This could be a costly mistake when selling your watch
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This could be a costly mistake when selling your watch

So you’ve decided to sell your watch, and you’ve listed it for sale on a well known website such as 'Chrono24', 'eBay' or 'Gumtree' to give but just a few of the most popular online marketplaces.


You receive an offer or bid for the exact money you were hoping for, and you engage in pleasant back and forth with the person at the other end of your sale.


In order to avoid the fees that some of the named marketplaces impose in your terms of sale (we’ll solve this issue in a moment), you arrange to meet the person to conclude the transaction outside of the system...and end up getting robbed.


No watch, No money. Oh dear!  How would you feel?


The reality is that this is happening to a lot more people than you’d like to think. Just today WatchPro published an article regarding a person having their $50,000 Rolex Stolen by someone who arranged the meeting through Chrono24.


There’s a very good reason why Luxury watch stores have security doors, security guards and often only accept visitors by appointment. All of these precautions help prevent situations like the one mentioned above from taking place.


Although when selling to a business, you may take a slight reduction over the final sales price of the watch to the end customer, you will be able to sell your watch in a safe and secure environment and ensure that when you part with your watch, a fair price is paid in full.


The only problem with this is that it’s time consuming: calling or visiting stores to find out who’s going to make you the best offer, or at least find out if you’re getting a fair deal - all that takes time..


Problem Solved


One of the main reasons Chrono Hunter was founded was to tackle these issues head on and offer people the opportunity to sell their watch in a safe environment, all the while ensuring they are getting a great price for their watch.  


When you list your watch for sale with Chrono Hunter it will notify only hand-picked reputable watch retailers in our network and offer them the opportunity to buy your watch, putting you in total control of the sale.


You receive competing offers direct, and the opportunity is yours to accept the one that suits you best.

(A live chat is available should you want to discuss any points regarding the offers before you do so.)


Only once you have accepted the offer your contact details will be shared with the watch retailer which will enable you to arrange the sale at their premises.


Our network of retailers have established businesses, not members of the general public, so you will always have confidence in who you are dealing with.  


Don’t take the risk,  read more about selling your watch with Chrono Hunter.


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