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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to sign up to our platform. Your loyalty and trust means more than words. As Co-Founders of Chrono Hunter, we are delighted you are already embarking on our horological journey with us. Trust us when we say there are great times around the corner!

The purpose of this introductory retailer newsletter is to inform you of what we are doing as a business. Furthermore, we would not only like to demonstrate how we are progressing, but reveal several exciting aspects coming in the next few months. 

This includes;

  • Our take on current and new trends in the secondary watch market.
  • Shining a light on the range of options available to you aside from buying and selling.
  • Focusing on Chrono Hunter’s ambitious business goals and objectives.
  • Looking at how to drive more business to you, our dedicated retailers, while strengthening private individual sales through our exclusive platform.
  • Awarding incentives, based on differing criteria as part of our new concept - Retailer Of The Month


BREAKING NEWS: New Site Relaunch And Streamlined Customer Experience Journey

Chrono Hunter is thrilled to announce that we're gearing up to launch our brand-new, upgraded desktop and mobile websites, along with our eagerly anticipated Apple and Google apps. 

We are completely revamping the customer buying and selling experience, leading to more effortless and transparent transactions, together with enhanced visualisation and security. The transactional process will be much smoother.

Our upcoming updates are based on both customer and retailer feedback, the user experience, functionality, invoicing, processing payments and tracking customers expected amounts have all been given the Chrono Hunter version 2.0 treatment.

Ensure your profile shines with your most likeable image, as clients will be greeted with this along with direct contact details. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. All we can say for now is watch this space as we've got a whole lot more on the horizon.

What’s more, we have carefully looked at other feedback from our network of retail partners, and we are pleased to say profit margins remain extremely healthy from transactions concluded through Chrono Hunter.

We are keen to continue this increasing trend moving ahead. This is precisely why we are looking to reward one of our lucky retailers on a regular basis thanks to Retailer Of The Month. 

Plus, don’t forget our referral scheme, enabling retailers the chance to add another revenue source. Why not speak to one of our team to find out exactly how this can benefit your business.

Whether sitting on stock, reaching a specific quota, not buying particular brands, or watches that would be readily turned away, we are on hand to discuss how we can add further value.


Final Thoughts

If you are not actively making offers on Chrono Hunter’s platform, isn’t it time to start the ball rolling again? After all, every second counts.

We would be keen to discuss with any of our inactive retailers on our network about the possibility of reigniting our relationship. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our expert team.

On the other hand, if you are active and looking to conduct more business with us, we would happily look to facilitate this process. 

And with the luxury watch market in the United Kingdom projected to generate a revenue of US$2.55bn in 2024 (, there are growing opportunities to conduct even more regular transactions through Chrono Hunter’s unique position in the marketplace. On that note, it is time to sign off…for now. 

Thanks again for your continued support.

Sam & Max