How to value your Rolex watch

How to value your Rolex watch

In the vast world of watches, valuation is one of the most crucial elements of both selling and purchasing a pre-owned watch, especially when dealing with a highly established brand such as Rolex.
Author: Chrono Hunter
Last Updated: 19 Nov, 2021

How to value your Rolex watch

In the vast world of watches, valuation is one of the most crucial elements of both selling and purchasing a pre-owned watch, especially when dealing with a highly established brand such as Rolex.


A brand-new watch simply requires checking market value prices, but with so many factors coming into play with a pre-owned watch, it can be difficult to complete a thorough valuation. It is therefore likely that you are wondering how to value your Rolex watch to determine the most accurate and fair price, and what these key factors are.


Needless to say, there is a huge array of factors to consider when performing a Rolex watch valuation, ranging from the authenticity and model number to the condition and current market value. Each factor has the potential to significantly alter the overall value of your watch.


This piece will guide you through these main aspects of Rolex watch valuations, helping you identify and evaluate them effectively, resulting in a more accurately valued price of your Rolex timepiece.


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Authenticate the brand


The first, and most obvious, factor involved with Rolex watch valuations is the authenticity of the watch brand itself. Rolex is not just any watch brand, but a reflection of over 100 years of dedicated timepiece design and creation, which means that the very brand itself brings immediate value to your watch.


With everything Rolex represents - eloquence, sophistication, intricacy - all this history is embedded in every single model and design, and this tends to put all Rolex watches at a higher resale value than other brands which lack its established name. Thus, the very brand of the watch should without question be considered in your valuation.


This, however, leaves the task of assuring your watch's authenticity, since this brand value can only be applied to authentic Rolex timepieces. For your benefit, we also offer guidance on”>how to determine real Rolex watches from fake ones.


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Check your model & serial number


The next crucial factor of your Rolex valuation is the model and the serial number of your specific watch. Rolex has produced countless watch models over the years, each with a wide range of price values, and knowing your individual model and serial number can help you narrow down a more accurate price area.


It is also worth noting that whilst each model had its initial price, certain vintage or rarer watches can increase in value due to their uniqueness. You might in fact find that your specific model is rather rare and thus can be valued significantly higher. To locate your watch model number, look at the case between the two watch lugs positioned at the 12 o’clock end. To find the serial number, look in the exact same place but at the reverse end (on the case between the lugs at 6 o’clock).


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Check the condition of your watch 


Your watch's condition is also an imperative deciding factor on its value. Pre-owned watches have sometimes been in use for years, and depending on how well the owner has cared for the watch, its condition may cause a slight, or significant, variation in the overall value price.


You can first look at the exterior of the watch - the case, crystal, bezel, and bracelet. Expected wear and tear, such as light marks or scratches, can either cause a minimal effect to the price or can even be polished out. If, however, the scratches are deeper in the watch, this will likely cause a notable decrease in its value.


You also need to look at the bracelet to determine whether the fit is still tight. Continual wearing can sometimes stretch the bracelet till it becomes a looser fit, which may also affect its value. Also, having pieces on the watch that are non-functional, such as missing links from when you resized it or a clasp that doesn’t work, will likewise factor into the valuation.


The internal functions are just as important as the external, so ensure you check the watch movement and see how it is running. This includes whether the watch is on time (i.e., doesn’t gain or lose time), the dial runs smoothly without lagging, and the crown winding functions properly.


Every aspect, both external and internal, contributes to what makes Rolex watches so magnificent. Potential buyers always favour watches where each of these aspects reflects the premium expectations of the Rolex brand, which is why your watch's condition plays such a vital role in the valuing process. You can always find”>expert guidance on how to improve your watch's condition, clean your specific watch materials, and avoid any damage.


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Check the material your watch is made of



Rolex watches are composed of a range of materials, making up the case, bracelet, bezel, and dial. Depending on the materials used, your watch will be of a different value.


The case and bracelets can be made from three main materials: stainless oyster steel, which is the standard material; 18 ct gold, which is a step up in expense; or 950 platinum, being the highest valued material of the three.


Rolex Bezels can be made from either Cerachrom ceramic, steel, titanium, gold, or platinum. Dials can even range from materials such as brass to meteorite or mother-of-pearl. Finding out the materials in each element of your watch will give you a clearer idea of what its total value should be. The more expensive or rare the material, the higher the value.


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Check if you have the original box & papers


The inclusion of the original box of your Rolex and the authentication papers you received on purchase can also factor towards its value price. Brand-new Rolex watches always include these features, but it is not uncommon for owners to either lose or discard these items over time, so when looking to resell the watch, you might find yourself without them.


Many watch enthusiasts desire to have the original box and authentication papers when purchasing a pre-owned watch and even offer to pay extra in order for them to be included. Not only are the original box and papers practical additions, but having the official documents and case also creates a sense of completeness and originality for the owner. Therefore, if you have these included, your Rolex valuation price will increase.


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Check the market value


The final thing to take into account when valuing your Rolex watch is the current market value of your specific model. It is unlikely that your watch will be worth the value of the exact model in brand-new condition, but you can easily research recent purchases of pre-owned models as well.


Market value is extremely important since potential buyers will not look to purchase your watch if the general market value for the same model is of a much cheaper price. It is true that all the above factors we’ve mentioned (condition, material etc.) will also affect the value, but it is wise to stay reasonably within the market value range you find from other sellers. Thus, it is a good idea to research your exact watch model to find the average prices they are selling for, and for what conditions these prices are matching.


This should give you a more focused range of prices that your watch should be valued at, and make it much easier for you to find an appropriate, marketable price. You may also benefit from information on”>current Rolex price variations to improve your valuation.

If you would like further guidance on how to value your Rolex watch, visit the”>selling advice page on Chrono Hunter. We can offer you an efficient and thorough valuation of your Rolex watch for free, without any obligation to sell, so get in touch right away!

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