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TAG Heuer has been remarkably consistent the past few years in their succession of critically acclaimed timepieces. At last years Watches and Wonders 2023,  the peeps over at TAG Heuer treated us to a list of funky models:

Be it jewelled up stunners or sporty dynamos, TAG Heuer seems to have the antidote to all your horological blues. And Watches and Wonders 2024 remains no exception. So perk yourself up a minute. 

This is definitely a watercooler moment to rival the much talked about guilloche dialled Rolex 1908 in platinum. New Monacos and Carrera’s updates abound, let's get straight into every TAG Heuer watch released at Watches and Wonders 2024, Geneva.  

Read on!

TAG Heuer Monaco


Case diameter


Case Material


Power reserve

65 hours




Red/Blue leather



Water Resistance

30 metres

Reference Number

  • CBW2182.FC8339
  • CBW2181.FC8322




The Monaco was released in 1969. But, what was 1969 known for? The hippies were on the way out. Nixon prepared the war on drugs for the 70s. However, for hungry horophiles, it was a massive year! 

This is the same year that Buzz Aldrin rocketed the Omega Speedmaster up into space and Zenith released their El Primero movement, the first ever automatic chronograph movement.

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As you may already know, TAG Heuer were actually strong competitors to release the first ever automatic chronograph calibre under the Calibre 11, but Zenith just beat them to it.

No matter, as the Monaco debuted and became the first ever squared timepiece to feature an automatic chronograph movement. 

Later linked with “Easy Rider” Steve McQueen, the king of cool unofficially certified this watch as a grail timepiece due to him wearing it on set and cruising on his motorcycle.

So, how does one improve on classic design codes like a blue face and steel case without ruining the draw of the models?

The Split-Seconds Chronograph comes in two different variants at Watches and Wonders 2024.

We cannot contain our excitement, despite Chrono Hunter still recovering from attending the incredible Franck Muller WPHH event at Domaine Du Grand Malagny. Merci mes amis! 

Look out for Simon Lazarus, Chrono Hunter’s Head of Content and PR interviewing Nicholas Rudaz, CEO of Franck Muller on our site about their hot new releases…with a few intriguing anecdotes. 

So TAG Heuer has really pulled out all the pit stops when it comes to the new Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph.

Featuring a racing red shade, or the original blue, this novelty has had hearts throbbing with horological lust for the past 55 years. And you have Jack Heuer to thank for that.

Jack Heuer introduced the Monaco back in 1969 to commemorate the Monaco Grand Prix. So, a watch inspired by one of the most iconic races? What haven't they done!

Both editions are crafted out of titanium which is inherently a very light and durable material, giving you plenty of wrist action without a careless whisper. 

Where the pair differ is the red version uses black DLC coating, adding scratch resistance and more of a dynamic contrast between the two colourful accents. 

Aside from the two varying hues, the designs are pretty much the same. The 41mm case sizes are a tad thick at 15.2mm which isn’t helped by the chunky sapphire crystal on the top.

On the side of the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph, there is a new addition alongside the crown and two pushers. 

A new split-seconds chronograph activator sits at 9 o’clock and is used to initiate the highly accurate complication. The fact this has never been seen on a watch of this nature in this lineup has revved up many connoisseurs.

Boasting the same features as the 1969 classic, the square design frames the beautiful circular, skeletonised design.

Yep, the openworked dial is just as impressive. TAG Heuer are moving into the hyper-modern world of avant-garde aesthetics.

The hour markers clearly stand out, especially since they are coated to the max in lume while the dual counters at 3 and 9 o’clock relate to both rattrapante and chronograph timekeeping. 

Residing At 6 o’clock is a very handy small seconds counter which doesn't need to be activated as it's permanently on. Anyone say top precision? Within the new models beats the TH81-00 movement which runs at 36,600VpH and a 65 hour power reserve. 

Plenty of time to seal that important deal overseas or hop to the South of France for a long weekend. Fitted with a red or blue leather strap (depending on your model and style), the watches are speed freaks and raring to go out of the pit lanes!

- You can buy a TAG Heuer Monaco Split Seconds Chronograph at retail as of April 2024 for:

  • CBW2182.FC8339 (Titanium/Blue Strap) - £121,000
  • CBW2181.FC8322 (Titanium and black DLC/Red strap) - £121,000


TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph


Case diameter


Case Material


Power reserve

80 hours




Steel bracelet


Glassbox Sapphire


Another nickname for the Carrera Chronograph is the Glassbox as per its original design from back in 2015 to mimic the legendary plastic crystals of the vintage Carrera’s back in the 60s. 

This was the talk of the horological town last year as the Swiss outfit outshone many entry-level watches with their iterations of the Glassbox including an all, singing, all dancing 18k gold TAG Heuer Carrera chronograph

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For Watches and Wonders 2024, they have opted to give the Carrera Chronograph Glassbox some more loving attention with a rather fetching panda dial.

Sized at 39mm, these are luxury sports watches at its finest, especially since they combine polishing and brushing across the lugs and case. Compromises must be made however in the form of a thicker 13.86mm height.

But wait a minute. While in our view this is not terrible, it may not be the lightest timepiece to wear on the red-carpet

The Glassbox crystal is in full force, lifting up away from the face and giving a domed effect to magnify the flange and periphery of the timepiece. A real showstopper for anyone who is looking to buy a TAG Heuer with lineage and a tinge of modernity.

The light grey colour is about as charming as silver fox Daniel Craig, dressed up in his James Bond get-up. 

Its sun-ray finish dial in grey is not ostentatious and detracts from the sporty edge of the pieces. Furthermore, the small silver baton hour markers fit in well with the date aperture and small seconds counter based at 6 o’clock. 

The two black contrasting chronograph counters at 3 and 9 o’clock offer 30-minute and 12 hour functionality. Utilising an azuré background for both, the difference between the silvery background and the counters is substantial. 

Beating within the new Carrera is the TH20-00 calibre which has an 80 hour power reserve and a 28,800VpH. It’s locked onto a steel bracelet which is the best choice for a racing inspired model.

Just make sure you wear it behind the wheel of your Porsche if you are taking it for a spin.

 - You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph at retail for £6,100 as of April 2024. 


TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skipper


Case diameter


Case Material

Rose gold

Power reserve

80 hours








The Carrera Skipper is what the Seamaster is to Omega…an extremely exciting slice of nautical heritage, deep ingrained within the brand. Redone for Watches and Wonders 2024, it’s likely that this watch will fly off the shelves in next to no time. 

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Inspired by ref. 7754, the original 1967 model which harks back to the America’s Cup, TAG Heuer’s role as the official timekeeper went one step further when they took inspiration from a schooner that won…The Intrepid from Newport, Rhode Island. 

If you have good yacht-racing knowledge, you’ll know that the Intrepid from Newport has an almost all teal design. Can you guess the colour that they used in small segments on their latest Carrera Chronograph Skipper for Watches and Wonders 2024? 

Sized at 39mm these ravishing rose gold models are freshly updated with a luxurious material as opposed to the classic steel versions. Reaching depths of 100 metres they have a screw-down crown to ensure first rate durability.

The razor thin bezel sets the scene for the fabulous blue circular-brushed finish across the dial face. Made up of rose gold baton hour markers, the face's kaleidoscopic colour comes on the two sub-dials at 3 and 9 o’clock.  

The 9 o’clock subdial relates to a 12 hour-counter and comes in solid teal. As per the original Skipper, for the 3 o’clock sub-dial, the colours are split into three different segments, coral red, teal and British Racing green, with the latter relating to a 15-minute counter.

The 6 o’clock sub-dial relates to a ¼ of a second subdial and features a small date aperture. Within the models is the TH20-06 which has an 80 hour power reserve and a 28,800VpH. It's fixed onto a blue fabric strap which reflects the sailing heritage of these pieces. 

A little pricey you might think for a chronograph, but if Barbie was to make a sequel, you bet your bottom dollar Ryan Gosling would be strapped to the brim with this wrist worthy beauty. 

- You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper Chronograph at retail for £18,750 as of April 2024. 


TAG Heuer Carrera Date 


Case diameter


Case Material

WBN231C.BA0001 - Steel

WBN2351.BD0000 - Two-tone

WBN2350.BD0000 - Two-tone

Power reserve

56 hours




WBN231C.BA0001 - Steel bracelet

WBN2351.BD0000 - Two-tone bracelet

WBN2350.BD0000 - Two-tone bracelet




The Carrera Date instantly conjures up images of the pink dial edition soft-launched by none other than “Ken” or brand ambassador Ryan Gosling. And we are back with yet more Kenergy thanks to this latest rerun.

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However, if you can finally get the Oppenheimer and Barbie-core duel out of your mind since last year, Watches and Wonders 2024 has reintroduced the line with some fresh materials and dial aesthetics. 

Introduced in three new styles, the models are all 36mm, but the differences are immediately apparent.

Available in solid steel, and two separate two-tone rose gold and steel models, the power is in your hands to choose between the timeless and everyday styles of the steel model, or opt for affordable luxury with the two-tone options. 

The introduction of pink was shocking enough for most horophiles on the dial. For Watches and Wonders 2024, the typical sunray-finish is kept for the rose gold dial, two tone model, while it is different for the other two-tone and the steel pieces.

They choose mother-of-pearl dials which are framed by diamonds on the flange. 

The two-tone mother-of-pearl dial goes one step further. While the rose gold dial and steel mother-of-pearl watches use rose gold baton hour markers, the two-tone mother-of-pearl version features diamond hour markers. 

Throughout all three, they use date apertures at 6 o’clock and a thoroughly polished bezel to promote the complexity and luxury of the models.

Home to the Calibre 7 automatic movement, the Carrera Date has a 56 hour power reserve that runs the hours, minutes, seconds and the date. 

- You can buy a TAG Heuer Carrera Date at retail as of April 2024 for:

  • WBN231C.BA0001 (Steel/Steel bracelet) - £4,200
  • WBN2351.BD0000 (Steel and gold/ steel and gold bracelet) - £6,050
  • WBN2350.BD0000 (Steel and gold/ steel and gold bracelet) - £4,350

(All images credited to TAG Heuer unless stated otherwise)



Watches and Wonders 2024 is another big tick for the brand, displaying a range of fantastic models.

We like how they have refreshed the sporty Carrera and Monaco lines to develop dressy alternatives and fantastic skeletonised variations with the first ever Split-Seconds Chronograph version. 

The new Monaco offers two options for horophiles. If you are keen to keep with the classic, we recommend the blue edition. If you have some fire in your belly and are looking for a statement piece, the red version is your next best friend. 

For the Carrera updates, they have gone for a decidedly dressy revolution with the Carrera Date lines. Rose gold and diamonds? Yes please! The chronograph models are perfect for those looking to buy a TAG Heuer with old school heritage. 

Hats off to the Skipper though, a great ode to the brands presence in yacht-racing, while the sapphire Glassbox comes in full force to show the beauty of the older plastic crystal. This Goldilocks watch is for us, just right.

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