The Best Place To Buy A Rolex Watch And The Reasons Why | Chrono Hunter

The Best Place To Buy A Rolex Watch And The Reasons Why | Chrono Hunter

When it comes to actually buying a Rolex, it’s important to do some research to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Because Rolex watches are so highly in-demand, it should come as no surprise that there is a slew of unscrupulous vendors online that are unfortunately all too happy to offer inferior products or fake Rolex watches. To avoid this, you’re going to need to stick with a reputable retailer that you can trust...
Author: Chrono Hunter
Last Updated: 11 May, 2021

Where Should I Buy A Rolex?


1. Chrono Hunter


Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Chrono Hunter offers an incredible service that allows you to compare offers on the secondary market from reputable retailers. This means you can agree to a purchase at a price that suits your budget, with the assurance that you’re getting a premium-quality watch from a trusted vendor.


One of the most convenient things about Chrono Hunter is that the offers you receive will be live, meaning the watch is available. It can be frustrating browsing the internet for your dream Rolex, only to find that the model you desire is out of stock, or the price has changed significantly since it was first listed. With Chrono Hunter, what you see is what you get: models and prices in real-time, allowing you to make your offer when the moment is right.


Because Chrono Hunter has established strong working relationships with the world’s best Rolex retailers throughout the years, you can always expect to access the best prices, even on rare or limited-edition models, or models with special provenance. Ultimately, Chrono Hunter does the hard work for you, and aggregates Rolex watches from around the world at the best possible prices - and the savings are passed onto you.


This is also preferable to agreeing to make a purchase from a private individual, friend or family member. While private sellers may mean well and legitimately want to offer you a good deal, the chances are that they won’t have the expertise required to perform the right checks to ensure the quality and legitimacy of a Rolex. It’s a shame, but unsurprisingly, some private sellers end up unknowingly selling fake Rolex watches, leaving you holding an inferior counterfeit with no real recourse to recover your money. To avoid this, it makes sense to use a trusted expert like Chrono Hunter.


2. A trusted reputable luxury watch retailer


Rolex Pepsi

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Whether you’re a passionate Rolex collector or are looking to make your first purchase, finding a reputable retailer you can trust is half the battle. With so much misinformation on the internet these days, it’s possible that you might stumble across what appears to be a reputable seller via a search engine, only to later discover that the reviews have been “astroturfed”, or faked.


By far the best way to find a trustworthy Rolex vendor is to use Chrono Hunter. The process is quite simple: Chrono Hunter helps you secure a great deal on the Rolex you’re currently looking to source and puts you in direct contact with a luxury watch retailer with the skills, experience and reviews to confirm their reputation as a reliable retailer.


This is important because it ensures that you’ll be buying the real deal, and not a counterfeit. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your Rolex is in perfect condition, is fully functional and comes with a certificate or serial number which will allow you to trace its origins.


It’s also crucial to find a reputable retailer to ensure that you receive the sort of high-quality after-sales service you’d expect when purchasing a premium product like a Rolex. This means that in the event of any repairs or aftercare being required, you can rely on your vendor to offer you first-class customer care.


If you’re satisfied with the way your retailer operates, the good news is that you’ll always be more than welcome to approach them in the future, should you wish to add to your Rolex collection. The beauty of Chrono Hunter is that it allows you to create long-standing relationships with some of the best Rolex retailers in the business, which will stand you in good stead for years to come should you want to buy the latest models or sell an old Rolex further down the line.


Security is also a huge factor when buying a luxury timepiece. Make no mistake: buying a Rolex is akin to making a significant investment, and it’s much safer to do so in a secure environment as opposed to visiting the home of a stranger or meeting a private seller that you’ve spoken to online. If something goes wrong with your watch following a purchase from a private seller, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of not being able to track them down. It’s the old adage: caveat emptor - buyer beware. Don’t run the risk of purchasing inferior goods with no recourse - stick with a trustworthy luxury watch retailer from Chrono Hunter’s network of premium Rolex resellers.


3. Should I buy a Rolex in my own country or abroad?



Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


If you’re in another country on business or pleasure, there is often the temptation to purchase luxury goods that may be advertised at lower prices than back in the UK. It’s all too easy to peruse a luxury watch boutique in a foreign country and get the urge to buy - particularly when your mind is in ‘holiday mode’ and you’ve forgotten about financial commitments back at home for a week or two.


More often than not, buying a Rolex abroad can be more trouble than it’s worth. When you make a one-off purchase in another country, you’re essentially missing out on the hidden value that a reputable dealer offers.


Reputable luxury watch retailers generally have watchmakers and horology experts on-call, and these specialists can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to offering a quick fix or advice on how to care for your watch. This is generally considered part of the service when you purchase from a trusted local vendor, which allows you to buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, you’ll have a dedicated support network to help you out. In a lot of cases, the aftercare team from a trusted seller will even bear the costs of any shipping in the event of repairs being needed.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when purchasing a Rolex abroad. While the boutique seller you purchased from might very well have their own after-sales team to deal with issues, the problem is that they might be hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away, which makes customer service incredibly inconvenient. As such, it makes more sense to purchase a Rolex in your home country, from a trusted seller you can rely on after-sales support.


4. Is the best place to buy a Rolex at the airport?


Rolex watches

Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Many international airports now feature official Rolex stores, and some have authorised sellers dealing in all manner of luxury watches and jewellery. While it’s true that you can typically rely on aftercare support from an authorised reseller at an airport, there are certain financial implications to purchasing a Rolex in this manner.


Despite the allure of “duty-free” purchases, some Rolex retailers abroad are legally required to charge you VAT when you buy a watch. After you’ve paid this tax, you can claim it back from the UK government. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. It involves the rigmarole of following the instructions of HMRC to the letter and can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Many buyers eventually decide that it simply isn’t worth the hassle, and suddenly the price tag on that bargain Rolex no longer seems as appealing as it initially did.


Some merchants may be able to reimburse your credit or debit card immediately, while others offer a paperwork administration service to provide you with an immediate cash refund - albeit minus some commission for the privilege. Regardless of which method you use, you may still need to have your documentation stamped at customs before it is mailed back to the vendor. If the retailer doesn’t receive these documents back, you might find your card is debited at a later date.


5. Why you should avoid buying a Rolex from an online marketplace



Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


People looking to buy a Rolex are increasingly being drawn to online marketplaces - both on standalone auction sites and via social media. However, with so many counterfeit Rolex watches on the market, it’s worth erring on the side of caution and giving sites like eBay a miss if you want to ensure that you’re getting the real deal.


While it’s true that you can find authentic secondary-market Rolex watches at online marketplaces, making a purchase in this manner is only truly recommended if you are an expert with enough experience to know what to look out for.


This is because there are a colossal amount of fake Rolex timepieces out there - and some of them are incredibly convincing. As a first-time buyer or a relative newcomer to the luxury watch market, you are likely to have a hard differentiating between a legitimate, authentic Rolex and a cheap and nasty counterfeit. Ultimately, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.


Of course, online marketplaces also bring with them the risk of being targetted by scammers or thieves, all too often we hear horror stories that we don’t wish to repeat. While some sites do offer protections against fraud, efforts to recover your money aren’t guaranteed to be successful in the event of purchasing a counterfeit Rolex. If you’re looking to purchase a luxury timepiece, online marketplaces and auction sites should generally be avoided at all costs.


6. Recap: Why Chrono Hunter is the best place to buy a Rolex watch



Best Place To Buy A Luxury Watch

Best Place To Sell A Luxury Watch


Chrono Hunter allows you to have complete control over the sales process. You can:


- Quickly and easily compare prices from trusted, reputable retailers

- Get access to the best prices on the secondary market

- Receive offers on the latest watches that are in stock

- Save time instead of trawling through outdated adverts

- Access accurate pricing and stock levels in real-time

- Purchase with peace of mind

- Receive first-class after-sales customer service


7. How do you buy a watch via Chrono Hunter?


If you’re looking to buy a Rolex via Chrono Hunter, the process couldn’t be easier:


Step 1: Simply enter the details of the Rolex you’re looking to purchase using our web form, or alternatively copy and paste a web link of the watch you desire.


Step 2: Receive offers from the most trusted and reliable luxury watch retailers.


Step 3: Choose the best offer, make the purchase and enjoy your new Rolex timepiece.


If you would like further information on how Chrono Hunter can help you get the best deal on luxury timepieces, or if you have a Rolex watch you would like to sell, please do not hesitate to contact us today. A member of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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