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Compare offers from Chrono Hunter’s network of the most reputable retailers and achieve the best possible price for your Breitling watch.

The Chrono Hunter Journey

You can sell your watch in just a few simple steps.

Step 1
Complete the form
Step 2
Receive and compare offers & accept one you are happy with
Step 3
Your watch is inspected
Step 4
Receive your payment

Best Prices

At Chrono Hunter, the power is in your hands. Our team will reach out to our trusted network of luxury watch retailers endeavouring to find you the best possible price. Subject to current market conditions, receive the most competitive offers in real time when you sell your Breitling watch. We do the legwork so you don’t have to.


Safe & Secure

Luxury watches for sale are not available to view by the general public. You will only ever deal with a reputable business throughout the whole process All transactions with Chrono Hunter are handled in the safest and most secure manner. Thanks to our established relationships with some of the best luxury watch retailers, we will always have an authorised dealer who is constantly on the lookout to buy your Breitling watch. Rest assured, there are absolutely no scammers or time wasters involved, putting you at ease throughout the entire process. To discuss further details about your sale, please contact us here.


Compare Offers

When looking to sell your Breitling, you are in complete control of the sale. Wait for offers to come in and then simply decide which is the best price proposal.


Personalised Service

From beginning to end, Chrono Hunter is with you every step of the way when you sell your Breitling. Our dedicated team is on hand communicating with you directly until your sale has been completed.


How do you know you are going to obtain the best possible price for your beloved timepiece? Sure, you could spend hours pounding the streets, visiting dealer after dealer in your area in the hope you might liaise with someone credible. 

Or you can place your watch in the experienced and trustworthy hands of Chrono Hunter’s team. With years of knowledge and expertise, we have also developed close-knit relationships with some of the most reliable and credible luxury watch retailers.

Our highly respected luxury watch retailers want to pay the fairest price for your Breitling watch. And they want to buy it now. So, benefit from Chrono Hunter’s unique position in the industry as the leading luxury watch broker ensuring you sell your Breitling at the best price, quickly and effortlessly.  

We have a plethora of first time sellers and avid watch collectors who choose Chrono Hunter to sell a watch. With a streamlined and extremely secure platform, every sale is closely monitored by our team of knowledgeable experts until the sale is concluded.

Don’t want to spend endless hours searching for who’s going to offer you the best price? Sell your Breitling now and let Chrono Hunter do the hard work. We are the go-to place when you decide to sell your Breitling.

Working with some of the finest and most reputable luxury watch retailers, quality, transparency and a safe not to mention seamless, hassle free transaction is our number one priority.

Our experienced and dedicated service team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Browse our Trustpilot reviews here to discover the many reasons why clients rate our exceptional service so highly and why they choose to return. 



Verified Retailers Ready To Buy Your Watch Today

You deserve to get the best price for your watch and transact in a safe and secure environment.


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