. Combining the storied legacy of the Memphis creative period, with the equally impressive brand repertoire, they have been known for adding dashes of colours in their outlandish pastel pieces. Have you not seen The RM 88 Smiley?

They have really gone all out with this timepiece however. We thoroughly enjoy the usage of guillochage which they intentionally subvert away from classical purpose. Associated with dressy watches and used in an understated style, they have turned away from this, instead opting for a vibrant aesthetic that is utterly beguiling and discombobulating, blurring the lines between women’s and men’s watches

Boasting a variety of shapes on the face such as semi circles alongside pink hues and rectangles in deep blues, the Memphis feel is certainly prioritised. What we do appreciate is the brands adherence to their own values. Their slogan of “A Racing Machine On The Wrist” is still present, even if this isn't an out-and-out Formula 1 timepiece like the F1 UP-01 or TAG Heuer Monaco

The new RM 07-01 sets up the movement with a brilliant balance spring and shock protection mechanism. Beauty is not only skin deep timelords. We enjoy their pursuit of divine aesthetics throughout, including polishing angles and circular-finishing faces on the wheels within the movement.

They treat this artistic piece with the same level of protection as the more rugged editions. Built with the incredibly durable Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal, this is a play on the already exceptional ceramic, offering a high scratch resistance and beautiful finish. Get your Spandex and Dr. Martens on when you adorn these watches atop a varnished calfskin strap. 

We reckon you don’t have to go full Prince if you want to wear these beauties. If you do wish to keep with the 80s aesthetic and escape the Purple Rain, these will look sublime with a classic Canadian tux, blue jeans and a denim jacket, or, if you are feeling a little braver, a floral white shirt with black chinos. 


Where Can You Buy The New Richard Mille RM 07-01?


You can buy a Richard Mille RM 07-01 at retail for £166,500 at the time of writing. However, as most of their pieces are, these will be selling out like horological hotcakes. Keep your eyes open on the secondary market for any listings which Chrono Hunter can happily assist with, especially if you want to buy from a reputable source that boasts outstanding reviews, peerless service and a quick turnaround.


Other Specs Of The New Richard Mille RM 07-01


Want to know the quick low-down on The RM 07-01? Check out our table below!

Reference Numbers

Dial Colour


Strap Options


RM 07-01


Varnished Calfskin

For each model, these are the according straps:

  • Blush Pink - Mint Green Strap
  • Lavender Pink - Yellow Strap
  • Powder Blue - Red Strap

Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal



CRMA2 Calibre


Hours and Minutes

Case Back


Water Resistance

50 metres



Movement Thickness


Number Of Jewels




Retail Price (As of October 2023)





Originally introduced in 2018 and given a carbon TPT case that’s gem-set with the same CRMA2 calibre, we simply must admire the fantastic upgrade of the brand new RM 07-01 in all its coloured ceramic glory. 

We thoroughly enjoy the incredible work, including the stupendous historical reference of the Memphis Group, inspired geometric shapes on the face and the awesome guillochage aesthetic on these luxury watches. However, priced at £166,500 at the time of writing, we can only empty our mouth-filled pockets in despair…Entry level watch this aint

Boasting a sublime case that's crafted out of Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal, the modern material meets with the classic tonneau shaping that they have had their timekeeping mitts all over for decades. RM have been doing this for years, pulling out the RM 88 Automatic Smiley for Pharrell Williams and the bizarre BonBon collection. Now they have whipped out a fast beast, all within the confines of a Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal, colour filled stunner. Hot stuff indeed!

These perfect pastel watches are like going to the Willy Wonka of candy shops. Tempting and tantalising, there is only so much you can consume. Or is there? Sweets for my sweet as the brand has demonstrated yet again they don’t abide by the rules of seasonality. 

Let’s be honest. Getting an RM at retail is like trying to catch lightning in the bottle. So, you may find that venturing into the realms of the secondary market is the only option due to their immense exclusivity and rarity. Say if we offered a place that can let you buy a watch the smart way at the best possible price with multiple offers from the most reputable luxury retailers…

It’s time to bring in Chrono Hunter!

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